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Dixon: (707) 678-8777

Davis: (530) 756-2209

Woodland: (530) 662-7975

Winters: (530) 795-0228

Vacaville: (707) 453-1505
Fairfield: (707) 437-1213
Marysville: (530) 671-9111
Elk Grove: (916) 776-6169
State Licensed Contractor
License number 327777

Plumbing M.D. is a plumbing service that provides fast aid for sewer & drain cleaning, electronic pipe & leak location, troubleshooting, disposals, water heaters, hydro-jet, faucets, toilets, video inspections. Emergency service available.

You may have seen this company's trucks driving around town: remodeled ambulances.

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2006-03-13 09:30:30   My hot water heater died, so after calling around and getting prices, I decided to go with these guys because they were local and they had the best prices. They were able to come out quickly. The quoted me an hour to replace the water heater, but it actually took about an hour and a half (not at all a problem). The service guy was professional and well-mannered. I would use them again. Note: Their prices do not include any city permits that may be needed. —AlexPomeranz

2007-01-18 14:52:42   My water heater was going bad right after the Winter Break, but they were able to fit me in despite the rush of jobs they had. They have a good quote on a replacement water heater and installed it the next day on time. I would use them again in the future. —CarlosOverstreet

2007-01-19 13:00:40   I've never had an experience with this business, but I must say, I really wish they wouldn't drive those ambulances. Sure, it could be called "clever," but every time I see one parked in front of a house, especially a house near mine, I get very alarmed, thinking that something awful happened to a friend or neighbor until I realize that the car is not a hospital ambulance, but rather the plumbing ambulance. It's like an unintended cruel and crude joke is being played on people. Another perspective that I don't know if I personally have, but have thought of: Using a remodeled ambulance for a plumbing business could be viewed as a devaluation of human life, as if a plumbing emergency is somehow as important as someone's well-being. I dunno, it has just always bothered me seeing these vehicles around. =( —EliseKane

2007-03-16 12:01:44   These people are great. They are easy to reach, come out immediately, are extremely professional (they even put on shoe covers every time they enter your house), and totally fair. Highly recommended. —TawnyMata

2007-03-23 10:27:21   I have to say, this is the best plumber I have ever worked with. We had a toilet that was clogged, and after the guy tried to auger it out, it was determined that there was something really hard (like a glass object) stuck in the curve such that the whole toilet had to be replaced. He gave me a recommendation as to which toilet I should buy at Home Depot, then returned the next day to install the toilet. He discovered a defect in the new toilet's tank, so I had to go back and exchange it. So he made three trips, and he wound up charging us *less* than the book labor price he quoted us originally! This guy was courteous, friendly and *very* professional! I highly recommend these guys. I even like their gimmick of a paramedic-looking vehicle! —DougBarbieri

2007-04-03   Mark H., Certified Plumbing Doctor (it's on his business card!), came out today to help with an appliance hookup gone bad. What two college graduates couldn't accomplish he literally fixed in 10 minutes. Then he wouldn't take a fee or a tip, and instead asked us to call when we have a bigger job. I definitely recommend this company, and think the ambulances are a great touch. —TomHinds

2007-10-07 18:26:48   these guys are a rip off!!!!! I had to call them out back to my house 3 times last week. and each time they charged me about a bill or more! I just cant understand why they couldn't have fixed it the first day that they were here. Do they know what they are doing? I feel they purposely didn't fix it so they they would have to come back and continue charging me more money! Im only a college student! I don't have that much money! Not only that because they didn't fix it the first time, water continued to leak and now my carpet is molded and I have to spend money to replace that too! please if you are planning to call these guys make sure they do everything the first time around. —anniebanhie

2007-10-12 15:55:51   they didnt fix my problem. im calling a different plumber because they are too expensive for me to continuously call back. —anniebanhie

2007-12-21 15:05:06   I had a very good experience with these guys. They showed up exactly when they said they would, put on disposable booties over their shoes when entering the house and otherwise were very professional. Solved my issue in about 30 minutes for a fair price. —RonLee

2008-01-07 14:26:41   BEWARE they will charge an estimate or just to take a look. I had the fawcet spout break on my tub and called them to take a look and give me an estimate. The conversation went like "we can probably just fix it for while we are there to take a look". I ask them to call me with a price before they do any work. Later I get a call from the repairman and he says the tile is soft right around the tub spout and they wont fix it because the backing is soft. (of course its a little soft water had been leaking from the tub spout till it broke off) So I ask how much and they say they will send me an estimate. A few days later I get an estimate for $1800 to replace my entire bath tub suround and all the pipes and Fawcets etc. Then to add to the pain I get a bill for $85 for the (free?) estimate. I called the business and was told that that how much they charge to come out. You can call almost any other plumber in the phone book for a free estimate so I don't know how they do business.

I decided to take a closer look my self and just unscrewed the pipe that was broken (it was still sticking from the wall) and took it to Hibbert Lumber where they helped me match up a new piece of pipe the right length. The tub spout cost $6 and the pipe was another dollar or so. For less than $10 and a just a couple of minutes I fixed it my self. The wall behind the tile dried out and I put some silicone seal around the new spout to. I saved $1790 by questioning their estimate. —LongtimeDavisite

2008-01-29 09:26:26   these guys are great, reliable and trustworthy. I had them run a gas line under my house and they figured out how to do it better for less money than the other quotes that wanted to run a whole new gas line from the meter. —AuctionJack

2008-02-03 22:00:33   I strongly recommend AGAINST Plumbing M.D.. I had a simple root problem in my sewer line which they turned into a nightmare. They damaged my sewer line and they refused to take responsibility. I spoke to the manager in Dixon and he was verbally abusive. I will NEVER use them again. I will make sure that all my friends know NOT TO USE THEM! On the other hand Poot & Scoot Plumbing and Drain Cleaning came out and solve the problem which Plumbing M.D. caused. Use Poot & Scoot Plumbing and Drain CleaningCarolBlake

2008-03-20 14:01:00   Had them do some relatively simple work. The were very polite and kept their appointment. Even calling back when they were a few minutes late. Unfortunately, the gentleman pulled out his book and said the work I wanted would cost over $400. Since one of the issues was a leaking faucet under the sink I went ahead. He was done in an hour and 15 minutes. Over $400 for a little over an hour and negligible parts. —AugustWest

2009-09-28 14:26:14   I have used these guys in the past with good (but pricey) results. NO MORE. I recently had them install a dishwasher for a tenant (dishwasher on site, needing to remove the old and plug in the new one) - They charged me nearly $400 bucks! For less than 2h work! I guess I am the idiot for hiring them but I will NEVER EVER USE THEM AGAIN —Olof

2010-12-14 07:46:26   I paid this company $277 to replace two cartridges in lavatory faucets in 4/10. In 11/10 one of them malfunctioned and the faucet became inoperable. I told them I expected them to repair their work at no additional cost to me, in compliance with California law. They demanded an additional $180 to correct their own work. Only by threatening a law suit could I get them to repair their defective work at no additional cost to me. In addition, the owner was rude and offensive in speaking with my wife on the phone. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY TO MY WORST ENEMY. —PaulGuyer

2011-03-01 15:14:46   Would never use this company again or recommend to anyone under any circumstances. They are very unprofessional, caused more problems after only partially fixing the original one (their fix broke down couple of days later). Calling the manager Justin did not help, they are unreasonable and argumentative in a sophomoric way. —jengmale

2011-09-07 19:48:32   We used Plumbing MD to install a tankless water heater. Although expensive, they did a great job. Part of our astronomical bill was a "free" plumbing check up—a $200 value. They came today for that free checkup. The only thing they found was the need to replace the water measuring device in the hallway bath. This is probably a $20 part from Home Depot. They wanted $203 to replace it. I sent the guy packing. The plumber was very nice but what a rip off. I would be very careful using this company. I probably won't use them again. Sketchy business practice. —lindad

2011-11-30 09:48:34   I completely agree with the positive reviews of Poot & Scoot, and the generally negative reviews of Plumbing M.D. on the wiki.

When my drain was blocked my wife pulled Plumbing MD's number out of a hat. They responded quickly, however they claimed they ran 100 feet of drain snake and did not encounter the blockage. They charged us $125 for an hour of work without any noticeable effect, then tried to sell my wife on a $400 "service plan" whereby we would receive a %10 discount on future work done and get "priority service". In other words, in the future it would be easier and faster for me to pay them to not accomplish anything for a "reasonable" $400. They also tried to sell a $300 video inspection of our pipes - however I understand from other plumbers that when the drain is blocked you are unlikely to see anything on the camera. It definitely felt like they were trying to squeeze us for as much money as they could.

In contrast, once we took the time to ask friends and read some reviews about Poot and Scoot, we wish we had called him in the first place. Dave lived up to the accolades by responding cheerfully on a Saturday morning, letting himself in as I was at work, clearing the blockage in the drain (which was only 70 feet in - unknown why Plumming MD couldn't fix it with 100 feet of snake), and leaving a clean work area and a reasonable bill on the step on his way out.

Also in stark contrast with Pumming MD: Dave will not charge if he can't fix your problem, and guarantees his work for 6 months (he will come back out at no cost if the drain gets plugged again). This shows his confidence in his own ability (he says he has only been stumped by a drain twice in 6 years), and IMHO is all you need to know when selecting a new plumber.

Please support excellent business practices and local small business and pick Poot & Scoot as your next plumber. —jamesrbronson

2013-02-03 13:05:49   DO NOT USE THESE GUYS! Their "free estimate" is just a ruse to get you to bring out one of their guys, who takes a cursory look and writes up an order for standard work on the type of problem you reported. Just before Thanksgiving, I had guests coming and the shower/tub in my bathroom was not draining properly. I called Plumbing MD and explained that a handyman had already tried to "snake" the drain. The dispatcher said someone would come between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. to diagnose the problem. If I didn't need or decided not to use their service, there would be no fee. The plumber (Mark) went in to check the drain, and told me I needed $125 worth of plumbing services. Trusting his "professional" opinion, I signed off on the work. He went upstairs, and after a short time came down and said the drain was fixed. I asked (he did not offer) to check it out before he left. We turned on the water, and within seconds there was a 1" pool around the drain and a good 1/4" at the back of the tub. Mark proudly repeated, "See, it's draining fine now" as the water accumulated. I was floored. I said this was exactly what it was doing when he started, and it was NOT fine — No one should be standing in water while showering. I refused to pay because he hadn't done anything. He insisted my standards were too high, and called the office to get someone else in to take a look. About 20 minutes later, two more plumbers showed up. One (Les) was introduced as the supervisor and a "drain expert." He agreed the shower was draining too slowly and said he'd see what he could do. He popped off the filter with his fingers, and then the drain worked fine. He said it was fixed now, so I should pay. I said the drain was working the same as it was before they came — either I never needed a plumber or there was a problem they did not improve. Les became angry and hostile. Mark started to say something, and Les barked at him to "be quiet." I demanded to hear what Mark had to say. When finally allowed to speak, he paused and said he couldn't go against his supervisor, and I should pay because he had worked on my drain. What had he done? He removed a "small amount of hair" from the drain filter, then popped off the filter (apparently without re-checking the drain action), and then ran a line down the pipe (which he knew had already been done). In a nasty manner, Les said I'd better pay because I had signed a "contract" for this work. I said I signed because I believed Mark made a professional determination that I needed a plumber, but now he admits he wrote up the order after merely turning the shower on and confirming it drained slowly. If he had simply used his fingers to remove a little hair from the filter and then pop the filter off, he would have seen the problem was a cheap ($5) filter, and I did not need a plumber. Les sneered that the minute one of their plumbers stick their fingers in the drain filter, even to remove a small clump of hair, they have performed "work" by Plumbing MD's standards - for which there is a $96 "house call" fee. Huh? The plumber can't even remove a clump of hair without being paid?! So much for the "free" assessment! Les asked again, in a threatening tone, whether I was going to pay. I threw them out, and called the office asking to speak with a higher-up supervisor. The dispatcher connected me to Justin (who turns out to be the owner's son). I thanked Justin for taking my call, but before I could say another word, he cut me off and said "I just talked to three of my crew, and understand you are being unreasonable and belligerent and refusing to pay!" I interrupted him and said, "Wait a minute, you haven't even heard my story yet!" He said he didn't need to hear my story because he had already talked to "his guys." He resumed the tirade, and would not let me speak. I finally shouted "BE QUIET AND LET ME TALK." He responded, "Who do you think you are? No one tells ME to be quiet!" and asked if I was going to pay "his guys." I said no, not under these circumstances. He started his tirade again, and I hung up. He called back, and said in a threatening tone: "We can do this the easy way or the hard way - are you going to pay my guys?" I asked what "the hard way" was, and he said it meant going to court. I said that was fine with me, and hung up. I sent a complaint to the company website, and received a rambling form letter from the owner, justifying their fee scale (which I hadn't challenged) and reciting a sob story about how they have employees to pay. At the end, though, he got nasty, accusing me of "theft" and threatening to turn me over to the police and District Attorney if I didn't pay up. I tried to settle with a token payment (which he rejected). He then sent a lien notice on the property that I am renting. Not wanting legal trouble, I had no choice but to pay. These men are EVIL BULLIES. Stay far away!!!!!


2015-01-06 19:01:22   I just had John from Plumbing MD help clear a clogged shower drain, which I had been unable to resolve either through plunging or a hand-operated auger. He was friendly and effective, and the price was well below the estimates I got from other area plumbers (though I was unable to reach Poot and Scoot or North Pacific Plumbing at all today, which was disappointing given the good reviews they have gotten). Although my problem was definitely an "easy fix" compared to what other people have reported on here, I didn't find the visit to be unpleasant or negative at all. I would definitely call them again if I need plumbing help in the future. —CalvinThigpen