1736 Picasso Ave. Suite A

3:00pm - 10:00pm

Appointments are scheduled online.

[email protected]
Paul The Tutor (Paul Osborne)


Paul the Tutor's Education Center is a tutoring service located at the Pole Line Road and Covell Boulevard intersection in the Green Meadows office park.  This is the local branch of a small chain tutoring service based in Oakland. You can be tutored by trainees or employees at their facility, in your home, or online.  Rates in Davis are $65/hr at their center, and $75/hr in your home. Paul the Tutor is $125/hr at Paul the Tutor's -Davis. They claim the ability to work with anyone, and promote a fun and friendly learning environment for their students. They seek to teach valuable long term cognitive skills (problem solving and critical reasoning) with the goal of students knowing how to read, write, and reason better, thereby achieving better grades and test scores.  Math, Science, English, History, and Test Prep are available.


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2015-08-12 12:05:02   "Rates with Paul the Tutor:

$200/hr - at Paul the Tutor's

$160/hr - Online

$125/hr - Davis"

Why is it more expensive to get Paul teach you at the Learning Center itself than at home? Just wondering... Or do I misread this? —ConstantiaOomen

2015-08-12 20:24:00   @Constantia Oomen, I think the $200 is for Paul's offices in the bay area, and the $125 is for here in Davis. Kind of makes sense since things are more expensive in the bay. —scooby1961

2015-08-13 11:45:52   @scooby1961 Thanks. Uh, well, yes, that would probably make sense. But when I look on his website, it says Davis has a Learning Center as well; so no, now it again doesn't make sense to me. And you have to sign up for "Autopay"; if you don't, you cannot be taught by Paul in person. I personally wouldn't like "Autopay" at all. Quote from his website: "Not just better grades... better thinkers." Well,  that starts right here. Even before class.


2015-09-14 23:24:33   @Constantia Oomen - Sorry for any confusion over the pricing. higher rate for Paul the Tutor is for one of the Centers in Lafayette or Oakland. The Davis rate is for the center in Davis. He tutors both in the Bay Area and in Davis. None of the rates for Paul are for in home tutoring. All of our tutors are less expensive in Davis than in the Bay Area. $85/hr in the Bay Area $65/hr in Davis. —paulthetutor

2015-09-15 23:01:27   Paul made a huge difference in our child's future! He taught her how to learn in all courses, and how to prepare for exams. He taught her strategies that she'll use in college and beyond. College test prep with Paul raised her ACT score significantly. With his tutoring, she now attends her first choice college. I only wish we had found Paul sooner! Best investment you can make for your child. —DC15

2016-05-11 23:26:37   Paul was extremely helpful with both my college applications and SAT prep. Paul is very friendly with his students and shows dedication and passion in his work. His responsibility and commitment really shows through--even after tutoring, he would check-in on how I was doing on my practice tests and essays! During SAT sessions, Paul customized his tutoring approach and created unique strategies to match my specific learning and testing style. I was able to raise my composite score by about 100 points and score a perfect 800 on both the SAT Math and Writing sections. I highly recommend Paul for his tutoring services! —SeanL