Village Homes Community Center, 2661 Portage Bay
Fourth Tuesdays (ex. December), 6:45PM-9:00PM
(530) 756-3611

The Village Homes Performers' Circle is an opportunity for experienced and inexperienced performers to present stories, music and dance, etc., and of course to watch... It is usually un-miked, though occasionally people will bring small amplifiers. The performances lean toward folk music but all styles are encouraged and welcome. This is a free event.  Performers' Circle was shuttered from March 2020 through April 2022 before resuming  May 24, 2022.


6:45PM-7:15PM Signup
7:15PM-8:15PM Sign-up Performances
8:15PM-8:30PM Break
8:30PM-9:00PM Featured Act
  • 2013-1-28: Featured Act: Tree-O, presenting original music from their just-released second CD, Count Of Days
  • 2013-2-25: Featured Act: Tres Rios