This page is for archiving comments from 2006 for Razor's Edge Barber Shop.

2006-05-29 18:09:11   I always get my haircut here. I know about as much about fashion as my mom knows about computers, but most stylists don't seem to understand this, and act confused when I ask them to make the style decisions for me. This guy seems to be ok with me just saying "I want it short"... and judging from other people's reactions (not that I'm particularly good at judging other people's reactions) he does a much better job than anyone else I've tried. I think a standard haircut costs about what supercuts charges, $12 or so... Really, for the sort of guy who would consider supercuts, there is no question... this guy is a better value. —LukeCrawford

2006-06-04 00:47:04   The guy who runs place is really good. I had my haircut botched at Davis barber and he was able to make it look pretty good. There is a 1-2 person wait but its worth it. —JasonRenteria

2006-08-01 15:06:08   For $13, this was the best haircut I've had. The barber was really thorough. I'll be coming back here, for sure. —AndrewDavidson

2006-09-14 00:55:40   I've been going here for over a year. It's cheaper than Super Cuts, but with a much better cut. I've done salons, stylists, barber shops, and chains and this is still my favorite place outside of the stylist I used to go to when I was in high school. Just take a book and chill for 15 minutes or so and one of the guys will have you out of there looking great in quick order. The atmosphere is great too. —AndrewBianchi

2006-10-21 17:16:11   Amazing place. I lived in Napa and it took me about a year to find a good hair stylist. Now I am here and this was the first barber shop I've visited. It's awesome, owner is very friendly. He is the only one who cuts hair. Prices are very good ($13 for a usual haircut). Do not forget about tips —EmilKhalikov

2006-11-04 17:46:04   Went to the guy because he was the only one on DavisWiki without a negative comment. Very thorough haircut, great guy, highly recommended for college students. —DavidPringle

2006-11-21 15:50:03   Service was quick, and the cut was clean, even with a big head of hair. Heads up for other long haired people looking for a trim down (scissor cut), they run around 17 bucks. —KyleLanderhoffis

2006-12-22 14:08:39   the best spot in town no doubt. aggie barber has fell off and this guy can cut hair with the best of em. If i were one of those jay-z types i would fly him around with me, along with my personal chicken wing maker. —CrazyeyeKillah