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<div> The Reaffirming Ethnic Awareness and Community Harmony (REACH) Retreat is put on the UC Davis Cross Cultural Center (CCC) and began in 2000.

REACH was created by the director and staff of the CCC as they saw a need for dialogue and change after several hate crimes occurred on campus and in the community in 1998 and 1999. Students, staff, and faculty dialogue and explore personal and intersectional stories through a diverse range of large and small group activities. In addition to a transformative experience, R.E.A.C.H. participants leave the retreat with increased knowledge of and empathy for various life experiences, which strengthens relationships and creates solidarity amongst communities.

The model for REACH relies heavily on the commitment of two conveners to develop and enact the curriculum for the retreat. The conveners develop a social justice curriculum that is both relevant and complimentary to the theme of REACH. The conveners become responsible of the necessary training of home group leaders in order for them to enact the curriculum. The conveners work hand in hand with the coordinators in order to ensure a successful REACH retreat.

The off-campus nature of this retreat will require a full weekend away from campus, January 8th-10th, 2016. The coordinators respect and honor the significant contributions of conveners' time and energy with the REACH retreat. Lodging, transportation and all meals are included.

Every year REACH has a overall theme. The 2016 retreat will follow the theme "Tales of Healing: Reclaiming Narratives". 

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