Pit Bulls and Staffordshire Terriers are not the evil breed they are often depicted as. They are extremely eager to please their owners and love to be with people. Did you know that Helen Keller owned a Pit Bull, that Pete from the Little Rascals was an American Staffordshire Terrier, or that 2 Pit Bulls were used in the search and rescue effort in the 2003 space shuttle crash in Texas? Possibly the most compelling proof that Pits are good tempered dogs is that in the 2007 evaluation by the American Temperament Test Society it was found that the American Pit Bull Terrier preformed equally as well as the beloved Golden Retriever and out performed the Australian Shepherd with 84.3% passing the rigorous test. Most important: Blame the deed, not the breed! Most if not all Pit Bull attacks can be linked back to neglect or aggressive training by the owner. Also please help stop Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) don't let the government take away our beloved family members!

Please do not crop/clip your dogs ears. Its extremely painful and it is banned in Europe. It has no medical benefits unless you have a working hunting dog: it is only done for cosmetic reasons. If you insist on having this surgery make sure you research your vet. This is not a cheap surgery and if the vet does not give you pain medications to go home with I would not have the surgery done at that clinic.

Thinking of Getting A Pit Bull?

Pit Bulls often make up 40% of dogs in shelters and most of those are euthanized due to lack of adopters. In many cases, shelters euthanize pit bulls without temperament testing or performing any sort of behavioral assessment. However, many of these dogs do have a friendly disposition and make great pets. Please consider adopting a shelter dog.

Pit Bull Rescue Central and Bad Rap has many wonderful dogs that are looking for their forever home. Bay Area Doglovers Responsible About Pitbulls (BAD RAP) helped rescue several pit bulls left homeless after Hurricane Katrina, in addition to rehabilitating and adopting out Michael Vick's former dogs. Many of these rescued dogs have gone on to earn CGC certification and have become therapy dogs.

If you want to buy a dog from a breeder: Please meet the parents. Its even better if both the parents are available for inspection but this isn't always the case (but the mother should always be there). If either of the parents are not friendly or act fearful do not purchase a puppy. Make sure you see the environment the puppies were raised in. Are you able to put the puppy on its back without it struggling or looking at you in the eyes? If not this puppy may have dominance and/or aggression issues and will need a VERY dominant owner.

Pit Bulls already have a "bad rap" so it is our responsibility to raise model citizens to prove to the rest of the world how good these dogs can be.

Pit Bull Friendly Apartments

Anybody know any? Add it here!

Greystone Apartments has "no breed restrictions" - 2505 5th St, Davis, CA

There is a complex near the savemart market place in west davis that is all breed friendly(if you dog is friendly and quiet). Its not advertised as a large breed or pit bull friendly complex but the manager does not care just as long as your dog is cool.

- You must be referring to Hanover Place Apartments. They are really awesome. We love our apartment and our adorable grey pit bull is happy too!

-The Arbors is not Pit Bull friendly. The landlord will not accept any dog that is even part Pit, a shame.

I kept my pit mix in Lakeshore and Alhambra, although he's a very small mix. I believe Cambridge House and Sherwood and Forest Arms also allows pits.-yzheng

Pits rule! nurture not nature folks c'mon Daubert