2949 Portage Bay W
(West Davis, near the intersection of
Portage Bay West & Lake Boulevard)
[email protected]
Central heat/air
Cats and dogs <40lbs allowed
$300 deposit for cats, $500 for dogs
$25 per month pet rent on dogs
Washer/dryer hookups in townhomes
Portage Bay Apartments

1bd/1br H: $1065 1bd/1br C: $1045 1bd/1br E: $1045 2bd/1br D: $1240 2bd/1br F: $1240 2bd/1.5br TH B: $1375 3bd/1br G: $1600 3bd/2br TH A: $1845

Portage Bay offers one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments and townhomes ranging from $1045/month (Fall 2014 leasing) to $1845/month with a $300 pet deposit. As of January 16, 2012, models are open and a waiting list is being kept for summer and fall of 2012. The complex is on Unitrans D and K bus lines. Additional advertised features are private sun decks, fenced patios, garbage disposals and ample parking. As of February 1st, 2011, there is a grocery store within walking distance at Westlake Plaza on Lake Blvd. ALL BROWN CABINETS AND DOORS SEEN IN THE PICTURES BELOW HAVE BEEN REPLACED WITH WHITE CABINETS AND DOORS.


As requested by FredBarrett, these pictures are from a second-story F floor plan (2bed, 1bath). The cabinets have since been replaced.










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2005-08-27 20:37:13   Portage Bay is highly recommended by almost everyone that has lived there. I think it won complex of the year in 2001... The management is very friendly, capable, and reasonable. If you don't like animals, this place is not for you, as the complex becomes a free-roaming cat colony at night. Instaconnect sucks, don't decide based on that alone! —NicholasKent-Basham

2006-11-6 15:24:10   I would like to retract my statements on Instaconnect, I was a little too opinionated at the time that I wrote that review. I loved the complex, but I did have poor luck with Instaconnect - the signal was too weak to be consistently connected. This may have changed since my stay at Portage Bay. Ryan, my apologies >< —NicholasKent-Basham

    2005-08-30 14:20:34   Nicholas, why do you say Instaconnect sucks? I work for Aria Communications, we provide Instaconnect. I looked through our tech support call logs, and see nothing from you, nor do I see you registered. Are you speaking from personal experiance, or did you just hear about problems from a friend? —RyanCastellucci

    2006-02-21 16:24:45   I lived at Portage Bay for about a year and half and the manager was always nice to me. Any maintainance problems we had got fixed quickly. I loved the big patio, it was very private, high walls with ivy all over them. They have been redoing some of the fences for the lower patios and the structure of the upper patios. My only complain is that our apartment didn't get much light, there was only 4 windows counting the sliding glass door, but if you get a unit on the end of a building they have more windows. They have a great spa and well maintained pool. There is good lighting in most spots except for one of the corners of the parking lot. The landscaping is very nice too, always have gardeners out working. There is plenty of parking, but lots of trees so your car can get kind of dirty in some spots. I would recommend this complex to anyone who asked. —LaurelManfredi

    2007-01-06 18:12:55   I went to see an 2bd/1ba apartment there today. I love the big patio area. I heard the swimming pool is rarely crowded. One thing that really didn't like was the fact that you have to renew your 1 year contract every year. I understand the first 1 year contract because the manager would want less turnover on their property. But the fact that I have to make 1 year commitment every year seems excessive. Is this kind of lease term normal in Davis? —YooSook

    2007-01-22 16:47:14   Yes, most leases are year leases... there are complexes that have six-month leases, and some low-income complexes have month-to-month leases, but the majority are 12 month leases. It can be frustrating... —ElleWeber

    2007-01-31 19:32:06   I absolutely LOVE living here! The management is extremely nice, and repairs are always done quickly! The landscape and pool area are beautiful, there's plenty of parking, and it is a pretty quiet place. The only thing I don't like are the gardeners who come around 9 am every wednesday morning or so with their loud leafblowers ... but I understand they have to do their jobs. I also LOVE my sundeck/patio. And yes, the pool is rarely crowded. —MindyYang

    2007-02-28 11:52:18   I have lived at Portage Bay for 3+ years. Jackie, the apartment manager, is the best. We appreciate the personal touch she adds with Christmas cards, bbqs, pizza parties, and coffee days. —RobertPattison

    2007-03-31 08:21:15   Which is better? Top floor one bedroom or ground floor one bedroom? I imagine the top floor is sunnier and the ground floor has a bigger patio. —BreeGee

    2007-06-04 23:09:09   i like the top floor. LOVE the sun, the garden bin, and the balcony! —MindyYang

    2007-06-18 10:15:37   I know that chances are slim, but would anyone be interested in displaying pictures of their Portage Bay apartment interiors? I'm interested to see what the apartments look like :) The images that I could find on the PB web site are few, and all exteriors. —FredBarrett

    2007-08-16 14:26:36   Best secret in Davis. Overall the complex is quite and very clean. The one bedrooms are awesome because your typically on the end so there is only 1 wall to share. I personally live on the first floor and I love it. There is a small "yard" where you can grow plant if you have a green thumb. My unit has it's own outdoor hose which is awesome. The layout is nice however the cabinets are old and I cannot stand the closet doors. Any repairs that need to get done are taken care of right away. I had instaconnect my first year here and it was okay it went out about 4 times which was annoying and inconvient but otherwise not a big thing. The laudry room is awesome since it is coinless only bad thing is people can lag getting there laundry out of the washer or drier which can cause issues. —Donna

    2007-08-28 13:16:55   Best place I have ever lived. Management is nice and responsive. The layout of my apartment is really nice too. The only complaints I have are about some of the tenants, but nothing unexpected for an apt complex (people being noisy when walking through or shouting in the parking lot at 1am). The grounds are very pretty and well kept. There are recycling bins next to every set of dumpsters... although during moving day people are tossing EVERYTHING including recycle stuff into the dumpsters (or rather on top of the lids). Again, things that can't be helped in a college town apartment. The place is very well lit and I always feel safe. Rent is decent. My friends are often jealous of this complex. —PhedreC

    2007-12-15 14:41:11   I lived at Portage Bay for 3 years in a 2 bedroom. I only moved out 2 years ago because my roommate graduated. Jackie is the best manager I have ever met, she is extremely helpful and understanding. Maintenance is quick to respond and also very friendly. LOVE the BBQ and I even got a birthday card from management!! —JessicaYang

    2008-01-04 11:58:34   I love living here! I don't plan on moving until I have to leave Davis. The only thing that could make this place even more awesome is if there were a grocery store a block away. ;) but that's not the managments problem. —AishaJohnk

    2008-01-12 16:32:54   This place isn't exactly near the most important parts of Davis, but a three bedroom townhouse here is almost 500 dollars cheaper than at the Lexington. My bother lived here and he was satisfied with it. —AndrewHarrison

    2009-01-23 18:00:37   I've lived here since September and have been very satisfied. The management is very attentive and responds quickly to any concerns. They're also really nice. The grounds/facilities are well maintained. Most of the people who live here are grad students and working professionals (I believe the manager told me that's 75% of the residents) so there haven't been any problems with noise or anything like that. The apartments are very affordable. One downside is the apartment interiors look somewhat dated. Also, there's not much room to entertain - the living space is kind of small (though the bedrooms are a good size). If those two things don't bother you too much, this is a great, affordable place to live with good management — something you'll be hard pressed to find in Davis! —OscarSabino

    2009-02-10 23:27:56   Anybody here need a roommate for 2009-2010? Yea? —ChristyMarsden

    2009-04-08 22:47:32   Hi everyone - I'm moving to Davis this fall as a grad student and looking for a good place in Davis to live. An old co-worker of mine lived here and said good things. Anyone still looking for a roommate? —klanim

    2009-09-15 14:45:18   This is my second year living here, and I am very satisfied for the most part.

    If you are considering living here, there are a few things you might want to know... The complex is VERY quiet (even on weekends), so if you like to throw parties, play loud music, or entertain more than a couple people, this is not the place for you. Your neighbors will not hesitate to complain to the management or the police if you bother them. If you're looking for a place to study or raise a family, this is it.

    As for maintenance, my opinion is mixed. For short, simple repairs, they will come in and fix it right away. Sometimes the paperwork gets lost in the office, so you might need to remind them. For big things (since I have lived here, this includes a broken toilet, door that won't shut/lock, and dry rot), maintenance tends to find quick fixes that don't really work in the long run. They had to come in to repair our brand new toilet several times because the guy didn't do it right the first time. As far as the door, we're still waiting for someone to fix it...

    Finally, the management is awesome. If you complain about anything to Jackie in person, she solves the problem right away. She is always available to talk and she is really friendly.

    Overall, I would recommend living here. Just make sure you document any damage before you move in, and complain about any problems as soon as they crop up. —StephanieRobinson

    2009-10-07 14:16:48   As an update on the maintenance, they have now hired a new maintenance supervisor named Sal. He seems very experienced and he knows what he is doing. The last guy took over a month to get around to our broken door without even fixing it, and Sal fixed it within 15 minutes. —StephanieRobinson

    2009-11-13 17:06:40   I have lived at Portage Bay Apartments since mid-May and love everything about it. We've had very little issues with noise or trouble, and they are shut down pretty quickly. We do have a new maintenance supervisor, Sal, and he is amazing. Our Manager Jacque is very nice and attentive, if you need something taken care of, it generally gets done as soon as we have the opportunity to take care of it. As a resident, I love how quiet it is and that it is cat-friendly. As an employee, I love the staff. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate! Call or email us at the complex and we'll be happy to speak with you! —ReeseLayton

    2010-06-05 12:56:43   I am very sad to be leaving my one bedroom apartment here at Portage Bay. The atmosphere here is very peaceful and quiet, and I love that my apartment overlooks the pool on one side, and a nice little flower garden from my balcony. This is the perfect place for a grad student, (or serious undergrad) or for someone with a small family. Not a "party" complex at all. There is never any noise after 10pm, which is amazing when you're trying to study, or get a good nights sleep. The complex is very "kid friendly" and if you're lucky like me you will have wonderful, friendly neighbors. The management is very helpful and understanding, and they always have a nice little bowl of candy in case you're in need of a little sugar when you get off the bus. Speaking of which, I love that there are two bus stops right outside the apartment-made getting to school in the mornings very easy and convenient. The head maintenance man, (Sal) is very nice and in my experience he has always managed to fix whatever problem the same day. The apartments are a little older, but you can tell that the management and maintenance try to keep them maintained and replace things. I LOVE my little patio, and until recently (been SOOO busy) I have had a wonderful time managing my little patio garden. It's bright and sunny and just a nice place to relax outside and get some sun. I wish I could have had a washer and dryer in my apartment (probably my only complaint) but there are a couple laundry facilities on the property that use a card system. In my experience, there has always been open machines to use during different times of the day. There's a nice little pool and spa on sight that never looks very crowded if you enjoy swimming. Overall I think this is probably one of the best apartment complexes in Davis. No roaches, no rodents, and an overall great location. —chmorr

    2010-12-04 11:38:19   We lived in a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom townhouse at Portage Bay for 3 years. We only moved out because we needed more space, and we were very sad to leave. Jacque, the manager, is wonderful. She's very friendly, incredibly responsive to any concerns her residents have, and knows everyone personally. The maintenance guy, Sal, is also fantastic. He knows how to fix pretty much everything, and he can do it fast.

    The individual apartments are old, but they've been well maintained. We were lucky enough to have a washer and dryer in our apartment, but there was also a laundry facility just steps from our front door. The little patio/garden area was big enough for us to have a large gas grill, store our bikes, and grow lots of herbs and vegetables. It would have been nice to have a little more light in the apartment, but we survived.

    I would highly recommend living at Portage Bay to any grad student, postdoc, or young family. The location is nice and out of the way, and the complex is quiet and friendly. The fact that there is now a grocery store a block away (The IGA market) just makes everything that much better. It's a great place to live, and we would move back there in a heartbeat if circumstances allowed. —AdeleSeelke

    2011-03-28 09:39:43   One of the best apartment complexes I have ever lived in. This was one of the first times in recent memory that my fiancee and I had absolutely no hesitation in renewing our lease. Our rent did not increase with renewal (it was not even some sort of "special" if you renew early as I have experienced with other apartment complexes). Jacque and the other management staff are awesome.

    The management recently had dual pane windows installed in our unit (I am pretty sure they are working their way around the complex) and they make a stunning difference. The apartment stays the temperature we want it to with minimal energy expenditure and the noise from Lake (we live on the side that faces Lake) is significantly diminished.

    We live in a 2 bedroom townhouse, so we have washer and dryer hookups inside, but when we did not have washer/dryer inside the complex has great facilities and I never had a problem finding a open washers/dryers.

    Sal is great to have around on maintenance. I know Sal from Eastlake Apartments and he was efficient there and is great here. He couldn't stand Stonesfair managed properties and neither could I.

    I would recommend Portage Bay Apartments to anybody (except my enemies, as I don't want them living here). —JamesKrause

    2011-06-16 13:53:37   I recently left Portage Bay - which was the first apartment complex I have ever lived in. The management is fantastic, and I'm already missing our maintenance supervisor Sal at my new place in Antelope. Personally, I think my apartment experience has been ruined by Portage Bay because no one will be quite as awesome as everyone here. I would highly recommend Portage Bay to anyone who likes a quiet atmosphere, friendly people and a staff that really cares. —ReeseLayton

    2011-09-23 10:23:00   I moved to Portage Bay at the beginning of September 2011. It's been almost a month of living here, and I'm not exaggerating when I say it's like living in paradise. Jackie McKee, rental manager, is very, very welcoming, and Sal and Josh keep the grounds looking very beautiful and exceptionally well maintained. The pool and hot tub are always clean. I've been very surprised at how quiet this complex is. There are many young families, grad students, and professors and retired folks. I've never heard any loud noises, day or night in this complex, although the weekend evening racket from Arlington Farms complex is sometimes definitely loud. There are so many trees here, it's like living in a treehouse, and the proximity to Russell Boulevard bike path is wonderful. We are right on the bus route also. This is by far one of the most beautiful and enjoyable apartments I've ever lived in. Thank you, Jackie, Sal, and Josh! —DeborahLattimore

    2012-01-12 12:58:52   My boyfriend and I moved into Portage Bay in June 2011. We signed a lease without seeing the place (as we were moving across from Europe) and based our decision solely on the reviews that we found online. We are so happy that we ended up here. It is quiet and nice, the rooms are spacious and we have everything we need. Jackie (the manager) and Sal (maintenance) are always friendly and helpful which makes a massive difference. We had a few things breaking just after moving in and it was dealt with instantly. It didn't take us very long to decide that we're going to stay in Portage Bay Apartments for however long we're in Davis for. —DrS

    2012-07-29 14:02:16   I lived at Portage Bay Apartments for one year. I wish I could have stayed longer but I needed more space and there are only three 3-bedroom townhouses (although there are more 3-bedroom flats), otherwise I would have stayed for as long as I could. Jacque (the manager) and Sal (maintenance) are fantastic. I was frequently asking them for help (Sal jumpstarted my car for me once when I was in a tough spot!) and they were always so responsive, even though I probably drove them crazy! My unit was used as a model, so I got $100.00 off my rent for about 4.5 months while I was there even. When I had to move out and I needed to adjust my move-date, Jacque helped me make the arrangements. Then, when my new lease fell through, Jacque helped me found a new place immediately! While I was there they were always quick (same day) to make repairs, and they really want to keep the place nice. Recently some very inconsiderate person(s) decided to start stealing the soap and paper towels and toilet paper out of the pool house, and this is the first real problem they have had in years with theft. Obviously some people like to take advantage of trusting souls who are working hard to provide a nice, accommodating, and high quality living environment. The pool and spa are maintained everyday during the week, and the landscaping guys come every Wednesday (so plan your naps accordingly) and keep the grounds looking beautiful. Even the laundry room is well-maintained, and there is never a problem finding parking in the lot. Cats are welcomed (with current vaccinations and keep them fixed please!) and even encouraged. There are some very friendly cats who will happily welcome every visitor as you walk through the complex, but there are really never issues with cat poo on the lawn or anywhere else, despite the number of cats roaming around. I have heard some people had issues with fleas in the apartment (which management took care of immediately), so please keep the place nice and use flea collars/powder/etc if you are going to let your felines outside. The complex is generally very quiet (although you will hear your neighbors when they walk up and down the stairs if they are heavy walkers), and the pool usually only gets crowded in the late afternoons when families bring their kids out to the pool. I like to go in the early afternoon or later at night (pool closes at 10 so the complex is super quiet at night) and it is very relaxing. There are a LOT of families here with children, so if you don't like kids don't come here. It was great for us because we have an eight-year old and she had so many friends to play with, and the kids really enjoy playing on the lawn and in the bushes with the cats for hours at a time. I will REALLY miss that part of living here - she really had so many kids to play with and it gave me some peace and quiet when I needed it! Also, we made a lot of friends here and it is a great supportive community (and the occasional baby-sitter when you need it!). There are coffee, tea, and candy in the office during business hours, and Jacque is often there to chat for a few minutes. If you have large packages, they will deliver them directly to your house if you so desire, and you don't have to wait til the office opens the next business day that way. It is close to Arlington Farms (the famed party complex), but I very rarely hear noise from there (I think once at night I was walking around and I heard a party, but inside my house I didn't hear a thing). It is right next to several buslines to UCD and it only takes 10-18 minutes to get there on the bus, or it is about a 15-18 minute bike ride to campus (bike paths the whole way). It is pretty close to Trader Joe's, and you can take a three minute bike ride down the road to Westlake Village Market for a grocery store, salon, Mexican restaurant (authentic), Lamppost Pizza, a coffee shop/movie rental/copy store (all rolled into one), Curves gym, and probably more. There is also the Davis Community Acupuncture Clinic (sliding scale of $15-40 per visit, and they are GREAT) right around the corner on West Covell and Lake (maybe a 10 minute bike ride). I am sure there are a lot more things I could say about living here. Just know that it is really nice, really supportive, really beautiful, really convenient, and I loved it. I wish I could stay! I am not surprised it won complex of the year once - it should win every year. —KristinaWolf

    2012-08-17 16:16:41   I lived at Portage Bay for three years and loved it. The management staff is wonderful and maintenance issues were dealt with very quickly. The grounds are lovely and the management works hard to keep the apartments in very good condition. Overall, I highly recommend it as a place to live. —LMG

    2013-06-04 11:43:16   The maintenance manager Sal at Portage Bay is amazing. He is very friendly and skilled at what he does. —danray

    2013-10-22 10:13:37   This is a lovely apartment complex, very quiet and pretty. I do miss the old manager Jacquie, but the new management is polite and does their jobs. Maintenance staff are fantastic and repairs are completed same day or next day. With the new management the complex has moved off the Davis model lease, rent for all units has increased, and you are only allowed one cat with the same $300 deposit that allowed you 3 cats before. There aren't as many community activities as there were under Jacquie, and instead they are using the funds to install wrought iron fencing, put fake marble into the laundry rooms and took out the washbasins (how are we supposed to pretreat or wash bleach off our hands?) and didn't bother to buy new washers. Prices of laundry also increased to $1.50 per wash and $1.50 per dry. Management has also adopted a new policy where if you don't sign a paper allowing them to place packages in your apartment, they refuse the package and it gets sent back to the shipping center. I love it here, and I wish they would use the money for activities, updating the units, and keeping rent low rather than unnecessary remodeling that in some cases has reduced functionality. Still a lovely place to live, just very different from what it was a year ago. —LenaNicole

    2013-12-05 16:51:42   I've lived in 3 different units at PB (due to roommates coming and going) over the past 3 years, and it's been consistently awesome. Each time my leases ended and I had to choose whether I should stay or move to another complex, a few things have kept me here at Portage Bay. It's a fairly quiet complex at the edge of west Davis. My neighbors range from families to college students to single older people, and I've only ever had problems with one (who didn't like our bass music). The 24-hour laundry rooms that use cards (rather than quarters) make it easy to do my laundry when I have time—and my stuff can't get locked in there overnight! The grounds are beautiful, lots of trees and flowers (although hearing leaf blowers almost every day kinds sucks). There's always parking in the lot, just be careful which tree you park under to avoid getting sapped on or pooped on... The office staff have always been super friendly and willing to work with me whenever there was an issue or I had a question—even after Jackie left, which I was hesitant about because she was an awesome manager! So far, Amy seems pretty cool. But most of all, I've stayed at Portage Bay because the maintenance guy, Sal, has always been able to promptly help with any problem I call about, from drain clogs to a heater fail. He won't quit until he's figured out what the problem is and solved it! He even helped me with my car when it wouldn't start! Good maintenance guys are hard to come by, and it's really nice to be able to count on someone who will put in the time and effort it takes to actually solve a problem instead of ignoring it or quitting when it gets tough. Seriously though, Sal should get a raise!

    Overall, Portage Bay is probably my favorite place I've ever lived; it's a real nice place to call home! —PeachDounias

    2014-01-03 15:15:36   I added a comment on this page right after I moved here, Sept 2011. Every day of living here these two years has been a dream come true, and I've just renewed for my third year (for which I was so surprised and delighted to receive a $100 laundry card). There aren't enough superlatives to describe Sal, Amy, and Stephanie - they are beyond wonderful. They make Portage Bay feel like a family. Sal has been here the longest of the three, and he goes way above and beyond his job description - everyone here adores him. He has had several assistants, and all of them have been friendly and professional. Portage Bay is so beautiful - the pool and hot tub are extraordinary, the landscaping is beautiful (so many trees!), and the property is immaculate. The new laundry rooms are wonderful. What I especially love about Portage Bay is that it's very, very quiet (this is not a party place and also dogs are not allowed), there are lots of older professionals as well as young families with young children (it's a delight to watch them play together in the grassy courtyard area), and Portage Bay is very safe, with good lighting in every area. My very, very favorite thing about our apartments is the large porches and large planters. I have had a big garden every summer on my porch - lots of tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, strawberries, and flowers. Portage Bay is on the bus line and right down the street from Westlake grocery store, the Dollar Store, coffee shop, beauty salon, and several restaurants, including Lamppost Pizza. There are plenty of secure places on property for bikes. The landscaping crew is on property on Wednesdays and, yes, that's a day of lots of noise from leaf blowers, but I think that's typical of any Davis apartment complex. The rent increases each year do not seem excessive; mine this year amounted to approximately $1.32/day increase. I feel like that's a small price to pay for the joy of living here, especially the family atmosphere that Sal, Amy, and Stephanie create. I never want to leave! —DeborahLattimore

    2014-03-10 09:43:41   The updated price for our 2 bedroom 1 bathroom floor plans (D and F) is $1295.00 with a $300.00 security deposit. We still have a few units available for August 1st and September 1st. Please call for more information or stop by for a tour.(Posted by Management) —AmyHansen

    2014-03-10 10:12:04   The updated price for our 2 bedroom 1 bathroom floor plans (D and F) is $1295.00 with a $300.00 security deposit. We still have a few units available for August 1st and September 1st. Please call for more information or stop by for a tour.(Posted by Management) —AmyHansen

    2014-05-28 16:41:37   I am coming up on my third year here at Portage Bay, and I love everything about the property, my apt, the pool, and especially the wonderful people who take care of us - Amy and Sal (and Josh and Stephanie, when they were here!). Everything I've said in my past reviews still stands. This place is paradise! —DeborahLattimore

    2015-12-02 15:07:36   Hi everyone! I am moving to the area and so far, this is the only apartment complex that doesn't seem like a downgrade from my current living situation. There is a comment on yelp (from more recently) saying the manager has changed and there are constant noisy renovations. Is this a problem or is the place just as awesome as before. —Hezabit

    2015-12-17 12:38:10   The prices listed above are incorrect. Apartment prices are much higher. Please note: the monthly rental increase for 2016 for tenants is $85-110/MONTH compared to the $25/month increase in previous years. Tenants are required to renew their leases nine months in advance. —DavisResident95616

    2016-01-23 02:28:49   I absolutely cannot understand why there are so many positive reviews about this place. Living here was the biggest disaster of any apartment situation I've ever had. And I lived in the tenderloin. In San Francisco. Where I regularly had crack addicts show up on my doorstep. If you are a light sleeper, DO NOT LIVE HERE. The walls are PAPER thin. As we speak I can hear every single word being spoken in the apartment next to me. And don't get me started on upstairs neighbors. Where I live every night feels like it's the 1989 earthquake all over again. I don't know what kind of shady things they had to do to construct these abysmal apartments but they are SHODDY. Especially for what you pay. Absolutely ridiculous. What's more, the apartment manager is an absolute space cadet and is never available when you have concerns. I once waited two weeks to even hear back from her. Good news is that she's being replaced, so maybe this aspect will improve...? 0/10 would not so again. —Billtheblueuni

    2017-01-23 15:49:12   We love living here! Our apartment is super cute, spacious and homey. There is plenty of sunlight. The porch is very cozy. The fixtures are new. There are on-site laundry facilities and a pool/hot-tub. The management and neighbors are super friendly. It is quiet for us (we are both working/students). We love the parks, the Country Club, the biking/walking paths. We love going to the local Westlake market to get our food. We even have barn owls flying around at night! We love this place ! J&M —sndik16

    2017-02-21 13:19:58   I have been living here for two years and I agree with Billtheblueuni that this is not the greatest place. This is a very old apartment. Rent has been going up at more than 5% every year. The manager pushes for renewal way sooner than any other complexes in Davis at the beginning of January. I am feeling reluctant to hop onto another year of lease because the apartment leaks and mold over constantly. The roof has leaked three times at different rooms, where one time the roof starts dripping water onto my roommate's bed at 4 o'clock in the morning. He ended up sleeping in the living room for an entire week. I talked to the maintenance guy and he says leaks are common and he gets very busy plugging leaks at winter times. Another leak happened in the living room, which had water all over my belongings, including a laptop. The management offers to clean the carpet and that was it. You get molds all the time. Whether is in the bathroom or any arbitrary walls, it will mold over no matter how much you ventilate your place. In the summer time, this place is infested with tiny little cockroach. They are cute looking but it gets annoying every time you see three or five of them chilling at your bath tub or crawling around on your carpet. Laundry is one of the most expensive places I have seen in Davis. You pay $1.75 to wash or dry. They have a lot of hidden fees. Amenity fee at $100 per person on top of a $25 utility per person per month charge. With that said, I do not have any problems with the wall being too thin. This is a pretty quiet place at most of the time. You will hear kids running around more than drunk people partying. The landscape is nice and rooms are spacious. This is just a very old place and needs renovation for stuffs like carpets. —DSJosh

    2017-05-22 20:30:31   I have lived at Portage Bay since 2011 and have loved every minute here. There are so many things to love: * Sal, our maintenance supervisor, has been here seven years and makes this place a home for us, not only because he is immediately attentive to any repairs (it's amazing how quickly he fixes things, sometimes within just a few minutes of calling the office) and keeps the grounds and pool incredibly beautiful and clean, but also because he is so very friendly and helpful, cares about all of us, has a great sense of humor, and is so generous. He's one of the main reasons I stay at Portage Bay because he has such a wonderful personality and I love the way he takes care of not only the property, but of all of us here! * Amy, our apartment manager, is great! She's attentive, sweet, helpful, and always available and responsive. She's another reason I love living here. * Ricky, Sal's maintenance assistant, is yet another reason I love living here. He's always so friendly and helpful, always has a smile for us. He's been here three years and has a great mentor in Sal. They are a wonderful team. * My apartment is on the second floor, and upstairs apartments have very large outdoor porches with large built-in garden containers, large enough for a very good-sized garden. The porch is my favorite part of the apartment - such a joy to look out over the courtyard with so many trees and flowers, look out over the beautiful pool, have a garden and room for gliders and chairs. * Very quiet neighborhood and community (if there is any noise from people or barking dogs, Amy takes care of it very quickly) * Wonderful diversity of cultures and ages here - many families with young children, a few grad students, lots of retired folks who like the peace and quiet here - this is not a place for loud college kids or people with barking dogs (and dogs have to be on leash) * Beautifully maintained grounds, gorgeous landscaping, so many flowers! * Lots of bright outdoor lighting all around the property and parking lots (also the pool is lit at night) - a very safe place * Beautiful pool and hot tub (cleaned every weekday by Sal and/or Ricky, annually inspected for cleanliness and safety - with locked doors on both entrances and emergency exit door) * Several new BBQ grills at the pool, which Sal keeps impeccably clean * Two very nice updated laundry rooms (always clean) with plenty of washers and dryers for all the apartments (requires laundry card, not quarters) * Lots of parking * No smoking permitted on porches or property * Located on several bus routes, within walking distance to Westlake Market and Westlake shopping center * Automated package pickup station next to mailboxes * Discounted membership to Stonegate Country Club across the street - for use of their fitness center, (heated) swimming pools, paddleboats on the lake, tennis courts, etc. The only downside to living here (and it's this way in all of Davis) is that in the last two years, the rent has been increased $95/MONTH each year, and I anticipate it will go up the same amount or more next year. When I came here in 2011, the rent for my two-bedroom/one bath apartment was $1,195, and the rent increase was only $25/month until two years ago, when it was increased $95/month. My rent will be $1,485 beginning this fall. Included in the rent is the new $25/month fee for water. We were told that starting in the fall of 2017 we'll be charged $100/year for the new package pickup station and parking permits, which is not going over well with the tenants. We feel the apartment management should absorb that cost since they're increasing our rent so much, and these are one-time expenses for management, not ongoing, so a yearly charge to us doesn't seem appropriate. We're not sure why parking permits are needed either. How will guests be accommodated? Portage Bay is a wonderful place to live, thanks to Sal, Amy, and Ricky. I feel very lucky to be here, and hope the rental increases become more reasonable in the near future. —LivinginDavis

    2017-10-26 14:23:24   We were just told that Amy, longtime manager who was great, is leaving, so things will be very different here. Already there is very loud construction 24/7 on the roofs and loud construction with the replacement of all the porches with wood and then there will be repainting - we were told this could go on for almost a year! Tons of noise. It's bad enough that there's leaf-blowers every day. For no good reason, they are taking away all the large garden containers from the upstairs porches, which is a huge disappointment to all the people with gardens/flowers on their porch. Suddenly they require parking permits ($100/year!) and won't allow any guests to park in the parking lots, even if there are tons of empty spaces. They actually have a towing company tow cars! And the constant BEEPING (day and night!) of the new storage boxes is extremely annoying - for which we have to pay an extra $100 year. Things have really changed here, and not for the better. I used to recommend this place, but not anymore. Too much noise and added expenses which make no sense. Towing cars out of the parking lot without parking stickers is ridiculous and unnecessary. Plus the rent increases are insanely high. —StudentInDavis

    2017-11-16 17:26:02   update: The rent used to increase $25/month for several years, then $95/month. Now it's $165/MONTH and more increase for upcoming 2018, and we're required to renew our leases 9 months in advance of start date. The prices for apartments listed above are extremely out of date. Check the website for current rent amounts. And expect to pay more every year. There's a great article on the Davis Vanguard website about Davis apartment owners' corporate greed. District Supervisor Don Saylor says there's nothing we can do about it since there is no rent control in Davis. So - more gouging of the tenants, on top of having to pay the $100/year for parking permits and the package lockers (which beep loudly day and night, whenever a locker is opened) and also $25/month for water. I mentioned previously the egregious towing they do if a car does not have a permit. They will tow during the day, night, and weekends, and it's $240 for the visitor to get their car out of the towing facility. There is no visitor parking here, by the way, rarely any room to park on the street, and only ONE light across the street. The dumpsters are right next to the buildings, so you will hear people going through the trash as early as 5am, then the trash trucks arriving at 8am. Quality of life has greatly diminished here. —StudentInDavis

    2017-11-28 18:43:23   Update to my last review: On November 28, 2017, I met with management and brought up my concerns. I'm pleased to relate that (1) they have decided to allow visitor parking and no towing of visitors' cars; (2), they have agreed to relocate the dumpsters and build an enclosure which will help with the noise; (3) they will see if they can eliminate the beeping of the package lockers; (4) they will replace the planter boxes for the upstairs apartments. The rent, however, continues to rise astronomically, and we are still charged the $100/year "amenity fee" for package lockers and parking permits. The loud construction will continue until the entire complex has been renovated. But I appreciate management listening to my concerns and implementing some changes. —StudentInDavis

    2018-04-06 12:40:19   Do not live here if you can avoid it. The management is rude, and does not care about the opinions of their residents. Over the last three years I have lived here they have increased the base rent over $200, well above a standard rent increase, and have added all sorts of bells and whistles to the complex to justify charging the residents all sorts of additional fees and charges. Some of the above comments address it - annoying, loud package lockers that send back a package if you wait too long to pick it up (which is just great for the traveling graduate student), needless aesthetic changes, loud construction! The management is generally uncaring and rude about these charges, often failing to offer even a basic justification for their addition. The apartments themselves are also not particularly nice, and a bit outdated. They tout the granite countertops but fail to mention that the entire complex has a bad roach infestation. I know housing in Davis is tough, but if you can avoid this place, do so. —davis_gradstudent

    2018-09-06 15:56:29   Update to my previous review: Somehow I forgot to mention this before, despite it being the biggest headache of living here. This apartment complex claims to offer internet. It does not. The place has instaconnect, which if you've experienced it, needs no introduction. If you haven't, instaconnect is an internet service "provider" that is so bad as to be completely unusable. I genuinely do not know how they are still in business considering they are charging for a product they don't actually provide. Anyway, if you're thinking of living here, budget getting another internet provider, because they are lying to you when they say internet is offered. The management doesn't care, either, they just pass the buck onto instaconnect, and talking to that company is like talking to a brick wall. —davis_gradstudent