The James Hetrick Tree

Park Location
1111 El Campo Avenue
off of Lillard Drive in South Davis
1.8 Acres
Picnic Area with BBQ Grills
• Restrooms
• Backstop

• Play Area



• Maybe it's got a cool event

Putah Creek Park is a small park in Putah Creek.

The restroom is a porta-potty in a concrete enclosure. The bike trail that borders the southern edge of the park can be accessed to the east side of the park, but you have to leave the park to the north to get to the path. There is a Coast Redwood dedicated to James Hetrick near the northern entry to the park.

The greenbelt trail to this park is a very pretty bike ride alongside the creek. The park itself isn't very big, but there are two playground areas, a semi-large grassy field, BBQ grills and covered picnic tables.

On June 30, 2018, the park re-opened after the two playground areas were renovated. The renovations were part of matching grants the City of Davis received, sponsored by the California Park & Recreation Society and GameTime. The old "electric red slide" is no longer there, but there is new playground equipment, swings, and benches. 

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More Pictures:

The Plaque below the James Hetrick Tree Greenbelt Trail to Putah Creek Park

The old "Electric Red Slide" A cool place to eat some meat or veggie burgers


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