Boulder in the middle of Putah Creek

The Putah Creek Boulders are a few large boulders along (and occasionally in) Putah Creek off Highway 128 towards Lake Berryessa. A handful of interesting and hard climbing problems exist here. The rock is basalt and the lower portions of many of the boulders are very slick due to water flow from regular flooding. There are a few problems that traverse out over the creek. Give them a try if you're feeling lucky... or if you want to ensure your dryness, have a regular local show you how it's done.

To get to them, take Covell Blvd. or Russell Boulevard west out of Davis. Covell turns into Highway 128 and merges with Russell. Follow 128 for about 18 miles. The boulders are a short bushwhack from a dirt turnout on the left side of Highway 128 after Winters between fishing areas four and three. Smaller boulders, unsuitable for climbing, can be seen in the same ravine on the right side of the road. At least one of the climbing boulders is visible from the road. The others are closer to the water and slightly east. Be careful for poison oak and rattlesnakes when accessing the boulders, as both are common in the area.

Local wildlife can include river otters. Joe visited during the summer of 2008 and saw an otter in the creek. He made an extra special effort to disappear every time Joe tried to take a picture, though, so now Joe has a collection of pictures of concentric ripples on the creek.

Note: A visit to the Putah Creek Boulders can easily be coupled with a trip to the Nut Tree Boulders by taking I-505 South in Winters and exiting on Vacavalley Parkway in Vacaville.



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2010-07-15 11:36:26   Is there any possibility for route development in the Putah Creek Wilderness??? Has anyone explored??? —lukegrecki