These are archived reviews of Pita Pit from 2004 through 2006. For more recent comments, please visit the entry.

2004-11-15 20:40:39   If you want a falafel, go to Sam's or Ali Baba. Pita Pit falafels aren't all that great. - MarieHuynh

2004-12-06 14:57:51   "All that great" at 2AM doesn't matter when Pita Pit's all that's open - TarZxf

2005-02-03 23:35:39   There's always Safeway. —MarieHuynh

2005-03-15 18:54:25   Someone just reported that Pita Pit no longer delivers. That's weird, given the fact that they just sent out a "free delivery" coupon this week in one of the local circulars. —JaimeRaba

2005-04-04 13:33:54   They "haven't started delivering again yet," whatever that means. —SummerSong

2005-05-10 22:57:48   Holy crap! I had no idea this place was open so late. This may revolutionize my late night dining habits! —KrisFricke

2005-05-11 08:30:58   Yeah, we were chillin' outside Pita Pit around 1AM on Friday and this drunk-ass taxi driver tried to pick us up after he got his pita. He was seriously smashed. Kinda scary. —GeorgeLewis

  • Friendly cab? They left a card outside my door one day. Just my door though, nobody else's...

2005-06-16 22:03:40   Pita Pit is so awesome, I suggest Tuna, but don't have them cook it, with lettuce, mayo, pickles, onions, and olives. yum yum —MichelleAccurso

2005-06-16 22:04:42   Yucky. Everything tastes like cardboard... well... freeze-dried cardboard. —MichaelGiardina

2005-06-17 21:38:32   Their pitas would be 10,000 times better if they would heat them in some way. I can't stand the service here though. —TerraSmithers

2005-07-09 1:10:05   Correct me if I am wrong but I've harbored feelings of nausea toward Pita Pit ever since I thought I saw that they pulled the meat for my pita out of a drawer underneath the grill. Now I don't usually watch what is going on with my food at fast food joints because the less I know the better. And I can only assume that the meat in that drawer is pretty regularly supplied from the fridge but what I do know is that there is no way that drawer could be kept at the temperature necessary to preserve meat. —GautamJoshi

2006-05-21 10:54:08   Actually most restaurants have under-grill refrigeration. It is kept amazingly frosty cold. The last restaurant I worked at, some of the meats and such would often go frozen in the drawer. —JenDockter

2005-07-11 10:52:46   I think their pitas are too small for five bucks. —NickSchmalenberger

The pita's size depends on how many toppings you get in them. If you want a bigger pita, get more Veggies. - SierraStudent

2005-08-13 11:24:59   I've had the philly cheesesteak pita with the tzatziki sauce and it was pretty good. It was a decent value for the price. —AlexPomeranz

2005-08-14 18:52:18   Ok, if you want attitude and stupidity, but OK pitas, go here. If you want competency go somewhere else. The only advantage this place has over every other place in Davis is that it's open well past 10pm —WesOne

2005-11-11 23:37:26   Agreed with the previous comment. I think some of you guys should quit your bitching about the taste of the food here. This town shouldn't even be called a college town. More than half of their restaurants are not even open past 10pm. I first ate a Pita Pit at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio and that town is way smaller than Davis, and they manage to have more restaurants and bars, etc. open. It seems kinda of ludicrous to insult a place that manages to stay open past 2am. Also when you are hungry or bored, it doesn't matter where they get the food from. —MikeMele

2005-11-12 02:33:03   Everything tastes like sodium benzoate... and I always feel a little sick afterwards... even tho the things they're creating look damn yummy. SO confuzzled. —MichaelGiardina

I'm not sure how you know what sodium benzoate tastes like, but I'm sure I'd feel sick too if I ate enough of it to taste it. —SteveDavison

2005-12-21 04:49:49   I think the Pita's are pretty damned tasty. Admittedly, I usually get the same thing ... over and over again. I always order a Philly Cheese variation. I hear from my friends that the employees are never that pleasant to deal with, but I actually find them to be OK. If you spend a minute opening up to them, they're really nice. I think they can get a bit hostile from having to deal with the bar crowd every night. —SS

2006-02-22 22:10:44   Who really wants to 'open up' to the kid making his pita? —JoshFernandez

2006-03-20 12:58:39   The kid ordering the Pita, terd. —SS

2006-04-05 15:54:33   Pita Pit is a pit. —KarenaAslanian

2006-05-15 20:31:09   Note to Vegetarians: The "vegetarian options" (or at least the falafel) is cooked on the same surface as the meat without sterilization. I'm not a vegetarian so it didn't bother me much, except for their disregard for our purely herbivorous friends. Also, I found the service to be rather curt and generally unfriendly. The veggies were sort of mushy and probably had some sort of fungal infection. As stated in the first comment, yeah falafel isn't so good, and the meat drawer isn't too appetizing. —BonnieStewart

  • when you order falafel they should ask you if you want it microwaved or on the grill. You should obviously say microwaved if you are vegetarian. — MattHh

2006-06-14 13:55:28   Cold, stale pitas with not so great insides at a way too high price. Go elsewhere. —MuffIn

2006-09-08 11:14:22   the service is horrible. The female blond hair manager is rude, lazy and downright the worst employee i have ever seen in my life. we walked into pita pit. there was 2 people working there. A very nice boy who was working very hard making pitas, and a woman who was chatting with her friends, who were just hanging out in the eating area. She took the occasional order, and then just continued to talk. Meanwhile a 10 or so person line formed of people waiting to get their pitas made. She is still talking, (not talking and doing work at the same time, that would be bad enough, but actually just talking without touching one pita). now there is about a 12 person build up. next a man walks in who is the off duty security guard for the area. She starts talking to him as he is occupying the register while there is a customer who wants to order. the woman and the security guard are laughing and joking, and the customer looks agitated. then she finally takes the customers order while still conversing with the security guard (i believe the security guard says something inappropriate). the customer then says to the woman "he just cost you a tip". the woman then gets all defensive and starts raising her voice at the customer saying how its actually the customers fault shes not getting a tip because hes a jackass. then the other employee says to the woman actually you just cost us both a tip (since the tip jar is split i assume). i felt sorry for him since he was working his but off while she was having herself a little party. Now the customer says something to the degree of why are you talking back to me. the woman and the security guard then gang up on him calling him fat and ugly and saying stuff like you couldnt get a date with anyone etc. then some more arguing ensues and she says "you know i can refuse service to anyone." Then the customer says something like, that would be really smart, i already paid and you already have the meat on the grill, im sure the owner would be ecstatic to know you lost a sale and wasted food. she then says something like, yeah thats right in fact i refuse service, gives the money back and says "we dont want your kind here"(this may refer to the customer being latino); the customer leaves pissed. I then say to the other employee, how could she still work here with an attitude about work like that? he replied, "thats why i put in my two weeks notice, monday is my last day." In the whole time i was there she never touched one pita. the only thing she was responsible for was negative sales and food wasteage. —MattHh

  • she no longer works there, I hope you come back. I think you'll find Much better service now :P - SierraStudent

2006-09-24 15:12:34   a guy working late at night last week at 2am was really nice and conversational. i'm sure he gets the whole drunk bar crowd late at night and he seems to like the entertainment. i don't go to pita 'cause i think it's too expensive for what you get, but the people i've ran into there are always pleasant. —EightFishies

2006-09-24 15:17:21   I tried to film in Pita Pit, just documenting my night on Friday, and the employees didn't want to be filmed without reason. I told them I was just documenting my night but they didn't believe me. Luckily, I got some shots of them and there's nothing they can do about it now. But they were friendly enough in their refusal to let me film, so I'm grateful that they weren't jerks about it. I still think Sam's and Ali Baba's are both better than the Pita Pit, however. —JohnDudek

2006-12-03 21:53:10   Last week I got a pita and I took a bite and there was a 2x3 inch long piece of plastic packaging inside. Fun discoveries! —SoCalGal