Professional Fraternity and Sorority Representatives

At UC Davis there are many types of greek organizations. There are the well-known social fraternities and sororities, the ethnic and cultural ones, communities service ones, but there are also professional-oriented fraternities and sororities as well. This page is intended to elevate the presence of those professional fraternities and sororities at UC Davis as a distinct yet viable alternative to students. Like all greek organizations, professional fraternities and sororities all share common features. They all have social, community service, athletic competition and academic-oriented events. The professional fraternities sororities however place special attention and emphasis on the academic side of things, each specializing in their own professional field such as law, medicine, engineering, agrarian, etc. Many of the professional fraternities and sororities are currently in the process of forming the Professional Fraternity and Sorority Council, the professional version of the social fraternities' InterFraternity Council and the social sororities Panhellenic Council. Join us on Facebook

The members include:

Alpha Kappa PsiDelta Epsilon MuDelta Sigma PiTheta TauKappa Gamma Delta

Sigma AlphaSigma Mu DeltaPhi Delta EpsilonPhi Sigma Pi

Close-up example of t-shirt


ΑΚΨ (Alpha Kappa Psi): Business Co-Ed Fraternity Chapter Website National Website

ΔΕΜ (Delta Epsilon Mu): Pre-Health Co-Ed FraternityChapter Website

ΔΣΠ (Delta Sigma Pi): Business Co-Ed Fraternity Chapter Website National Website

ΘΤ (Theta Tau): Engineering Co-Ed Fraternity Chapter Website National Website

ΚΓΔ (Kappa Gamma Delta): Pre-Medicine Sorority Chapter Website

ΣA (Sigma Alpha): Agricultural Sorority Chapter Website

ΣΜΔ (Sigma Mu Delta)Pre-Medical Fraternity Chapter Website

ΦΔΕ (Phi Delta Epsilon): Pre-Medical Fraternity Chapter Website International Website

ΦΣΠ (Phi Sigma Pi): Honors Co-Ed Fraternity Chapter Website National Website


Their spring rush campaign consists of red Rush Greek Professional shirts proudly sponsored by Ink Monkey (see picture). Look for them on campus!

Future Lawyers Future Engineers Future Businesspersons Future Agrarians


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2011-04-14 20:52:15   The Greeks here are really great about running student events and bringing creativity and personality to the campus. Yeah, some people can be jerks sometimes, but I guess that can be expected especially at a "prestigious, public Ivy University" which welcomes all walks of life and does not discriminate against social classes or color. I don't know much about becoming a Greek, but my cousin was part of a sorority and she always told me to join one because it was a great experience for her and she is well off, very educated, and makes enough to support her and her family alone. Sometimes I have a big mouth, and I am a know -it-all but I do not know everything especially something that I have no knowledge of. Sometimes people can say things that they regret and cannot take back, or do things that they regret and cannot take back, but they can change. That is a hard lesson that I have learned in life. In order for me to have changed, I had to mature and witness the worst of the worst of people that were not as well of as me. Coming from a person whose family is of lower, middle class, even I am better off than most people who have a mental illness, with no insurance, and no family. So, instead of attacking other people, I just wish people who are educated and experienced to be able to help those other people who are less fortunate than us and to acknowledge that even though we are professionals, educated, or have a lot of money, that we too sometimes make mistakes but it is never too late to fix those mistakes and to make amends and to work together with other people that we refer to as enemies or allies. If I had another chance, I wish I could live my life over again the right way and am guilty for a lot of people that I hurt but, I believe in forgiveness, now have strong faith in myself, and I want to help build a better future, network with other people from different countries, and use the skills and knowledge that I have gained throughout my college education to contribute to technology, history, etc. I really do hope from this message, that other people can do the same but I understand that change takes time as well as forgiveness. But I am happy to have finally come to terms with myself and other people. —peacefulsparrow