Piñon apartments A new fountain in Piñon's rose garden

555 Guava Lane
(Central Davis, off Wake Forest Drive)
Office Hours
Mon-Fri 1pm-5pm
[email protected]
Central heat/air (2 & 3 bedrooms)
Study lounge (with wifi)
Laundry (24/7 keyed access)
Dishwasher/garbage disposal
Cats allowed with deposit and pet contract
BBQ area in Oxford Circle Park

Piñon Apartments offers one- and two-bedroom flats and three bedroom townhouses, and is located across the street from campus, located one block west of Oxford Circle and the Cuarto Dorms bordering Oxford Circle Park. The complex is two blocks from "Trader Joe's" and on Unitrans B/C Lines. Piñon leases are yearly from September to the end of August the following year.

Rents for 2019-20 lease year:

One bedroom flat
Two bedroom flat
Three bedroom townhouse

For Fall 2019----

We begin marketing on Friday February 1, 2019 at 1 pm

(see above new prices)

Floorplans and more pics:

click on images to enlarge one bedroom two bedroom three bedroom study lounge winter spring


See our Housing Guide for more information on affordable housing in Davis, and our Apartments page for a thorough list of complexes within Davis.


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2005-04-05 19:02:49   Some of my friends live here, in a two bedroom townhouse. In my opinion definitely a nice place, the carpet they got is brand new and super soft. Large living room overlooking the pool area. Easy access to Oxford Park and campus. —NatalieKitchiner

2005-08-17 14:49:47   I recommend this place because its not that noisy and the managers are nice to talk to. —SimonFung

2005-08-20 23:24:28   Does anybody know if they allow more than one car per apartment to park in their lot? —MindyYang

2005-08-21 12:12:24   Well if you have roommates then each of you can park your car in the lot. If you have visitor parking I suggest parking in the street to avoid towing. If that doesnt answer your question give the manager a call. She is a nice lady to talk to. —SimonFung

2005-08-22 09:51:04   They used to have REALLY high speed bumps in their lot. It was funny since over the years they got flat tops since so many cars had bottomed out on them. —RogerClark

2006-01-17 11:40:08   The management is REALLY nice. In the beginning, they fixed things in our apartment pretty fast. After a few months, they started lagging, but eventually if you keep reminding them every week, they'll do it. They keep the landscape really clean. Remember that these apartments are sort of old, so the insulation isn't that great. I could hear my neighbors do a lot of things. It also gets REALLY cold in the winter! The bedrooms and kitchen are sort of small, too. They changed their prices from high $900s to $1050 for my 2 bedroom this year. —MindyYang

2007-03-27 11:36:05   The apartments are kind of old, but the 2 bedroom townhouse is nice. I know they are raising their prices again from 1050 to around 1200 for the 2 bedroom for next year. —LizMelack

2008-01-20 18:17:16   I lived in Pinon for a year, and would probably move back in again. In general, my only complaint would be management (mostly just the lady, not her husband). When they started construction on the building (like, on our roofs) we weren't even warned about it. Just woke up one day with guys on our roof! There's no 24 hour maintenance like at other complexes, so if something goes wrong, you just have to wait. On the upside, it's very close to campus, and even if it looks ugly from the outside, the inside is not bad. The 2 bedroom I lived in was very spacious. There's plenty of parking from what I could tell. Also, we were never busted for having a party, even though it seems like no one else in that complex ever partied (or even came out of their apartments). Oh, another downside, the pool is not even remotely heated, so it's pretty much always freezing. —Kiran

2008-02-01 14:46:24   The apartments are decent, a little old. I live in the three bedroom townhouse and I am mostly happy with it. The kitchen is really small and the appliances need replacing. The downstairs is really cold in the winter and the turning on the heater doesn't help. The managers are really nice unless you get on their bad side. The location is the best thing about the apartments. —JennaChen

2008-02-21 20:31:01   I live in a three bedroom townhouse and let me just say, the management could not be more unprofessional. The woman, Katie, is the RUDEST woman I've ever met. She is rude to her tenants and condescending over the any questions you have. I've heard her swear on several occasions. The only times she has ever been polite to me is when she is taking my money. The only plus is that they repair things really quickly, which is nice. —Sienna

2008-03-11 15:14:26   Do not live here if you want reasonable management. They are unwilling to discuss disputes and would rather threaten you with calling the police and evicting you than sitting and discussing issues in a civil manner. I have never had a problem with management anywhere in another complex. —NickAntipa

2008-04-09 10:08:25   I just have to agree with Sienna. Katie is only pleasant when you are paying rent! I went in once to complain about something (I think there was a wasp's nest outside my apartment) and she just cut me off and pointed at a folder where maintanence request forms are kept!

Oh, and those trees with the red leaves/flowers/whatever outside the apartment buildings attract bees. I heard buzzing when I walked by them everyday! —Kiran

2009-05-05 12:04:44   I've stayed here for almost 2 years now, and its proximity to campus really can't be beat. I'm looking for a sublease for the summer June 14th-August 31st. For more details go to http://sacramento.craigslist.org/apa/1155909180.html Perfect for Summer Sessions! —MattCrooks

2009-05-09 01:06:22   Today, I visited a bunch of apartment complexes (like 10). I had high expectations for Piñon. I seriously thought that it looked nice enough on paper that I would be anxious to lease a place from there. So, while I have never lived at Piñon, I can recount my story of checking it out. First, I called them a week before I got into Davis to physically check out apartments. I got this surly woman on the phone who was just short and terse about every question. It was an aggressive and aloof attitude. Whatever... maybe she was having a bad day. Everyone has their bad days, right?

At around 9:30 on Friday the next week, my dad and I went to the office and knocked on the door. We didn't see the sign saying that they only opened at 1pm. Oops, our bad! Anyway, we were greeted with a curmudgeonly woman: "Uh... EXCUSE ME!!! We open at 1pm!!!". There was no "I'm sorry, but we don't open until 1pm. Please come back then." She was clearly awake and dressed. We hadn't woken her... we had just simply come at the wrong time. It was honest mistake so I don't know why were scolded in such a way.

She then begrudgingly asked us to "quantify our desires". Um, what the heck does that mean? : I would like THREE eggs. I would like TWO MILLION dollars. I would like FOUR more pairs of underwear. I would like TEN houses on the beach.

She then condescendingly remarked that it was very funny that I am a Ph.D student and that I didn't understand her contrived and convoluted speech. And it wasn't like it was just to some lowly student standing there by himself; my father was with me by my side. My father and I were so taken aback by the fact that this lady had just outright insulted us when we were prospective customers, that we didn't know what to say.

Anyway, what she was trying to ask, in the English that everyone else speaks and understands was: "What type of apartment are you looking for?".

So after we got past the hurdle of her "superior" English skills and intellect, she told us that she had no availability. That's fine. Places sell out and I understand that. We asked her a few more questions. Once again, curt, unhelpful responses. I could have considered renting a place for the year after this one, but now I definitely, definitely would not because management was so unpleasant. We mentioned that we had one day to view apartments and sign a lease. She said that would be impossible. I laughed a little bit to myself when I signed a lease 4 hours later at Chautauqua.

Moral of the story:

Good management is the key to a successful complex. When the managers are surly to you, even when they might be trying to sell you something, you have your first red flag. I mean, imagine how they'll treat you once they HAVE your money and AREN'T trying to sell to you. My guess is like dirt. —farfelu5251

2009-07-16 17:22:40   I lived at Pinon for two years and had no problems. The management was weird, but nothing horrible to deal with. I would move back if I needed a place. —Air

2009-08-22 23:48:09   in the beginning, the manager was nice but after a while, she kinda gets pretty rude with you (she's even snapped at me several times). i lived here for 3 years and it was alright, i guess. just don't go and complain about anything, katie will only cut you off, say something stupid and make you fill out a form (she doesn't even offer you a pen).

i also found rat droppings on my cutting board in the kitchen a short while after i moved in. earlier that day, i ran into her and we somehow got onto the topic of pests and she claimed that pinon had never had any issues with them. yea, right. —whomeno

2010-05-12 01:18:15   I am looking to sublease. Please let me know if you want to by messaging on here. —HughJass

2010-06-03 16:57:40   i was here last year and ehh.... too pricy... PLUS, the lady is pretty mean... if you want to live here. go talk to the old man. He's really funny and nice. FYI he does all the maintenance and stuff. i feel so bad for him. But it is really close to campus. So it's your choice. High price, close to campus or low price but far from campus. —Hollen

2010-07-19 02:09:52   Pretty decent place, maintenance is really bad though, one of our lights went off in the bedroom and we sent in a request and it took them over a month to do it. Our dishwasher is now broken and our refrigerator is also showing obvious wear from previous tenants as it does not stay closed all the time. However it is really close to campus and I enjoy the fact that I only need 5 minutes to bike to campus with my road bike.

  • Fridge and Dishwasher got replaced free of charge I assume, we'll see when we move out if any of it actually comes out of the deposit or not. Also a note on the difference between pricing is.. Renovated vs. Unrenovated, the most notable feature of the renovated places is a knocked down wall that gives you more living space in the living room, also the counter tops are changed but that's something minor for me.

    • Moving at this year, been a good 2 years here and I have to say that the management is pretty good, fixes most repair requests in a timely manner unless one of the appliances breaks down, they might have to replace it so that will take longer. One thing I really liked about this place was the fact that there are BEDROOM lights! Most apartments has only empty rooms in which you'll have to get yourself a floor lamp of some kind if you don't want to be in the complete darkness in your room. Great place and would definitely recommend living here. I would stay an extra year if my housemates weren't all moving out and finding replacements would have been a hassle. Cheers. —ClarenceL

2011-01-23 12:13:34   Pinon does not charge tenants for the replacement of worn out appliances. As for the renovated three bedrooms, it's quite a bit more than a knocked down wall. Anyone who would like to see for themselves are welcome do so starting Feb. 1st at 1pm when we begin showing model apartments for Fall 2011. —katieLytle

2011-05-05 16:23:29   I rented a 3 bedroom apartment at Pinon for 3 years. It is a great place to live, very close to campus, and extremely quiet. The managers are both great people, and I really enjoyed my time there. —MichaelVossen

2011-06-08 00:49:32   Does anyone know the dimensions of the actual bedroom for a 1 bed room apartment? —Weesito

2012-04-05 12:36:20   The lady who runs the management is extremely rude and mean. She is everything associated with someone who you don't want to talk to. She makes me cringe every time I walk by her. There are a lot of cockroaches, but the study room is nice. —NicoleWan

2014-09-01 02:18:33   Do NOT live here. Maintenance is horrible and practically non-existent. Had several lights go out, which were literally NEVER repaired in the entire year living there. During the hotter months, there are constantly people getting it on in the pool. It's disgusting to walk by. There are occasionally apartments that try to throw parties but they always get shut down within an hour or two. The layouts for the apartments aren't that nice and the walls are paper thin. You can hear whatever is going on in the unit below/next to you. The floors are also worn out or something. They're suuuuper creaky, like anyone coming home late will wake the whole place up just from walking through the unit. The worst part is the lack of windows. You will be relying on lights no matter what time of day it is, and your apartment will never cool down or whatever even if it is nice outside and all your 3 windows (in the entire unit) are open. The location is pretty good though, right by a bus stop and down the street from a little shopping center, as well as being pretty close to campus. They also have a study center. Overall, the pros do not outweigh the cons. Avoid this rundown complex. —LucyMariam

2014-10-03 16:23:25   For anyone considering living in Pinion Apartments, I hope you read this before you make an awful decision. Let me start off by saying I hate online reviews, I think they are a waste of time and that people can make their own judgment and learn from their own experiences, however the incompetency of the management and the less than ideal conditions of the apartments themselves are so beyond not okay that for the safety and sanity of my fellow Davis students, I am writing this. First of all when we moved in to the apartments there were tools and dirty rags everywhere, I don’t know if they were meant to make us think that things had been fixed and cleaned (which they hadn’t) but it was off-putting. Then we discovered that something had already moved in, a huge rat. We immediately brought this to the attention of the property manager, Katie Lyle, to which her response was “Oh are you scared of a little mouse? My daughter lived with a mouse for two months?” Well, I don’t know what kind of dirty, cavalier, cave dweller her daughter is, but personally I prefer my home rodent free. After trying some homemade traps for two weeks, the management finally hired an exterminator. Not only was this man extremely inappropriate (told me and my roommates how “fun” we were and would drop by randomly to “say hello”) but he did absolutely nothing. Two weeks after that and after we spent a month telling both the managers and the exterminator that there was a space somewhere in the kitchen it was coming from, they finally found the huge hole in the wall where it had made a home. In addition to living with a rodent for over a month, there were holes in the doors, broken closet doors, unsatisfactory plumbing, broken light fixtures, and broken air conditioning that weren’t fixed the entire year we lived there. This complex also comes with an abundance of cockroaches and spiders, and while I am well aware that these are common in Davis, the amount of insects in this complex was unlike anything I had or have ever seen since. Davis is in no shortage of apartment complexes, my roommates and I made the mistake of believing the myth that everywhere was “filled up”, but the fact is you can find something much better and just as affordable and most likely even closer to campus if you just look a little harder and ask around. Both the Lexington and Sycamore apartments are infinitely nicer and in the same price range and proximity to campus, the only reason they cost slightly more is because they are not disgusting and have a real management team; the fact is you really do get what you pay for. If you do decide to go on a tour I urge you to take a good look at Katie, she maintains the property with the same pride she maintains herself. —RoxyHoffman

2018-03-15 15:23:02   Please do not consider these apartments. This complex is very old and rent is not quite cheap. I had several issues while I was living here: mice, roaches, water pouring (not a leaking), etc. —dalki27

2020-06-23 15:37:35   Terrible. Not worth it. Severe cockroach infestation and lack of maintenance. —derpamine