This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


1800 E. 8th St. (In Davis Manor)

This supermarket occupied 24,995 sq. ft. in Davis Manor. The Davis location opened in 1999 and closed in April 2002. All Northern California Ralphs stores eventually closed down. Ralphs is now only found in Southern California. Dollar Tree now occupies half of the building. The Ralphs in Vacaville also closed down.

Prior to being a Ralphs it was an Albertsons. After Albertsons sold this store to Ralphs in 1999, Albertsons renamed the Lucky store in Davis and turned it into an Albertsons. Albertsons had bought the parent company of Lucky in 1998 and then decided in late 1999 to eliminate the Lucky name and rename all Lucky stores as Albertsons.


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They should have Trader Joe's in this building along with the Dollar Tree that is currently in one-half of the building. The parking is fabulous and it would sure make this shopping center come alive. The shopping center also has a great thrift shop (R&R) and the Symposium Restaurant which is totally awesome. I don't understand why they would want to try and cram Trader Joe's into the U-Mall. What a disgusting mall that place is with all the bird poop and lack of parking. I don't even like going to U-Mall, in fact I avoid it as much as possible. There isn't enough parking at U-Mall now, so can you imagine what it would be like if a Trader Joe's did go into U-Mall? Is there anything we can do to try and get Trader Joe's into the Davis Manor Mall?