Pancakes & Politics

These pancakes are plastic, but real ones are served at the event.

Pancakes & Politics / Politics & Pancakes (sometimes Ballots & Burritos) (except when it's called Ballots and Bagels)  is about cooking and eating breakfast together, and discussing research/information about the propositions and candidates on the upcoming ballot so that we can become more informed voters. Typically pancakes are made and eaten from 10:00AM-11:30AM and then the measures and candidates are discussed individually from 11:30AM to 2:30PM. Some notes are taken to record the consensus of the group. City council members have attended.

Past events and voter zine archive::

Date Host Location Groovy PDF voter guide

            "It's a zine!"

Online Voter Guide
Sunday, October 6, 2018 N Street Cohousing Nov 2018 Voter Guide Nov 2018 Voter Guide on DavisWiki
Tuesday May 15, 2018 & Saturday May 19, 2018 N Street Cohousing June 2018 Voter Guide June 2018 Voter Guide on Davis Vanguard
Saturday, October 29, 2016 N Street Cohousing  
Nov 2016 Voter_Guide
Sunday, October 19, 2014 Cornucopia Corner Co-op 2014 Voter Guide  
Saturday, November 3, 2012 Cornucopia Corner Co-op    
Saturday, October 23, 2010 Baggins End / Domes 2010 Voter Guide  
2008 Delta of Venus? Domes? THIS ZINE LOST IN SPACE  
October 2006 853 Love Letter Lane Nov 2006 Voter Guide  
May 2006 853 Love Letter Lane June 2006 Voter Guide  

VOTER's GUIDE ZINE.  Published some years, but not all years.  Depends on how many volunteers we have.  HELP US PUBLISH.  You can volunteer to write, draw, edit, or distribute! You can donate $$$ for printing guides.  Email us to volunteer at: [email protected] or donate for printing via Paypal to: [email protected]

WHAT IS PANCAKES & POLITICS? It means you can find out about all the issues on the ballot in one fun meeting, and be the most informed you've ever been about the election — painlessly! It means a great chance to meet other local people who care about politics and the world we're living in! Did I mention great food??

WHY IT'S GREAT: You'll learn how to vote on all those weird little offices you never have time to research. And, through the voter's guide (Volunteers?), we'll be able to influence many many more voters... And it's actually fun.

HOW THE PANCAKE PART WORKS: The good people of N Street Co-housing, or  Baggins' End Domes , or whoever is hosting will have yummy breakfast grubs going on in the kitchens. It's a Pancake Potluck of sorts. Brings your favorite pancake mix (grandma's secret recipe?), syrup, ingredient or topping. Nuts, berries, fruits, whipped cream, exotic extras of any sort. Keep it vegetarian, and consider the vegans and others with special dietary needs. Juices, coffee beans and complementary side-dishes also welcome. Come early so we can start the politics part on time!

HOW THE POLITICS PART WORKS: Each person attending researches one (yes, just one!) ballot initiative, or candidates for one office. They (meaning ...!) will prepare a verbal 3-5 minute "summary" to share — what the arguments are on either side of the issue, or who the candidates are and what they think. After presenting both sides, explain why you're leaning one direction and why. Then the group of voters (and eaters) asks questions, discusses the issues, etc ... Issue/office List BELOW.

"'IF YOU AREN'T going to do an issue/office but would like to VOLUNTEER,"' we have other things that you could do to help out with such as timekeeping, setting up, cleaning afterward, coming early to cook pancakes etc. If you would like to volunteer to help out, please contact us: [email protected]

IF YOU ARE NOT VOLUNTEERING . . . you are still welcome to join us and be part of the discussion!


WHAT TO DO for YOUR OFFICE/PROPOSITION RESEARCH: Look at both sides of the issue (or each candidate for office), discuss what the positions of the candidate are, pros and cons of props, who's for and against, what you think, and any other little juicy, gossipy tidbits we should know. Remember, others will chime in, so you don't need to do a thesis! You can do most offices and issues with 1/2 hour of research. A list of several helpful websites with candidate/issue information . . . .

HERE'S MOST OF WHAT YOU NEED —-> HELPFUL WEBSITES to research issues & candidates.  You are welcome to get creative, use your own knowledge, or make stuff up (well, you might get challenged!):






To volunteer for an issue or office: 1) Update this Wiki Page if you know how. 2) write to the email address below or 3) call the phone number below: [email protected] or call 530-554-2277

2018 organizers: April Kamen, Alan Miller, Danielle Fodor

2012 organizers: Alan C. Miller, Nikhil Joshi.

2010 organizers: Alan C. Miller, Michelle Yates, & Brennan Bird. We'd like to thank The Baggins End Domes and their inhabitants for use of the Community Yurt, restrooms & Pancake Cooking Facilities. Thank you to Danielle Fodor for your beautiful zine-work!