Philip is an avid photographer

Philip Neustrom and Mike Ivanov founded Davis Wiki in 2004. One of the key aspects of Davis Wiki's success is his keen interest in not maintaining control, but rather carefully giving up control wherever possible and placing all aspects of the Wiki, including business details, into the hands of the community that sustains it. This transfer of control has been accomplished in measured steps to prevent chaos. Over the years he has given up a great deal of official power and thus earned tremendous respect by the members of the wiki community.

Although Philip helped to found Davis Wiki and maintains the code, he is not the controlling force of the wiki. If you have a problem with a page, please do not email him; bring the issue up on the page so it can be dealt with by the wiki community. Philip is an admin, but he uses those special abilities very infrequently.

Philip also appeared in a non-Wiki related news article in the New York Times quoting him on his experience with Experian credit reporting.

In January 2012, Neustrom's image was broadcast into the homes of over a hundred thousand web surfers with the success of his youtube video Shit Programmers Say.

Philip has a very informative personal page: PhilipNeustrom