[This page is an example/demo set up to get suggestions from the rest of you. I.e. not a contest yet.]

One of the many things that make the Wiki so fun is the great photography submitted by users. However, many of the Wiki's pages are still text-only. With this in mind, we are holding a Wiki Photo Contest to stimulate more photo submissions. The winning photograph(s) will be proudly displayed in a future Featured Page. The submission deadline is (subject to your/community input).

Two Contest Categories

  1. Illustrative photos (such as would be found on any given page)

  2. Artistic photos (for the Photography page)


  1. As with all content, the photos should be relevant to Davis, California.

  2. Uploaded photo file should be no larger than 100k.

  3. All submissions should be original or submitted with permission of the photographer. See the Copyrights page for more info.

Past Photo Contest Winners

  1. your name could be here