This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


2795 2nd Street
(corner of 2nd and Pena in Mace Ranch)
Mon-Thu 5:00am-11:00pm
Fri 5:00am-9:30pm
Sat-Sun 7:00am-9:00pm
(530)759-SPIN (759-7746)
Chris, Jonathan and Patrick Raber
1999-06-01, but new owners 2007-08-14

Peak Performance Health Club is now under new ownership and a new name, Get Fit Davis

As of 2/20/2008, Peak Performance recently added 35 energy efficient Precor-brand cardio machines.


An article about Peak Performance appeared in the 2007-09-09 Davis Enterprise, page B7.

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2009-02-01 10:05:48   you guys are trippin...why is everything in Davis so damn expensive? i use to pay $24/month at 24 hr fitness sport and $28 at Ballys. You should be able to take home weight lifting equipment for free if you paying $49/month. —MilindIsALiar It does cost money to run a business. If you like to save money, go to you local dumpster to fish out some weight set and use it in your living room.—khangdefoo

2009-02-11 22:50:51   As a previous employee of Peak I would not recommend this gym to anyone. Chris is the manager that runs it and he is awful. He has no management experience and is a horrible boss. He treats his employees like shit. It's no wonder he goes through so many employees. The gym is rarely properly cleaned. And Chris is also very shady. BEWARE. —sychromom

2009-04-16 09:24:16   I used to be a member for about 5 months. This place was always busy around 5-6pm. At least I'm a woman, so the woman's room was available. Otherwise, have fun trying to find a machine at that time! While working out during a lull time, mid-morning, an older man, perhaps the manager?, was annoyed with the employee's cleaning around the machine. I was on an elliptical and this man tipped the machine next to me to clean under it. He hit my hand and gave no attention to what he was doing. I was sick at how he treated the employee and how he seemed to give no care to the customer. —doggies9

2009-05-28 12:03:14   I was also a former employee at Peak Performance. I left because I got a job offer from a member there. I've worked and been a member at multiple gyms in the past, and this is easily the worst managed. The owner, Chris, is a joke. Someone made a comment about employees talking about how much they hate their job and for good reason. The owner manages out of fear and intimidation. He made it so he could watch the cameras in the gym at his house and threatened us with termination if he saw anything bad (we have had absolutely no history of stealing, etc). We get no breaks, and when we mentioned that state law requires one, he said to stop complaining and be thankful we have a job. To make us work harder, he took away all of our incentives. He doesn't even consider giving you a raise from minimum wage unless you've worked there a year. No one has ever gotten a raise. Its no wonder there's such a high employee turnover rate... 3 new people one month, 2 the next, 3 after that, and SIX the next. When I worked at another gym, my boss (who I called to thank for being so great after having to deal with Chris) wanted us to stay because we knew the members and they knew us. You'd be lucky to see the same face a month later when you walk in. When we had a group meeting about all this, he displayed a spectacle of immaturity by yelling "I don't care!" while crossing his arms and looking away. This shows his intelligence when he's being rude to the people (us) who deal with the member's (your) credit card information. As for shady, I wouldn't say so much, although he did teach how to strategically fold towels so members won't see stains. An old lady had to cancel her membership because she lost her job, and a month later she was able to save enough money for 1 month because she missed working out with her friends there. She came back, and the owner denied her because she couldn't pay the initiation fee again which she ALREADY PAID before. This is the guy who would be getting your money if you signed up. As for the gym, it's pretty basic. I would never pay $50 for that place, but unfortunately your options are limited in this town. I've been to places twice as big for half the price. Member's are always complaining to me, whether it's about how to place went to Hell once Christ took over, or how they can never get the machine they want. The locker rooms are disgusting and always smell terrible. The best part of the gym is the Women's Center, but unfortunately he took the door down. The good thing about Chris is that he's usually there if you need to talk to him. You can find him in his office most of the day or flirting with the 18 y/o child care supervisor. —hook2288

2009-06-11 12:36:49   Ok people, keep the comments to the business, not the person. You have every right to voice your experience about a poor business but ya can't slash a specific person. This is bordering libel so please be careful! —SandnTide

2009-07-23 15:12:25   As a member of Peak, vs. a former employee I have to concur that the gym is very poorly managed. Some days I feel like getting Chris a book on business management. The thing is, when you treat your employees badly and your customers not much better, you don't endear yourself to people or inspire loyalty ... customer or employee.

Peak has become a "boys club" with testosterone around every corner, which is odd because the gym membership (at least when I'm there) is mostly middle-aged women. There are more and more classes led by young male instructors who offer no modifications for those who aren't 20-years-old. This is dangerous. It's my understading that one of these male instructors isn't even certified.

The equipment in the aerobics room is falling apart. The steps slide all over the floor, the mats have holes, the weights are rusted and the coating is peeling. Again, dangerous.

They have a "suggestion box" but from what I can tell, they don't listen much to member feedback.

Another item, and buyer beware ... Most memberships are billed to credit cards on a monthly basis. The credit card that I used for Peak (and ONLY Peak) was stolen. The next month when Peak went to bill my card, it was obviously declined. Peak wanted to charge me a $10.00 service fee because my credit card was declined. Credit cards are declined all the time for various reasons. It's not the same as writing a bad check, credit card declines are most often out of the control of the user, and very often for security reasons. Trying to charge a fee for a declined card is BAD BUSINESS.

I'm investigating my options. There are a couple instructors and classes I love, but they are getting fewer and my reasons for staying with Peak are evaporating.

Since "suggestion box" comments seem to be ignored, I thought trying this more public venue might get somebody's attention.


2009-07-31 10:23:01   First off, Im glad my membership is over. Although Im embarrassed I got suckered into a 6 month contract, I can't tell you how many times I've come across people who have had ridiculous billing issues and couldn't get it resolved with the owner- Chris. It seems I'm not the only one's noticed his complete fatuity as a manager. I've actually seen him yelling at his employees in the child care room in front of members!! Don't even try to talk to him about an issue—it's like talking to a child. Most gyms usually have the same equipment so it comes down to how the facility treats it members... this place fails miserably. Overall I've had just a bad experience with the place and it seems to be a common theme amongst other fellow davisites- and Im not surprised. —PedalFaster

2009-08-05 18:03:15   I guess people in Davis do not understand that the U.S.A is in a bad economy and companies are doing their best to take care of their patrons. Peak does everything in it's power to make everyone feel welcome and appealing. —AC

2009-08-05 18:11:19   I am very surprised by the negative comments above. Now obviously a former "employee" is always going to have an opinion on the nature of their departure, but I can say from personal conversations that the gym and its owners have been going out of their way to improve the gym for its members. From the new GREEN machines to the "boot camp" classes...lot's of money is being put into that business. As I've said before, I encourage anyone looking to join a gym to ingnor the slanderous posts and go and see for yourself, otherwise it's all just rumors. —Chad

2009-08-21 11:49:55   having been a member for nearly 9 years, it has been sad to see the general decay of the club especially over the last year. Broken and worn equipment, failure to offer classes requested, and then an attempt to charge an "initiation fee" on my last renewal. This is a small town and treating cliens poorly get around. For Gods sake, you needed to purchase your own jump rope to participate in some of the classes because there either were none or they were in such poor condition they were not usable. After 9 years we are off to another gym. Good luck to the current managment, they will need it. —GregoryB

2009-12-03 20:27:31   I have been at this gym for a few years now. After coming from Swim & fitness, Peak was a breath of fresh air. The staff and employees do there jobs regularly and competently, which was not something I was used to witnessing. The gym is cleaned every day and the equipment is well maintained. Chris the owner is there and easily accessible if you have questions or problems. Also something I was unaccustomed too. The machine and free weight area is bigger than swim & fitness' whole gym. I'm happy with this gym and the way they've treated me. —PublicEnemyNumberOne

2010-06-09 17:35:22   Chris (the awful manager) is the least intelligent guy I've ever encountered. After noticing that my debit card (I have since learned to use my credit card when dealing with shady establishments) has been charged repeatedly for months after I quit my membership, I called Peak to speak directly with the manager. A friendly employee told me that Chris refused to speak with me and refund my money. I now have to go through my bank in order to file a claim because Chris chooses to make the situation more difficult for himself. I had constantly heard bad reviews about the gym on Davis wiki and Yelp and also from employees who work there who have been nothing short of harassed, yet I chose to join anyway. Take my advice: Go ANYWHERE else. If you go to Peak you may end up in the boat that I am in: waiting to get my money refunded by the crook who manages the place. —saraaaaa

2010-07-11 13:01:38   Chris treats his employees horribly. Several things he does are illegal, such as not compensating employees for not being able to take their breaks and for apporved overtime. Please don't edit the truth. He is an awful manager with no business sense. If a different manager was in charge and a little money was put into the club it would be that much better. Too bad he basically inherited the club from mommy and daddy and hasn't a clue how to run a business that is based on customer service. —contour66

  • Okay.. First of all, the fact that these accusations are being presented in this forum, and not in the appropriate venues (ie: The state Labor Board, the E.D.D or any other ruling agency just makes you seem petty and rude. But let's get to the accusations.
  • 1. Compensation of employee breaks. 30 minute Meal periods must be provided after 5 consecutive hours of labor unless A) The employee is scheduled for no more than six hours during his/her shift or B) has signed a waiver for this meal period in advance (usually discussed during orientation or at time of hiring. Another Meal period is to be provided and cannot be waived as near to the middle of any shift of more than ten hours in one day. Other breaks, that may also be waived in writing, are of time periods ranging from 10-15 minutes and must be taken at 4 and 6 hours unless the shift is no more than six hours long. If the employee is not relieved of all duties during the meal period it is considered to be a 'paid break'. This does not count if the employee takes it upon himself to work during this time and the only way to get compensation for this 'working-meal period' is to file a wage claim form with the division of Labor Standards. If approved this form will allow the employee to receive no less than one hours pay for every shift where a meal period was missed. All agreements made at time of hiring/orientation including waivers of meal periods may be repealed in writing to your employer with at least 24 hours in advance of the shift you wish to receive the meal break.
  • 2. Approved overtime. Any employee who is hired at any establishment in the state of California is now required to accept the terms of the establishment as far as hours are concerned. You may choose A) 8 hour shifts, no more than 5 with overtime beginning on either the 6th day scheduled or after 8 full hours of work in a shift or 40 hours in a work week. B) 4- 10 hour shifts with overtime beginning on the 5th day scheduled or after 40 hours worked or C) 3- 12 hour shifts with overtime beginning after the 36th hour or after 12 hours worked during a scheduled shift. Other variances may also occur (ie 6 6 hour shifts and so on). All of this is to be agreed upon during the hiring/orientation process and again may only be altered in writing, this time two weeks prior to the pay period you wish the change to occur.
  • 3. Inherited the place from "mommy and daddy" and "hasn't a clue on how to run a business". This accusation just makes you sound like a whiny, disgruntled former employee more than anything else and does nothing but incriminate you and not the establishment. Perhaps this is why you hide behind a ridiculous pseudonym. — WesOne

2010-12-05 11:54:00   Joined about a month ago after much deliberation. I was a DAC fan, but their pricing was a bit much for what I need. I just want an elliptical machine and the occasional aerobics class. Peak had an awesome coupon, so I decided to try it. I go during "peak" times (no pun intended;5-7 pm on weeknights) and I've never had to wait for a machine. In fact, my preferred machine in the annex has always been available. Friendly, helpful staff. I don't see what the all the fuss is about. I was not overcharged or anything of that sort. —EricaMacGregor

2011-01-20 14:10:36   I used to go here. Great clases and good machines. I stopped going because the daycare hours did not work for me. Also, they changed staff and my son wouldn't take to the new people. —ucdsunshine

2011-02-16 21:37:22   I really enjoyed the gym. The facility was well taken care of and the staff was very curtious. Recently I stated taking my son to the daycare area. The staff was very nice and my son (10 mos.) was well looked after. We are moving from the area and really are going to miss this gym. —LuzCamacho

2011-05-15 20:48:44   Wish I wouldve found this place sooner. Good programs at a fair price. —Dozer

2011-05-19 09:36:30   Peak Performance continued to charge my account for 4 months after I canceled my membership and then refused to refund me the difference. Because you check in with a member number every time you go they admitted to having a record that I had not been to their gym since I had canceled the membership. I found they way they handled this to be incredibly unprofessional and unacceptable. I would never recommend this gym to anyone. —EmilyFyfe

  • We have very straight forward cancellation policy. Cancel by signing a form in person, email, or fax. All of which has a receipt for your official cancellation date. Just because you stop going does not mean you can automatically cancel. There would be no way we could keep track of memberships like that. —ErwinNguyen

2011-06-06 15:09:01   Do yourself a favor and find a different gym. The new management has absolutely ruined what used to be a great place. I am having the same billing issues as others mentioned and no response from the management. —NDS1111

  • Our Bookkeeper Sarah manages all of the billing issues. She's a very nice person and handles all issues. Please email me, or contact management again regarding your issues. Management would not ignore you, unless your message was not received. —ErwinNguyen

2012-01-08 15:34:04   Not off to a great start. Just joined and signed-up for their lb-4-lb contest only to show up for my body fat analysis appointment to discover my name had been erased. I guess the concept of an appointments is lost on them. —RobertKraemer

2012-04-13 17:33:15   My name is Maureen Turner, I am 60 years old. Had the owner been reasonable, and given a refund of my membership, this posting would never have happened. He gave a partial refund of the 10 personal trainer package, but, added a random "processing fee of about $100,", that was not in the original contract just because he felt like it. I never asked for money back on the two personal trainer sessions I had from Kimberly, or Elizabeth. Both were very excellent trainers, very attentive, caring, understanding, and fantastic attention to detail. I have a very serious complaint, about the owners unwillingness to do a refund of membership under extreme medical emergency conditions. I have been in the Emergency rooms of Woodland Memorial Hospital Emergency as well as Sutter Davis Emergency eleven times between Feb 6th, to March 24th 2012. I have all copies of the eleven emergency room records if anyone would like to see. I don't have money for an attorney, so may just have to go to small claims court to recoup my money, and make a complaint to the Better Business Bureau. I even had my heart stopped, and restarted by a paramedic in the ambulance at Woodland Health Care parking lot of 2330 West Covell Blvd. This was due to my heart had such a extreme arrythmia, (i.e out of rhythm at a 200+ beats p/minute while lying down, no blood pressure cold be found. My doctor, Dr. Beerong, (whom I owe my life to), called the ambulance due to she, and the nurse couldn't find a blood pressure on me, she did an EKG on me, and it was off the charts, totally arrhythmic. I had taken a Taxi to the Woodland Clinic without an appointment, as was feeling very disoriented, and confused, no heart pain, and asked to see any doctor available, as I couldn't get a blood pressure with my own digital blood pressure cuff. I should have called 911 from my apartment, but, I was so upset, and distraught at doctors always treating me as just a nut case, giving me crazy people pills, when all along I knew I had a heart palpitations, I decided I'd rather die, than to be treated as another nut case again with more crazy person pills. Two of which nearly killed me, Trazadone, and Ambien. Both were contraindicated for my medical conditions. I was on a basically, VIP blood pressure med to prevent heart attacks, so I was supposed to take my BP everyday. This all started just after I signed up for the 6 month membership, I started with the 2 weeks membership which I didn't even finish before I completed the two weeks. I was very concerned at my lack of energy level, and feeling very depressed, and terribly out of state. I thought at first it was just because, I hadn't worked out for a couple, or three years at Peak Performance when I last belonged under the Health Net Seniority Plus program. I was scared at how low my energy level was,completely shocked at how easily I ran out of breath. I have been a member several times, even as far back as when the original owner before, Chris, Jonathan, and Patrick Raber bought the place. I am desperate financially. I had been a massage therapist on, and off since 1992, graduated from two different massage schools. I have no income now, due to I really am not in shape to do massages right now, well maybe light Swedish I could, but, since I have a cardiologist now, am on heart medication now to prevent irregular heartbeat, plus an echo-cardiogram coming up, i am scared to do any massage. I have paid for a half dozen myself in the past several months, mostly to deal with my stress level. I have applied for permanent disability, not something I am proud of, but, necessary. I was close to raped by a massage client 4 months ago, and that led to me being in a Mental Hospital house for a week, and 2 weeks in the Safe Harbor Cris House. Truth be told I deserved to get permanent Disability when I quit Massage Envy in June 2009, even then I had some major migraine headache problems, back problems from doing alot of Deep Tissue massages, and no medical benefits, I had to pay all chiropractic care myself to fix myself. If anyone reading this has any sort of similar problem. Very unfortunately, my own son, Paul Hart, 30 years old, whom is a current, very active member of Peak Performance was scared to death when I nearly died in his bar due to an allergic reaction to Trazadone,Feb 6th, 2012. I couldn't breathe. I hadn't had anything to drink in his bar, I only came to borrow a phone to call a taxi, because I felt to weak to walk home. Paul to my dismay will not stick up for me, to stand up the owner for this unreasonableness, in fact he doesn't even talk to me. He is the Bartender/Manager of the WunderBar, used to be G st. Pub. Unfortunately once doctors stick the "BiPolar" label on you, people freak out, and discriminate by avoiding you. I did the same to my brother, and my mom as well, because I didn't understand there mental illnesses, and depression. What happened to me physically, had nothing to do with my mental condition. If anyone would like to join me in a class action lawsuit for unfair business practices against the Peak Performance Club Owners; Chris, Jonathan, and Patrick Raber, please contact me at [email protected] or [email protected] This could be former members, as well as mistreated employees. I pray for God to give these owners some "common sense", and ability to be compassionate with both employees, and members. I have read quite a few disgruntled ex-employees postings, which makes them sound quite cold, impersonal, and abusive sometimes of staff with slave labor wages. I am broke, I haven't been able to work for over 3, nearly 4 months. My oldest son Craig pays my rent, I have food stamps, and I got some free Davis Community Transit (paratransit)passes from the Davis Senior Center where I am a member. Sincerely, Maureen Turner O'Hara


2012-06-03 09:10:35   To the woman who posted above. Besides your inability to obtain a refund, I don't see how the other details you included are linked to this business, and therefore what the reasons are for your lawsuit. I have been a member for multiple years and have always been satisfied with Peak's operations. —RachaelLeonie

2012-11-02 11:43:49   Peak is officially under new ownership! Thank. Goodness.

Check it out when you get a chance- Nick and Katie are sure to make the place great! —ancaulder