Orchard Park Circle & Russell Boulevard
Used by/for
Graduate student families and other students
Owned by
University of California, Davis (and thus the UC Regents)
Date of Demolition
Orchard: 2016 Solano: 2018
Redevelopment Completion
Orchard: Paused (originally projected 2016) Solano: unknown
(in hectares and/or sq. ft.)

In May 2009, Student Housing began to convey information about the redevelopment of Orchard and Solano Park. In short, only Orchard Park will be redeveloped, while Solano Park is to be turned over to the university for "campus use," a use which remains unclear at this time.

Concerns have been raised about the viability of the new proposed structure to accommodate the needs of graduate students with families. These include geographical, spatial, community-based, and financial concerns.

Information regarding redevelopment can be found here: http://www.housing.ucdavis.edu/capitalprojects/projects/orchard-park-redevelopment.asp

There is currently a movement of graduate students advocating for affordable student family housing. Information can be found at Save the Parks