This is an east-west county road that begins about seven miles to the west of Davis. Aptly named, the road follows the southern side of Putah Creek. At its end nearest Davis, Putah Creek Road begins just south of Stevenson Bridge at its intersection with Stevenson Bridge Road. From there, the road extends west towards Winters. Past Winters, Putah Creek Road continues along the south side of Lake Solano, and it ends at Pleasants Valley Road.

On the restoration of Putah Creek Road

On or Near This Road

The century-old railroad bridge into Winters From west to east:


Putah Creek Road is probably the most popular county road among the bikers due to the relative scenery and low traffic. During the winter months, this road offers ideal vantages from which to observe Putah Creek as a raging torrent (unlike the placid trickle that runs apologetically through campus).

  • Motor Traffic: low
  • Accessibility: no shoulder

Notable Intersections

From west to east:

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