Exterior Shot of Parque Plaza Apartments A patio garden at Parque Plaza Apartments

690 Alvarado Avenue
(North Davis, near the intersection of Anderson & Alvarado)
Office Hours
Mon-Friday: 12PM-5PM
Central heat/air
No Pets Policy
Pool (seasonal)

Parque Plaza Apartments offers studio, one-, and two-bedroom apartments and two-bedroom townhouses. Note that dishwashers are only available in some units. Parque Plaza is located on Unitrans F bus line. Pets are not allowed; this is strictly enforced. There is a quiet-hours addendum to the lease, which applies to guests as well as residents, and it is also strictly enforced. Parking is assigned, one spot per household, with additional, unassigned spaces near the back of the lot. Many units come with patios or balconies.

There is an on-site laundry room with coin-operated washers and dryers.

Prices for the 2012/2013 lease are as follows:

  • Studio: $745
  • One Bedroom: $835
  • Two Bedroom: $975
  • Townhouse: $1050
  • 3 Bedroom $1300

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2008-04-07 16:38:09   New management started in January 2008. —GeorgeRobertson

2009-02-24 15:21:28   It's $690 for a studio. —NatalieHamamdjian

2009-05-06 13:20:18   this place would be decent if it wasn't for the shitty management. she will only call you if she is asking for money. i agree with abcdefg, worst management ever. avoid living here because of her, the place itself is okay. —fuckparque

2009-08-28 18:41:42   Unlike other posters, I've only had positive interactions with the current manager. She's been responsive to my complaints, quick to dispatch repair people when needed, courteous, always answers my calls, and excellent at communicating rent changes and upcoming property maintainence. She's also good about giving proper notice before entering apartments and has been flexible about times so I can be there when someone needs to enter. —mnightingale

2010-05-11 17:04:15   I really hate the manager, Stacy, at Parque Plaza. Her office hours are annoying. They are Mondays-Fridays from 1pm-5pm. Hello!! That's when students are in class. And I've gone to her office may times when it's not even 5pm yet and she wasn't there. What the hell!! Wonder if whoever owns the complex knows that Stacy is being lazy. Also, the pool thing bugs me. Last year she barely opened it and every time we ask, "Why is the pool closed today?" She'll always say, "Because something is wrong with it." Whatever. You're lazy that's whats wrong!! Yeah, so last year the pool wasn't open for weeks sometimes. DON'T LIVE HERE. People say that it's cheap here but it's actually getting as expensive as another place. So, my advice LOOK SOME WHERE ELSE!! And F.Y.I. this place doesn't usually give you any deposit back. —liaface

2011-01-22 12:52:56   Ive lived here for a few years and i have to say i really hate this place. The only thing good about it is the location (savemart and bus stops). Rent price continues to increase each year even for former tenants, without seeing any improvements to this crappy place. Rent is kind of cheap but increasing prices will soon change that. Laundry is overpriced (keeps increasing too), pool sucks, no lounge. Office hours sucks and inflexible, Stacy (manager) isnt there for the full length of office hours. Shes lazy as hell but has been pretty nice to us. Apartments are old and crappy. When i moved in there were dead flies on the floor. Carpet is old and smells like feet sometimes. Not sure why just sometimes. Hot water problems pisses me off. Has been fixed twice and still sucks. Takes a long time for water to get hot, sometimes doesnt even get hot. Ceiling leaks during heavy rain even though they have done roofing recently. Insulation sucks. Kitchen layout sucks. No dishwasher. Parking is decent as long as you dont come back past midnight. Used to take multiple checks for each apartment, doesnt anymore. Hella lazy. I wish there were more positive things i could say, but there really arent any —realnamemyass

2011-07-07 19:51:56   I have only lived her for a year and I have only needed a year, to see how shitty this place is. For starters, when I first moved here, the manager accepted separate personal checks, but because she is so lazy, she changed to only be a joint check or a cashiers check. Secondly, the manager is a such a bitch. She only cares about herself, the pool is never open (during the summer)and the only time she will open it is for herself. Her office hours are only from M-F 1-5, and I don't know anybody who is home and done with classes at that time. The place looks horrible, and the rent may sound like a great price, but for what you are getting it is far from worth it. I would highly recommend that you find somewhere else to live, you will be happier trust me. And don't take my word for it, look at the other comments, this is not the place to be living. —CheyenneMaine

2012-07-20 11:21:43   I have lived here for many years. The only good thing is the location—save mart and bus stops. Rent price continues to increase each year for all tenants.. Rent is kind of cheap first but increasing prices will soon reach others. Apartments are very old . Laundry is overpriced, pool is dirty. parking is Ok.

Unlike others said, Stacy (manager) is a nice manger. The owner only paid her part time for the whole apartment management. I think she could not decided and do anything without the owner permit. So this is why we cannot get much from her. She is the only manager working such longer time at this apartment. She has been responsive to the complaints, quick to dispatch repair people when we needed. she are trying to make this place better. I think she is the best manger I saw at this apartment.


2013-11-20 10:35:56   Stacy is a terrible manager and is a completely unavailable, unhelpful person. I've lived here for two years, and when I was locked out of my apartment (I went to get the laundry and my housemates left within that short time frame), I was told over the phone (I had to borrow a phone and call her from within 30 feet of her on-site residence) that she can't let me in without a photo ID and a $25 lock-out fee. She has a copy of my driver's license on record in the office, and I have my face. She still wouldn't let me in, and hung up with a "sorry I can't help you". And as it is always the case with her, it's not that she "can't" help me; she just wouldn't. —miniaggie

2014-03-18 15:15:38   My experience here so far has been horrible. When my roommates and I first came to check out Parque, the leasing office was closed (open M-F 9-1pm only). So we came back the next day at 10am and the manager wasn't there. We waited until 12pm and she finally showed up. Her name was Stacy. We asked what she had available and she showed us a model apartment. We were sold by the $995/2br price and told her we wanted to sign a lease. The application process involved paying $25/person for a security/background check? (seriously a complete scam to get money out of us. I've lived in three other complexes at Davis, all on Alvarado Ave., and none have ever required such a fee/check). My roommate had a checkbook in-hand to write it off but she only accepted money orders or cashier's checks. We were so frustrated that she wouldn't take personal checks and it eventually became a problem. We had to come back another day, which ended up being a week and a half later because of our schedule conflicts with her 9-1 office hours. At signing, we had to pay $250 as part of the security deposit and at move-in, we were to pay another $1250 just towards the deposit (a $1500 security deposit). Must I add, both checks had to be money orders or cashier's checks and we had to pay for the checks themselves because they exceeded $100. Such a retarded and inefficient process.

On the actual move-in day in September, Stacy required that all tenants had to be present. We asked if my roommate could show up another day because he was still back home in LA for the summer and she said no, he had to be there. So he drove up to Davis from LA just so she could "move us in." The unit we ended up getting looked nothing like the one she originally showed us. BEWARE! The one we saw was updated with nice appliances, carpets, and fixtures. The one we got had old yellow countertops, these horribly old brown cabinets, ugly floors, etc. and the worst part was, the walls were not cleaned and the carpet not vacuumed throughly. For a $1500 deposit we were SO SO SO SO pissed off but we didn't do anything about it because it was a hot day and we were all tired from moving in. The first things we noticed were that the walls were super thin, the water did not get warm (this became a HUGE problem on winter mornings when we had to wait minutes for the water to warm up just to shower), and the bathroom vent was NOT a vent. Its a damn noisemaker thats all it is. When winter came around, our heater broke and they didn't fix until two weeks after we requested a repair for it. When it started raining in October, our ceilings leaked and we had to put in an order for that too. After about two months of living here, we got nasty mildew on our bathroom walls and we told Stacy to fix it but she said it was our problem and that we had to use bleach and water to clean it ourselves. You can imagine how pissed off we were. To add onto other things that bothered us, the laundry appliances in the laundry room were old and did not work well. Plus, the cost of laundry was more expensive than other places like Aggie Square and Anderson Place (trust me on this stuff, Ive lived in those places). The pool is never open and probably never will be, and the landscape is not well maintained and always looks like crap.

I hate it here and I hate having to pay rent for such a horrible living space/environment. I know people live here now but this place needs to be demolished and rebuilt from the ground up. I have tried so hard to remain optimistic about living here considering the rent was "cheap" compared to surrounding places but there have been so many bad experiences across the two quarters I've lived here. I never had anything personal against Stacy because I know she hates her job (who wouldn't if they were stuck in this crappy place?) but she really is a poor manager. She's never available and is not so helpful. She should just toss her office hours out the window because it wouldn't make a difference. Students in this complex will never be able to conveniently reach her through her hours. I strongly hope someone who actually cares about this place replace her immediately. Word of advice: the rent is NOT worth it. Do yourself a favor and spend an extra hundred of dollars to get a nice place. I don't even have that kind of money to spare but I would be broke just to live in a nicer place than Parque. Thankfully I am graduating this spring and won't have to live here much longer. My roommates too hate this place and we cannot wait to let Stacy have it when we leave. —jkwan