This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


Patrol, the car

409 Lincoln Street, Roseville, Ca 95678
24 hours
Business (916) 788-1742
Dispatch (888) 781-7230, ext 0
June 2003

As of January 1, 2011 Patrol Plus was bought out by Summit Security.

Note: This business is not physically based in Davis, but does a significant amount of business in Davis.

Patrol Plus offers a range of security services, including consulting, alarm monitoring, stationed guards, and mobile (car or bicycle) patrols. According to their website, the majority of their business is in the area of providing mobile patrols to apartment complexes.

Patrol Plus employees wear green pseudo-police uniforms with highway patrol-style trooper hats. They drive police-style Ford Crown Victorias and Chevy Impalas. However, their vehicles have yellow light-strobe bars, as opposed to the red and blue ones used by police. (Anyone can lawfully have and use yellow light bars... it's illegal to use red and blue ones unless you're law enforcement)

Their employees identify by rank (such as Sgt., Lt., etc.) and carry firearms, tasers, batons, pepper spray, handcuffs, two-way radios, and other police paraphernalia, although they are not actual police officers. Their training includes 8 hours of orientation and 40 hours of on-the-job training, with an additional 8 hour refresher course each year and semi-annual firearms qualification.

See Security Services for other companies in the security business.

Apartment Complex Patrols

They generally cruise through the parking lot of each apartment complex around three times each night and respond to resident complaints. If needed, they will get out and tend to a situation. Otherwise, they sit in their car for a few minutes with coffee and In-n-Out and then take off.


  • Having cars towed for lack of a parking permit - they partner with All About Towing. (Interestingly, according to CVC 22658, tow companies cannot enforce general parking on their own; they have to be authorized to tow a particular vehicle by an owner, resident, or agent - in this case the security company.)
  • Kicking people out of the pool at closing time
  • Distributing eviction or other notices
  • Telling people to be quiet, not to drink in the parking lot, etc.
  • General crime deterrence

Complexes Patrolled

Many Apartment Communities in Davis that have security services use this company. Satisfied customers include:


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2008-05-26 23:04:56   Don't these guys carry guns? Isn't that hella hard to do in California? —StevenDaubert

2008-05-28 02:12:12   In order to carry a firearm in CA as a guard; You must attend a 2 day course. Which includes Firearm Law; When to use a firearm, and when not too; Being liable if you shoot someone; gun shot first aid; and many others. Then you must pass a test; Qualify with your weapon; and undergo a Criminal, and FBI Background check. Upon completion of the previous you will then recieve a UNCONCEALED firearms permit. You will also have to complete firearms requalifications every six months to maintain your certification —CTimberlake

2008-07-18 00:36:40   My car was towed from the parking complex of which I'm a resident. The request to tow the car was made by one of Patrol Plus’s officers.

The officer never signed the parking violation form, or included his ID #, so I do not know who the officer was. My parking pass had fallen off my dash and onto the floor of my car. My car was towed because I supposedly had "no valid parking permit for community". After I released my car from the towing company, I opened the door and both the towing company and I were shocked to see the pass was right there on the floor. If the officer had simply shone his flash light into the car, he would've seen it. What frustrates me further is I've been parking in the same spot for a year. If the officer saw my car, with a pass, in that lot, all year long, it would probably stand to reason that I truly was a resident of the apartment complex and had a right to park there.

I'm troubled by the fact that the officer misspelled "laundrymat" and the word "grey", as well as "apartment" on the parking violation form.

I understand it was my fault to not tape the parking pass to the windshield, but it is a flimsy piece of paper that doesn't stay in the parking clip very well. Accidents happen and as I've said, I haven't had a problem with it all year. Because the officer was simply too lazy to look inside the car, and ignored the fact that my car had been there all year, I'm registering a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Even the company who towed the car was shocked at the level of laziness displayed.


2008-09-02 23:41:35   I've had that SAME problem! My neighbors and I were just talking for a bit, not even being loud, when he pulled up in his patrol car, came out and started ordering us around like we were some dog. I don't think i would've minded that much if he was polite, but the tone he was using was VERY demeaning. He was the white fat guy with glasses toO! He's probably racist.


2008-09-04 05:21:20   ill-mannered(abuses his authority), criminalizes before any sign of proof,and shows sign of racism.

erased previous comment but I also can "be more of an asshole" (quoting the "officer") —Joon

2008-09-04 05:22:23   One more thing, stop parking on "handicap parking spots" unless you are one. —Joon

2008-10-02 15:32:46   The following are the facts relating to the issue outlined above:

DaveCar parked his vehicle in a community where he is required to possess and display a parking permit. As a resident of this complex he was aware of the community rules and signed a form acknowledging them. Additionally, there are signs posted on the property reminding the residents of the rules. His parking permit was not visible through the window of the vehicle. It is meant to be placed on the rear view mirror of the vehicle. If it had fallen or had ripped off the mirror he could have simply displayed it by placing it on the dashboard of the vehicle or by taping it to the windshield. Our officer and the tow truck driver both used a flashlight to check the vehicle for a parking permit before it was towed.

DaveCar's complaint indicates that he was frustrated because he had been parking on the property for a year and that our officer should have remembered the car and ignored the rules in which we are hired to enforce. Unfortunately, we are not in a position to violate our contract with our customers to appease residents who fail to comply with the community’s rules.

The complaint indicates that the officer did not sign the parking violation form. There is no such area for the officer to provide a signature on the form. Furthermore, the officer did sign a tow authorization form for All About Towing. The officer’s name and identity can be obtained from that tow slip in which DaveCar received a copy of when he picked up his vehicle.

DaveCar's complaint indicates that he was “troubled” that the officer misspelled some words on the parking violation form. We apologize that such a thing would “trouble” him and we will discuss the issue with the officer.

Lastly, DaveCar's complaint indicates that someone on All About Towing’s staff: 1. “… was shocked to see the parking pass on the floor of the vehicle” 2. “… was shocked at the level of laziness displayed by the officer when he didn’t check to see if the parking pass had fallen” on the floor 3. “… felt terrible that they towed his car and would be willing to void the transaction” 4. indicated that they “… cannot void the transaction without the “go ahead” from Patrol Plus.

I discussed the issue with the employee of the All About Towing who dealt with DaveCar and he indicatd that when he released his vehicle he did not say the items listed above as 1 thru 4. In fact: 1. He never saw the permit, in the window or on the floor. 2. All About Towing’s staff are very happy with the professional service that Patrol Plus’ employees provide and no one on his staff ever said that they were shocked at our officer’s level of laziness 3. He did not feel terrible as it was a legitimate tow. 4. He did say that they could void the tag if a parking permit was displayed and the vehicle was towed in error. The owner of All About Towing also confirmed in the statement that no permit was displayed and that Patrol Plus is not the deciding party if a tag can be voided, only they are.

In conclusion, it is DaveCar's poor decision making that initiated his vehicle being towed. Had he obeyed the community rules and heeded the warning signs on the property his car wouldn’t have been towed. We recommend that DaveCar stop complaining and take responsibility for his actions. —JonTimberlake

2008-10-03 00:18:02   During the beginning of September, when I had just moved into my apartment, I had an annoying encounter with a Patrol Plus officer. Apparently the apartment across from me had been reported for a noise violation, and once they talked to the officer, they closed the door, turned down the volume, and the officer left. Then randomly, the officer returned, and began knocking persistently on the door, telling them to open up. He even began knocking to a beat (I guess he got bored), constantly for about 5-10 minutes, which I could hear all the way on the second floor of my apartment. He was causing more of a ruckus than my neighbors ever had, and right when I was about to go outside and tell him to shut the hell up, he stopped and left.

The funniest thing was that he clearly couldn't do anything. Right before he left, he said "It would be good for you if you opened this door!" Talk about a power trip. Nothing happened, he left, no cops arrived, and I finally was able to sleep (at about 1:30am). —TimJ

2009-02-10 16:46:53   I feel that the comment from JonTimberlake clearly illustrates the attitude of Patrol Plus even better than DaveCar's comment. First off the way: "DaveCar's complaint indicates that he was “troubled” that the officer misspelled some words on the parking violation form. We apologize that such a thing would “trouble” him and we will discuss the issue with the officer." just drips sarcasm is revolting. I mean, how do you misspell "Grey"? And, your "Officer," (Because the only license you have is to carry a gun, not enforce the law) doesn't know how to spell. Talking to him will not fix this. Try sending him back to high school.

Furthermore, DaveCar was very clear in that he understood Patrol Plus was technically in the right for having his car towed. His VERY CLEARLY articulated complaint was with Patrol Plus' lack of attention to detail. As evident in how your reply did not really address the issue at hand. —MasonMurray

2009-03-16 23:29:19   My apartment complex recently started using their services. Granted, I don't spend my entire day at my apartment, but I am yet to see them patrol. At the Drake, there have had a series of break ins (both cars in the parking lot and actual apartments). I'm not sure if these occurred before or after the Drake began utilizing their services, but not much seems different. They're supposedly around 3 times per night, but I am yet to see them. —sososharp

2010-02-11 17:14:37   In the year I have lived at my apartment complex, they have used Patrol Plus for all parking enforcement, but I had never seen or heard of them until I had my car towed. The tow truck is in the parking lot every single night looking for someone to take but per state law they are not suppose to seek the authorization themselves. They are suppose to be requested by the complex or an agent of the complex. Patrol Plus is SUPPOSE to be an agent for the COMPLEX. Not an agent for the tow company to seek permission from. —edwin.nielsen

2010-02-18 15:38:34   These guys harassed me for taking pictures of police (not them) with a telephoto lens when I was outside my apartment. They threatened to call the police over and have me arrested for loitering. I should have taken them up on that offer. (Hint: Loitering isn't a crime unless you're waiting around for a prostitute, someone to engage in lewd activity with, or for a drug deal)

What's the point in having these guys around when the police are far easier to get ahold of? I see the police patroling the neighborhood more often than Patrol Plus. Are these guys just around so apartment management people can have a proxy to authorize towing all hours of day or night? —WilliamLewis

  • Sorry I did not make it that night. My pimp thought I was skimming some money off the top. —hankim

2010-11-19 22:52:22   I had a encounter with a patrol officer from Patrol Plus. He responded within 5 minutes of a call. i was calling about a noise disturbance and he did everything in his power to resolve the situation. He was very polite to my neighbor, and spoke to them with the utmost respect. He makes me and my wife feel verysafe and I see the officer patrol our complex several times a night and I have spoke with this Officer and He informed me that he was the supervisor and always tries to be professional and respectful to all he encounters. Thanks Lt. Schmidt keep up the good work!!! —paulsmith

"2011-12-12 4:47"   I am severely disappointed in the quality of patrol. I live in one of the apartment complexes they patrol and they somehow were unable to prevent my car tires from being stolen. I'd prefer not to have a patrol man and pay less in my monthly rent. They aren't doing their job if they allow four tires off a car to be stolen."

2012-08-24 15:46:16   Patrol Plus is not out of business - they simply merged with Summit Security —D.Sparks