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November 2011 update: This group has been on hiatus for over a year, but there has been some recent interest in reviving it for winter quarter 2012. If you might be interested, please join the FaceBook group if you can, or if you cannot, email Jezzie (contact information above) to express your interest, to help us gauge if there is enough interest to get the group running.

The Davis Polyamory/Non-monogamy Support and Discussion Group has a mission statement to "support for those in or considering polyamory or open relationships". They are hosted by the UCD Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Resource Center. Anyone in or considering any form of non-monogamous relationship is invited to drop in. We welcome participants of all genders and sexual orientations. This group is open to all community members, affiliated with UCD or not.

Facilitators are Jezzie Fulmen and Adam Zimbardo. For the next group meeting, check out the FaceBook page.



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2012-11-02 01:26:19   I'm trying to revive this group. —StevenMcIntosh