1520 E Covell Blvd. (in the Oak Tree Plaza)
M-F 9-6 Sat 10-3,
(530) 297-6390
(530) 297-6319

Pak Mail is a mail and package chain. The local branch is store 671 is in North Davis' Oak Tree Plaza in the corner location next to CVS in the Nugget Market Plaza. Aside from offering many shipping services - Fed Ex, UPS, DHL, USPS, they offer Freight and Ocean services. They also sell shipping materials, rent mail boxes, send and receive fax. Shredding and notary services are availble on site - no appointment needed, or at your location with an appointment.

Now offering document shredding services.

Pakmail Pack it - Ship it - Crate it - Freight it


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2007-04-02 15:41:43   I went here the other day with a very light manilla envelope. I wanted insurance, and they asked if it had a monetary value. I said no (it was irreplacable though so I didn't want it lost.) They said they could do signature required. The cost came out to be about $15. —GreenThing

2007-05-24 00:02:11   yes pakmail is far pricier than the post office or the UPS store. However, the trade-off is better customer service and no $5 charge to tape a box. —wesleywang

2007-06-02 20:10:41   We have experienced great service and reasonable prices. Yep you could save few bucks at the post office but there is always a HUGE line. In fact the poeple are still in line there now waiting for hell to freeze over. We'll go back to Pak Mail very often. —Hailey

2007-06-29 16:29:14   Pakmail Davis is a wonderful store. They are always so helpful. There prices tend to be on par with everyone else, but you get professional packing and the best customer service around. Its definetley worth your time to check them out. I ship all my bikes through them. Tell them APEXBIKES sent you. —ApexBikes

2007-07-25 17:09:09   We use Pak Mail at work to send out packages FedEx and US Mail, and I have had only good experiences. Now I will not go to the Post Office ever again! They are extremely helpful and friendly, and will get you in and out quickly. —EricWecker

2007-11-13 12:55:24   Highly recommend Pak Mail. They are always nice, fast and professional. —MyaBrn

2008-01-18 16:27:17   We love this place. They always give us all of our shipping options, and have a great attitude. —DavisMan56

2008-02-12 01:30:56   Been very happy with the service here. I was surprised that the owner/manager recognized me and remembered my box number, weeks after I had signed-up (and had shaved my beard!). They'll sign for your UPS packages, which was another big selling point for me (have you ever had to play a game of Attempted Delivery tag with a UPS driver?). —DukeMcAdow

2008-02-25 18:48:27   I've only ever been here to drop off pre-paid DHL packages, but the customer service has been good both times. Tonight, they were open well past the usual closing time (I brought in a package at 6:30pm)! —Ami

2008-02-26 21:06:45   I've been using Pak Mail since I discovered them a couple of years ago. Scott, the owner/manager, is SUCH a nice man and a pleasure to do business with. I recently had an insured package dispute with USPS, regarding a high-value package that I had sent to an APO address. It was a complicated issue, but since I sent the package through Pak Mail, Scott did all the following up and tracking with the post office. What incredible service, and such a relief that I didn't have to sit on hold on the USPS automated phone system for three days of my life. Can't say enough good things about this business. —ABlack

2008-05-17 23:27:52   One thing that Pak Mail does very well is custom shipping cartons. I recently had an odd-shaped item I needed to ship, and it didn't fit well in any of the usual boxes. Scott said he could make up a box for me, so I gave him the dimensions and he had it done a couple hours later. It cost me a couple bucks more than a generic box but it fit perfectly and was done much better than I could have if I tried to make a box on my own. —MattMasuda

2008-05-27 14:12:56   Had a good experience getting a document notarized today for $10. —JohnLin

2009-07-22 17:39:58   I paid for an item to be shipped at Pak mail, then the next day it came back in the mail with no postage. I was worried because this same thing happened to me at the Post office on 5th and Pole Line about a year ago and it was a huge hassle. I went in to Pak Mail and they took my package and shipped it with no questions asked! I was so releived, because when it happened at the Post Office I'd ended up paying again! :(

Pak Mail is better than the Post Office every single time, there is never a line, their supplies are always fully stocked, and they remember their clients. :) —DaniLC

2009-08-04 10:41:58   REALLY nice guy, and really helpful, too. I had to ship a dead XBOX, and he helped out a lot. Great place, and I plan to head back again. —apbare