Pho is a Vietnamese noodle soup with beef. Proper pronunciation is closer to rhyming with the word "duh" rather than "doe." Usually comes with a plate of fresh herbs and lime slices to toss in as you see fit. Sometimes a bit heavy on the seasonings, depending where you go, but really good as long as you're not vegetarian or vegan. Veg pho just isn't the same. In Davis, pho can be had at Hoa Viet, Sunrise Restaurant, Pho King IV, and at the ASUCD Coffee House; if you're in Sac, just head towards Stockton Blvd.

Some suggest avoiding the Coffee House pho, as the greens are wilted, broth bland, and the tofu tastes and looks odd. If you're in Berkeley, try Pho's Saigon 2 at the Pacific Asian Market' in El Cerrito. Unsure of what you want? Try number 22 with thin rice noodles.


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2006-04-05 13:08:26   Holy crap, this stuff is yummy! Don't go during peak-hours ... it's busy! But yeah, I think my favorite part is actually the plastic bowl and lid that come with the meal. If you take it home and run some good dish-wash soap in it, voila! Free tupperware with purchase! —SS

2006-08-03 01:41:10   I like the Green Curry in the Coffee House every now and then. I've been to Hoa Viet and Sunrise, but oddly have never tried the Pho at either place. —MisterProfessor

2007-02-01 17:49:56   Does anyone know the recipe for the CoHo green curry soup? I wish I could make it at home. . . —MeredithMcGough

2008-11-03 00:33:10   our greens are never wilted. buy local, buy fresh, buy coho. —HannahReff