A podcast is RSS text that contains a link to an mp3. It's usually automatically downloaded, using some sort of podcast utility, to a portable media device like an iPod (hense the name "Podcast").

However, as mp3s, podcast files can be played on computers and burned onto audio CDs - iPods and other portable media players are not required. And since the content is downloaded at any given time, it isn't "broadcasted," either. Thus, "podcast" is a misnomer, even though it is universally recognized.

Davis Based Podcasts

Davis Oriented Podcasts

  • Are there any?
    • KDVS offers podcasts of their public affairs programming via the Show pages at KDVS.org, some of which are Davis Oriented (Local Dirt, i.e.). KDVS would have all their programming available on podcast if it weren't for the FCC...

Download utilities

  • iTunes - Popular directory, but jerky program. Can also automatically load casts onto iPods.
  • iPodder - Bare bones, but fast loading and simple downloading utility.