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Saturday, April 18, 2015 (Year 101 of festivities)

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Picnic Day Board of Directors

The year 2015 marked the 101st annual Picnic Day. The theme of the festivities was "Heart of Our Community." Parade marshals were Jane Eadie and Richard Kossak.

Popular events

  • The Battle of the Marching Bands
  • Doxie Derby Race
  • Chemistry Magic Show
  • Fashion Show
  • Parade
  • Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Demonstration
  • Cockroach Races
  • Entertainment Stages

Picnic Day 2015 - Attendance of estimated 75-100K people. Photo courtesy of CO


Note: Feel free to upload your own! photos!


Photo section Constantia Oomen:


Band-Uh! performs every year, and this was no exception. This year, there were a lot of different conductors. If you look at the pictures, you can see them all.

Passing the CinemaKids joining the Parade, look at YouTube at 15:28.Passing City Hall

Band-Uh playing during the paradeThe parade down residential streetsBand-Uh! drummers

Band-UhBand-UhBand-Uh. She's not letting her hair hang down

More Band-Uh! revelryBand-Uh! in front of WellmanThe good times! UC Davis Picnic Day 101 - 2015

A lot of conductors this year... A hug goes with itAll conductors have their own style

And another conductor!More conductors=better. :-)It makes you wanna jump!

Uh-huh!New conductor...We can play in our sleep if we have to!

Band-Uh WorkoutThis conductor makes the trumpets fly high!Detail of that

And that makes him smileGo Ags!


Around campus

Picnic Day events take place across campus and throughout the city.

Lots of people in the morning alreadyStage of the QuadI can see it better than you!

Get Fit Davis!Manning booths. Beautiful smilesView of the Quad

The forensics personnel have the most beautiful smiles!IQ & Peace!Bodega Marine Laboratory

Take a closer look! Bodega Marine LaboratoryThere an inhabitant in there! Look at YouTubeSea Lemons!

Deutsch macht Spaß! German faculty at UC DavisHart Hall is open to public tooExhibition "Listening to the Stone" Hart Hall. A big smile is welcoming everybody



Our four-legged friends are common attendees. So many scents in the air! But there is more. Upload your own animal photos! (cows, horses, birds, anybody?)

"What IS all this??"Canine attendeeHappy Picnic Day 2015!

Corporate presence

Giveaways, Amazon is there too!The jugglers cheering up further



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