2222 Sycamore Lane
(North Davis, near the intersection of Sycamore Lane & Alvarado Avenue)
Central heat/air
Handicapped access
Study room
Cable access
Pet Friendly


Pepperwood Apartments is right across the street from The Marketplace, and sits comfortably on the corner of Sycamore and Alvarado. One of the older apartments built in Davis. Prices are decent. Pepperwood is managed by FPI Management,   FPI Management, Inc. has achieved a rating of B+ from the Better Business Bureau.

The area is pretty quiet. And there are not just one, but two Unitrans G & J bus line stops nearby for Pepperwood residents to pick from.The apartment complex consists mostly of simple one, two- & three-bedroom townhouses, each with a humble kitchen, spacious downstairs living room/dining room, and small private patio. One-bedroom, 694 square foot apartments are available as well. Rates range from $1165/month to $2155/month [January 2018].


  • Gated pool
  • 24-7 study room
  • Small lounge
  • Laundry room with 4 washers and 4 dryers
  • Utilities included except for electricity, telephone line, internet, cable.
  • DSL internet connection is available to the tenants, cable internet available too.


  • First come, first serve
  • Available most of time
  • Parking pass required, (but lenient on weekends, and evening's everyday)
    • *Note: the more Fountain Circle people park in the lot, the less lenient it becomes.
  • Word of advice: do not park in Fountain Circle Townhomes parking lots.


  • 694 Sq.Ft. 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, $1165 [Jan 2018]
  • 968 Sq.Ft. 2 bedroom, 1 1/2 bathroom townhouse, $1625 [Jan 2018]
  • 1124 Sq.Ft. 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom townhouse, $2155 [Jan 2018]
  • Utility charge of $10 per person additional to the rent.

Additional information on Davis rental housing can be found in our Housing Guide as well as our Apartments pages.


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2006-08-02 12:48:48   I've lived in Pepperwood for 2 years and it has been really great. The new manager, Russel, actually takes care of you, returns your calls promptly, even has BBQ's for all residents! Great location (Safeway across the street, G line comes 4 times per hour). —NickSnead

2007-02-22 17:52:32   Flakey management, we went there 3 times and he still didn't remember our name, emailed him quite a few times. When we were told to put down the deposit, he told us that there were no space available even though he guarenteed us a spot all the other times we saw him. don't go there, maybe he's sexist or something. He seemed not to want to lease an apartment to us since the beginning, he's HECKA SHADY!!! —IleneChoi

2007-02-27 11:18:06   Pepperwood Management would like to apologize to Ilene and anyone who was on our waiting list and was not contacted. Due to the overwhelming volume in perspective tenants we were unable to reach everyone that came to see us. Again, our apologies. —RussellPepperwood

2007-03-07 11:59:43   I was shocked to see Ilene’s post. I would never describe the management as flaky. When my roommates and I tried to get our apartment here last year he was very kind and, I must add, remembered our names. Russell has been willing to help us trouble shoot problems and has an open door policy in terms of dropping in even at his apartment. Maintenance is swift and efficient. The complex is extremely pet friendly; he even asks me how my cats are doing. This is the only place I have ever lived where I felt like the management was on my side. The only reason I am leaving next year is that the complex does not allow dogs. —ElaneRippey

2007-03-10 10:19:32   I must agree that Pepperwood is one of the best kept secrets in Davis. I have just renewed my lease...going on 4 years living here, and I wouldn't change anything! Russell has been a wonderful manager: understanding, honest, and accomadating. He takes good care of the place and its residents. The units are large, the location great, and the price even better. I really feel at home here and have not been happier renting from anywhere else. —MelissaChordas

2007-04-05 01:32:48   I've lived at Pepperwood for four years, a little bit because I'm lazy and don't like to move, but mostly because I really like living here. I agree with all of the positive comments above. —CaptainRush

2008-02-13 19:02:50   This place is outstanding. Russell is a great person and has gone above and beyond the call of the average landlord. Any time I've had a problem, it has promptly and happily been fixed the very next day! Quality complex, excellent manager. Very pleased! —TheMadAggie

2009-08-15 15:41:47   I agree Flakey, Unprofessional Management, especially regarding contract paperwork. He will display favoritism towards some tenants. I've had him refuse to approve sublease paperwork signed by all parties, because one tenant had regrets after signing it.At which point he approved the paperwork, and a tenant moved into my old room - Thus screwing me out of getting my Deposit back, and my fare share of the rent paid by the subleasing tenants for the last month (keep in mind, I already paid for the last month, so rent was doubly paid for this period). Later he kept a piece of paperwork to remove myself from the list for 5 months without approval, forcing me to subsidize my ex-roommates rent until the lease was up. He will also refuse to directly answer questions via e-mail, instead replying with irrelevant information that is already obvious to all parties and not relevant to your questions. Also, any information you discuss with him, even after you make it clear it is intended to be confidential, he will readily share.

I can provide scanned copies of the paperwork, complete with dates, and documentation of his evasion of questions and breach of confidentiality in e-mails to anyone interested.

If you plan on screwing over your roommate, or breaking all the policies of the lease (keep pets and illegal drugs on the premise), and happen to be someone he likes, then this is the place for you!

I would advise you to not rent these apartments until there is a change of management.

I don't know what I could have done to do on his bad side, I worked full time and was gone most of the time, never made any noise, never made any requests of him.

Of course, maybe I'm attributing malice to what simple incompetence can explain. —kireErik

2011-01-10 21:00:50   I lived in Pepperwood for 1 year (2009-2010) and I loved it there. My boyfriend and I shared the smaller room. The smaller room was extremely cramped for two people, but Russell told us this would be the case before we even signed the lease. The apartment was nice, clean, comfortable, and amazing for the price. Being so close to Safeway was really convenient for last-minute cooking. The ONLY reason I moved was because we were no longer able to afford the rent there due to changing roommates. All of our requests for maintenance were answered quickly. Most apartments allow for only 1 car per apartment or per room. We had a 2BR and he let us have 4 parking spots. (Mostly because a lot of students were from out of the country and don't have a car. We honestly did not visit or talk to Russell much, but he still somehow knew all of our names and always said hi when he saw us at Safeway!

My boyfriend and I have already told Russell that if we ever get the chance, we are definitely coming back. As for the negative comments: Russell is anything but flaky. He is most definitely NOT sexist. I feel like there must be some holes in these stories and that maybe people should think before posting that "maybe he's sexist or something".

Also, I don't know about FPI management and their supposed shady ways, but we got our whole deposit back. Every last cent, even though they professionally clean every time someone moves out... which most apartments just send you the bill for.

GREAT PLACE TO LIVE. Don't let the bad comments from a couple wacko's scare you away. =]


2011-01-14 07:28:44   Re: Karina: Yes, being close to safeway was nice. Amazing for the price? 650+ per room? in a place primarily rented by students? I get cheaper rent in Zürich, why is some cow town charging that much. Ask yourself, did he ever have a BBQ and invite you when you were there, like NickSnead claims? Based on your comments, I think that is a no. So obviously, even among the people that he didn't piss off, there is variation in how nice he is. [sarcasm]Wow, you got your security deposit back[/sarcasm](and I'm assuming you didn't leave a mess), if thats all it takes to be a good manager, then the standards have really dropped.

This guy didn't sign a sublease after the paperwork was submitted to him, and didn't even tell me he didn't approve it. Nor did he ever give a reason for not approving it after we gave it to him. I can provide a scanned copy of that paperwork he didn't approve.

I can provide e-mails from proving he allowed(he had knowledge and didn't do anything= allowed it) sub tenants to move in without filing any paperwork, and without taking me off the lease, or refunding me the rent I paid (I had moved out, but was still on the lease, and had paid last months rent).

And he didn't return my security deposit.

These are facts, and if I come back to California before the statute of limitations is up, I will be going to court, and after I win, I will be posting a copy of the court decision. —kireErik

2011-02-08 20:00:03   @kireErik- I'm sorry you had a bad experience... I don't understand why you are attacking MY comments though. Maybe you don't understand but California is an expensive place to live and Davis is definitely one of the most expensive. No, actually he did not invite me to a BBQ but I never really expected him to.. I don't know if thats something that is common in Zurich but we don't judge property managers by their willingess to hold BBQ's.

Unfortunately, the standards here have gotten pretty low. IN MY OPINION It was a really nice, clean apartment-RARE IN DAVIS getting your whole deposit back- ALMOST NON-EXISTENT IN DAVIS nice apartment manager who is always available during business hours and gives you his private number that he actually answers when you call, and gets repairs done promptly- RARE IN DAVIS.

I had a great experience there, I am sorry you didn't and that you apparently didn't get your BBQ. Better luck next time. —KarinaSnapp

2012-09-04 12:05:34   I lived in Pepperwood 2011-2012. Russell was actually our neighbor during this time. He was extremely helpful throughout the entire process — very accommodating in terms of finding an apartment and was always available if any sort of issue came up. He called us when we received packages in the office, greeted us when he saw us, and always kept a friendly yet professional attitude. By far the best landlord I've had in Davis. —ibyJamin

2013-10-08 20:27:49   One of the best places to live in Davis!!! Partly because of the location, partly because of rent cost, but mainly because of how great Russell (the apartment manager) is. Far and away the best apartment manager I've ever dealt with. He's a great guy that cares about his tenants and units. Also, Alex (the repair guy) is pretty great too. They are both fun to talk to and get issues handled extremely quickly. Parking can be problematic, but it gets better as the school year goes on. Overall, awesome place to live with awesome people running the show :) —KieranToovey

2015-03-08 12:58:44   I'm curious about these apartments. They seem like such a quiet and peaceful location, and I like that they are a hop and a skip away from the Marketplace. Can anyone tell me how they look inside? Are they renovated, or on the older side? Thanks. —JohnFarley