Pete Markevich ran unsuccessfully for ASUCD Senate with the Student Focus slate for the Winter 2007 ASUCD Election. He was the Chair of the ASUCD Academic Affairs Commission and works at the UCD Bookstore. He is a sophomore Political Science and Economics double Major. Some of Pete's academic interests include International Macroeconomics, Russian Foreign Policy in the Post-Cold War era, and real world applications of Game Theory.

Pete faced a closed session on May 10, 2007 for his participation in the Davis College Republicans protest on May 1st. A facebook event was created in his defense. LEAD withdrew their intention to close session Markevich due in small part to potential legal conflicts of removing Markevich from office.

2006-2007 Academic Affairs Commission Chairperson
Followed by: Christine Pham
Preceded by: Katie Johnson

ASUCD Experience

Intern, External Affairs Office, Fall 2005 Academic Affairs Commissioner, 2005-2006 Chair, Academic Affairs Commission, Summer 2006-Spring 2007 Member, ASUCD Lobby Corps, Fall 2006-present ASUCD Representative, Undergraduate Advising Council ASUCD Representative, Undergraduate Council, Academic Senate

Pete began his ASUCD career in the Fall of his freshman year as an intern in the External Affairs Office. After helping out with a few voter Registration and Student Debt drives, Pete applied to the Academic Affairs Commission, a subordinate body of the ASUCD Senate, and was hired as a Winter Term Commissioner. As part of the Commission, Pete helped plan the inaugural installment of the Last Lecture Series, a program where the Commission invites a popular UCD professor to give a lecture as if it's the last one he or she will ever make. This allows the professor to go beyond every-day class material and give students guidance and inspiration in their future endeavors. Also, Pete helped plan and put on the 2006 ASUCD Excellence in Education Awards ceremony, an annual event where students honor their amazing UCD professors.

As chair of AAC, Pete runs weekly meetings every Monday night at 6:30 p.m. in the Fielder Room of the MU. In Fall of '06, AAC put on the Beer Vs Wine Debate. In addition, he sits on Senate meetings as an ex-officio member of the Senate, meaning that although he doesn't have a vote, he contributes to Senate discussions and works closely with the current senators on a wide range of issues.