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Paws N' Claws Petsitting is a local business that provides many great services to take care of your furry friends. They offer pet sitting, dog walking, and more for the Davis area. They have a lot of experience with all types of animals so we can provide great care for your pet no matter what type of critter it is.


Prices vary a little depending on your needs and locations but here is a general idea:

Pet sitting: $12-$18 per 45 min to hour visit for up to three pets, $2 per additional pet; additional visit prices discounted. Includes walking dogs or cleaning litter box, feeding pets, picking up mail, watering reasonable number of plants, and other small chores, and, of course, lots of love for your pets.

Dog walking: $15-$25 varies for time, etc.

Grooming: $5-$25 depending on size of dog and service needed (teeth brushing, nail clipping, or bath). Dog must be friendly and comfortable with grooming

Taxi to Vet or Groomer: One-way trip $15, Round trip $25

Training: $20-25 per session for basic training


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