Computer Lab Management Printing Locations
Wellman Hall (Room 102)
Hutchison 78 (Across from Wellman)
Basement of Olson (Room 15)
Shields 182 and 163 (Inside Shields Library)
Student Community Center (room 2101)
Science Laboratory Building 2020 and 2060 (Across from the Silo)

* The SciLab rooms are computer classrooms and may be reserved for class. Check

Wireless Printing Website

Computer Lab Management (CLM) Computer Room Printing Policies

Black-and-White Printing Rates and Facts

  • In order to encourage responsible printing, reduce paper waste, and control costs, the campus has established a printing rate for all printing. CLM also has set duplex printing as default on all their computers.
  • The price for black-and-white printing is 11 cents per sheet regardless if the printing is single-sided or double-sided.
  • The first 30 sheets of paper you print are waived, however, once you print 31 sheets (or more), you will be billed for ALL 31 sheets. So 31 sheets would come out to $3.41 (plus any others you print during the quarter). This is referred to as 30 "grace" sheets.

Color Printing Rates and Facts

  • Color Printing is available in 78 Hutchison, MU, Shields 182 and 2102 SCC.
  • The cost to print in color is $1.00 per side, meaning a two-sided color printout costs $2.
  • Color printing is billed on a separate account from regular black and white printing.
  • Wonder why you don’t see your color print jobs sometimes? CLM holds color print jobs so clients don't accidentally print in color instead of black and white, then get charged the higher rate for color printing. Computer Room Consultants can either release the color print job or show you how to release it yourself!

Wireless Printing Facts

  • Wireless printing is a one-time set up, which means you only need to do it once and after that you’re able to print wirelessly.
  • You can use wireless printing anywhere that has Moobilenet or Moobilenet(x) wireless. That means inside and outside of the computer labs!
  • Sheets printed via wireless are counted by the same rates as black-and-white prints.
  • CLM holds Wireless Print jobs so clients can pick them up when clients are ready to instead of the jobs getting lost or accidentally taken. You can release your own print job or you can ask the Computer Room Consultant to help you release the print.
  • For information on how to set up Wireless Printing on your computer and where to pick up your prints, go to: [“”]

Printing Procedures and Basic Rules

  • Only take your own print jobs.
  • Testing prints is highly discouraged. Please use Print Preview. If you have questions, you can ask one of the friendly Computer Room Consultants.
  • Please do not add, replace or take out the paper in the paper trays. Computer Room Consultants will do it for you.
  • You shouldn't put your own personal paper in the printers because you won't be able to specify which printer gets your print job.
  • The Printers are turned off 15 minutes before closing.

Computer Lab Management (CLM) Computer Room Printing Questions

What is the difference between Sheets and Pages?

A "sheet" is a single piece of paper that exits from the printer. A "page" is defined by the program as a separate segment of a document. With duplex printing, you can print two pages on one sheet of paper, thereby doubling the amount of pages you can print. If you use n-up printing you can get up to 16 pages per side of a sheet, or 32 pages on one sheet of paper.

How do I pay for my print jobs?

  • The Computer Labs do not have cash registers or ways to keep track of money, so they cannot directly accept any money for print jobs. However, CLM tallies up prints and sends out bills during the first week of each quarter (the timing may vary slightly).
  • Regular students are charged through Student Accounting and the printing charges are put on their student bills. Students can check their account with MyBill (
  • For staff, faculty and other campus affiliates (Open Campus students, some exchange students, etc) that do not have a billing account, CLM collects charges in a different way. If you are in this group, CLM will send you an email about how to pay for printing.
  • If you have a Kerberos login (UC Davis Email username), you can ask the Computer Room Consultants to check how many prints you have made so far in the quarter.

Why do I need to pay? Shouldn’t my tuition fees cover my printing expenses?

Actually, the Computer Lab Management (CLM) Computer Labs are not funded by student fees (wouldn't it be nice if ASUCD Fees gave a hundred pages a quarter instead of services most do not use?). The services and the hardware that CLM provides in the computer labs rely heavily on state funds as well as the contributions made through printing at our labs.

How can I reduce my printing to save the cost of printing?

There are many ways you can reduce your printing. Here are some suggestions:

  • Print double sided. Generally when you print, your document is already set to double-sided. However, if you want to double check, go to File, then Print, under the “Name” drop down menu it should state “Double Sided- (Name of the Printer)”
  • Print Multiple Sheets per Page On the print menu that pops up when you select print from a program, go to print properties, then click the graphic tab, then change the layout option in the paper handling box. If you need help or have questions, ask the CRC on duty about "N-up printing".
  • Ask the CRC They are generally very knowledgeable and like to share that knowledge with clients. They can help with lots of other issues too.

Whenever I print a pdf the printers takes forever to print it out. How can I make it so that it prints faster?

Printers need to read Portable Document Formats (pdf’s), which usually makes it harder to process for the printer. To speed up the process, change your pdf into an image. First, open the pdf file and from the file menu select print. When the print menu comes up, click on the advanced box on the lower left side of the menu. After clicking the advance tab, check the print as image box. If this does not work, ask the Computer Room Consultant for help.

PowerPoint files can also take a long time to print too. The best trick for that is to remove the background image on all the slides first. It's usually fixed by changing the theme of the slideshow to one with no background. If you're not sure how to do that, just ask the CRC in the blue vest.