Davis, CA
and nearby towns
Available 24 hours
(530) 902-0910
[email protected]
Patti Taylor
Payment Methods
Cash or Checks

Pitter Patter Pet Care is a small pet care service, just owner Patti Taylor and occasionally her husband. She's a Davis, CA native, having been born and raised in the local area. She has been around animals all her life, and she's had a great variety of pets. She is a true animal lover, and very reliable. She has a medical background, and was a licensed daycare provider for 10 years.


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2013-09-09 09:08:59   I hesitate to write this review because I don't want her to get too busy and not have time for my little girl, but Patti and her husband are absolutely phenomenal! I spent a lot of time on DavisWiki checking out all the petsitters, and I struck gold with Patti. She's watched my dog twice now and the security I feel when I have to leave her is so worth it. You can trust her with your home and your pet— her love for animals is obvious. —TawnyLaBarbera