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2007-01-16 22:55:03   I have been to Pita Pit a few times now, and I have always ordered their chicken pita, which seems to be their most popular item. The chicken patty seems to be extremely similar to Subway’s, and the various condiments are also similar to Subway. In fact, envision a Subway sandwich, but only with a surprisingly tasty pita. The service is inconsistent, but I think that can be expected from, what is essentially a fast-food restaurant. I would recommend the restaurant for a quick casual bite, although the prices are certainly not within the fast-food arena. Expect to pay about $6 for a single pita. Overall, a decent value, but with the surrounding local restaurants, laziness and a lack of adventurous spirit should be the only excuses for eating here. —JeffKauf

2007-01-19 23:53:02   my friends and i ate there as a part of our eating out ritual. the service was ... well, the guy was really nice but the girl was snippy with me and i couldn't understand what the hell she was saying to me! the food was a little below so-so, as it was dry and just unappetizing. it wasn't filling and i was still hungry afterwards. my friend ordered a tuna pita and it was the saddest thing she and i had ever seen. the girl just basically brought out a can of sunkist tuna (not even chicken of the sea tuna), opened out the can and dumped it into the pita! somehow we were expecting the tuna to have mayo and bits of celery like is usually found every other place! we are NEVER going back there ever! —ReneChan

2007-02-08 23:29:50   Love their food! cept the girl who handled my food also handled money. i hope she washed her hands —KirbyCartman

2007-02-13 15:35:11   You will not believe this but the f'n Pita Pit charged me FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS for a pita. No, I did not sign for it, they charged it to me after hours when they did their accounting. Not only did they charge me for it but they were snippy and rude to when i told them what they had done. Only after I fucking exploded at their cash register did they call the manager who came clean that she had found out about this three days ago and had not bothered to inform me. MAKING MATTERS WORSE, they tried to withold payment to my bank when they had the charges reversed by their bank. They were fucking rude and criminally fraudulent, not to mention that they didnt ever offer up a god damn apology for charging me FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS. Fuck this fucking place, I hope it burns to the motherfucking ground. I WILL NEVER EVEN SO MUCH AS TAKE A PISS IN THERE EVER AGAIN. —TheShenkbone

I'm sorry about that. I was working there that night, it was a complete accident. We accidentally added too many zeros when putting in the Gratuidy amount. I'm sorry the manager was not aware. We decided to go straight to the owner after we realized the mistake. You should know that within half an hour you bank called, inquiring as to the five thousand dollar tip. We spent an HOUR trying to figure out how to void the charge after it had already been settled. We couldn't figure it out, the owner said he'd take care of it in the morning. Sorry for the inconvenience. -The Pita Night Crew

  • To many zeros? uuh, say the tip was 10 bucks, you would be hard pressed to hit zero even twice more which would get it to a thousand dollars. Was it a mass order and the tip 50 bucks? Seems fishy at the least —StevenDaubert

2007-02-09 12:12:12   If you haven't tried having your vegetables grilled, you're missing out. He particularly thinks that pineapple, onions, bell peppers, black olives, and maybe mushrooms make great grilled veggies. -StevenDaubert

2007-03-03 04:20:49   *The pita pit is not responsible for anything posted here. We've had too many complaints about false advertising from DavisWiki. If something on here is wrong, it's not false advertising. It's actually the public not paying enough attention when they make posts here. thanks - the pita night crew. —SierraStudent

2007-03-05 15:49:37   I like to eat here from time to time because the food is not heavy - and I can't always stomach a Chipotle burrito, and Subway's Eat Fresh slogan is mis-applied. However, I am very taken aback by the mysterious $5,000 charge. That's not a mistake easily made, and the manager should have called the person right away, not after three days. —KarlMogel

2007-04-15 20:38:48   Pita Pit's pita-appropriate sandwiches (e.g., felafel or gyros) are pitaful compared to other places in town. Most of the other sandwiches demand a better paired bread and require you to fill them with uncomplementary vegetables. Cold vegetables belong as much on a cheese steak as they belong on my Count Chocula. I also disagree with their website which says. "With the move toward low carbohydrate and fat reduced diets, sandwich bread and pizza crust are losing their popularity. While the pita shell is light, soft, and tasty, it is not the meal. It is the delivery mechanism." What a load of crap— Wendy's kaiser roll has the same fiber content 2g), 16g fewer carbs, and the same amount of fiber as a pita. And there are plenty of whole grained breads which are tastier and healthier than pita. If you just want a tasty and super healthy meal, go buy a salad from the Farmer's Kitchen Cafe or Pluto's— they're better than Pita Pit and use the tradition four tined, zero calorie "delivery mechanism." —CraigBrozinsky

2007-04-15 20:52:44   Way too expensive for what you get. I've been seeing a lame coupon around: two sandwiches, two fountain sodas, and two bags of chips for $15. Not a deal. The pita's aren't that big, and I don't think adding extra handfuls of lettuce (or other veggies) make it any better, even if they do make it look bigger and almost feel more filling. So I also agree with Craig's points above about vegetables. Every time I do go it seems to be mostly high school kids who work there, and a select few of them are absolutely awesome while some of them are pretty darn bad. We still go sometimes, but it's always a long while between visits. —EdWins

2007-04-22 10:00:10   Yeah, pretty much the worst service in town. Pitas arent even that great. I get a very meager meal andc a coke for $8. rippppp —JesseUnger

2007-04-23 14:14:50   i wouldnt say we give the worst service in town. i have definately been to some places that are really rude and really mean to customers. at least the people i work with and myself included are nice. sorry if anyone has been rude to you. —JackkiCox

2007-05-16 04:52:59   my recent experience with the pita pit - i tried ordering pitas from their delivery service (which i thought was kind of cool).. the chick who answered the phone was a dumbass, and to make a long story short I couldnt place my orders because she was clueless at working the register. You obviously dont need an elementary school education to work her. —christinegallo

2007-05-31 18:39:14   The prices have gone up since my freshman year I think, but I still enjoy the occasional pita from here. Except once when I ate there with my parents (who went gaga at this refreshing change from chinese food 24/7), I usually like to order to go. I'm not much into the confusing cold pita+vegetables, warm meat thing. My tummy appreciates it when I take it home and zap it in the microwave for 30 seconds. Maybe if everybody tried that, they'd find that it tastes a little better =). It should be noted, however, that the employees will not honor your request for a quick zap. It must be against some policy or something, because I once witnessed a customer getting surly with an employee because his pita was cold and all the employee could do was politely refuse. —IsabelTo

  • Im guessing the reason is because they use the microwave for the falafels and hence pobably need to keep any pita that has meat in it out of there for people who are vegetarian. They probably would put the pita bread on the grill though (before they fill it with the veggies) - MattHh

2007-05-31 18:40:37   *My tummy appreciates it when I zap my pita in the microwave, not it, the tummy, itself. —IsabelTo

2007-06-24 19:00:40   pita pit, in theory, could be a cool place as a healthy alternative to other sandwich/burrito stores. however, when i went here for a hummus pita, it was so uneventful i nearly cried about spending over five bucks for cardboard. save your money for a semi-decent salad at plutos or go to sam's Mediterranean for "real" pita meals. —CandiceWang

2007-07-19 13:34:05   pita pit sucks by the time they add all the salad stuff and sauce it is cold need more meat —dickjones

2007-12-11 14:31:35   They do not make their food with love here.

The pita pit in Roseville it better. —BrookeB