Ravi Deepak was elected to the ASUCD Senate the Winter 2006 ASUCD Election with LEAD, in his freshman year at UC Davis. On the Senate he stood out by typically being the only Senator to question potential Commissioners about their qualifications and what direction they would take their commission.

He was formerly an intern for the Campus Center for the Environment, a unit with which he will remained involved, and is currently a member of Delta Chi, making him the third Delta Chi elected to senate in Delta Chi's short 2 years as a colony.

Deepak is also an out of state student from Virginia. You may have heard him refer to himself as "like ravioli, but without he oli."

Winter 2006 Candidate Statement

What does it take to make a student? Leadership, empowerment, activism and determination (L.E.A.D.) are a few fundamental principles for any student. Following the principles of L.E.A.D., I am dedicated to improving the quality of life on campus and in our community. Through my association with the Campus Center for the Environment (CCE), a steering committee for the twelve environmental groups on campus, I have intimate, but not exclusive, relations with the environmental aspect of this improvement with a few simple, cost-effective measures. Fair Trades coffee empowers the farmers with higher profit margins while still supplying a competitively priced, rich, organic coffee. While it was a victory to bring it to the Deli, I feel that it is necessary to expand Fair Trades coffee distribution in the Coffee House. This is but a small step that can be done for our University, I also believe that a "Green Building" status is an essential measure for new and renovated buildings. Green Buildings are LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified buildings that are based on a US Government ranking environmental-friendly system, which are built to reduce waste and consumption of electricity and water. I determined to work with the administration to make the new Student Resource Center (SRC) LEED platinum status, the paramount in the ranking system, which will be most cost effective (cheaper) in the long term and supply students with a pleasant ambiance. Diverse experiences are essential for all students, but many students don’t know all that Davis has to offer. An online event calendar, advertising cultural activities in art, music, and theatre in Davis, is a great way to reach the student, and will nurture the relationship between our University and our community. Use this February’s election to improve our University, and enact change with your vote in the campus and ASUCD by voting L.E.A.D. and Ravi Deepak.

Winter 2007 Candidacy

Deepak is rumored to be running for ASUCD Senate under the LEAD slate for the Winter 2007 ASUCD Election.

Ravi, what about this calendar?