Ramneek Saini was a UC Davis student who graduated in 2009 with degrees in political science and sociology. She served as an ASUCD Senator, winning in the Winter 2008 ASUCD election on the LEAD slate. She sats on the State Executive Council for CalPIRG and was the campaign coordinator for the CalPIRG Hunger and Homelessness campaign. She has organized events from the Hunger Clean-up to a dance marathon to raise money to help alleviate the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina. She was also a legislative aid in the Executive Office of the ASUCD President and an intern to senator Dan Xie.

Official Statement

I am a third year, political science major and I am an ASUCD senate intern, CALPIRG statewide Hunger and Homelessness coordinator and two time speech and debate state champion. I have successfully organized a statewide Hunger Clean-Up, which raised over $80,000 for the victims of New Orleans and this quarter I helped CALPIRG register over 1200 UC Davis students to vote. Davis is an amazing campus and as a senator, I want to make it better by:

  • Advocating for social change on campus by registering more students to vote!
  • Establishing an ASUCD events e-mail that will allow groups to promote their events and organizations
  • Fighting for more resources on campus for homeless students

As a senator I will make sure that everyone on this campus has a chance to vote by getting people involved in voter registration drives. Right now students between the ages of 18-29 are not voting enough! As 25% of the voting electorate, if we turn out to vote, we can easily get our presidential candidates and elected officials to do something about issues that affect us, like affordable education and cheaper textbooks.

When elected I’ll also establish an ASUCD events e-mail for which any student can sign up. Davis is a vibrant campus with tons of different events going on every night. This monthly e-mail will not only provide each one us with an up to date schedule of what’s going on, but will also give student groups an easy way to increase visibility.

I will also continue working on my greatest passion – advocating for the hungry and the homeless. On our own campus right now there are students who are homeless, fighting every day to pay for necessities we take for granted. Yolo County has one of the highest poverty rates in the state. If students come together, it’s definitely possible to find a solution to these problems… BUT I NEED YOUR HELP! Vote me number 1, and the other L.E.A.D. candidates 2-6 and we’ll bring you SOCIAL CHANGE like you’ve never seen before!


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2007-12-05 22:18:46   I'd vote for Ramneek in a heartbeat, and plan on it during the next election. —EliYani

2007-12-12 18:35:08   so dedicated! so lovely! my inspiration! —JillWeinstein