Pianos are hammers and strings all sealed inside lovely painted wooden boxes. Under the hands of a musician they make pleasant music, and can be fun even for those just noodling out a tune with a single finger. You can contact music teachers if you want to learn how to play them.

A public piano can be found on campus inside the Coffee House against the left wall right as you go in. There used to be a public one elsewhere in the Memorial Union but is now gone, possibly sold through Bargain Barn. There is a Roaming Piano in Downtown Davis, for those that enjoy serenading strangers on the sidewalk.

Should you want to purchase a piano, Watermelon Music carries digital pianos for sale and Craigslist often has pianos (both digital and acoustic) for sell from $0-$$$$$.

If you already have a piano that is not up to snuff, you may wish to repair or tune it.

My typewriter had turned mute as a tomb

And my piano crouched in the corner of my room

With all its teeth bared; all its teeth bared

— Nick Cave, Hallelujah

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2008-08-28 15:09:47   Watermelon Music used to have a piano rental program, but they sold their rental piano(s) about a year ago. —il