Tony Chen was an ASUCD Senator from 2018-2019. He ran on the BASED slate and campaigned on a platform addressing improvements to campus parking, establishment of an international students day, and creation of a peer mentoring program for study-abroad students. Mr. Chen is interested in computer science as a major.

Mr. Chen was mentioned in a February 15, 2019 California Aggie article in which it was reported that he had refused to sign a statement honoring a murdered police officer. Mr. Chen also voted against a Senate resolution that was intended to honor the dead officer. More information on Mr. Chen's role in this Feb. 2019 incident available here: 2019 UC Davis controversy hits national news

Mr. Chen voted "Yes" on a spring 2019 ASUCD Resolution demanding that UC Davis campus police officers begin patrolling without firearms. (Source: Minutes.pdf ; Firearms resolution.docx )

UC Davis Police Chief Joseph Farrow  was present at the debate on this police firearms Resolution; he expressed his opposition to the Resolution. Chief Farrow asked Mr. Chen and other supporters of the Resolution whether they would want armed or disarmed police in the event of an active shooter on campus. It is unknown whether Mr. Chen responded to Chief Farrow's question. (Source - Aggie article) The resolution ultimately passed by a 7-6 vote.