This page is for archiving comments from 2007 for Razor's Edge Barber Shop.

2007-02-15 23:59:11   I had a really good first experience there. I went in with long hair always kept in a pony tail and the guy told me he didn't do long hair, but since I wanted it cut short, it worked. I didn't really have any idea how I wanted it and told him so and he just went at it. I ended up really liking it! Seems like overall a friendly and experienced guy. —AlexLane

2007-03-07 14:04:30   Good haircut and affordable. Very simple is how I would describe Razor's Edge. I walk in, guy asks how I want my hair cut, I say I want it shorter all around, he cuts it, I pay, and I leave. Took a little less than 15 minutes. Guy was nice enough; didn't talk except to ask what I wanted and if I wanted my hair shorter. No frills service; they don't wash your hair or anything like that. That said, I like this place a lot. It's very quick, simple, and affordable. $13 for a haircut [not including tip] is great, compared to a lot of the salons that charge $30 or more for a men's haircut. I will definitely be going back here. —WilliamChang

2007-03-19 14:51:22   Been getting haircut here for the last 4 years, Highly rec. —JarrettNoble

2007-09-07 15:15:40   Fantastic experience. Very personable and experienced barber. Clean environment, nice shop, and ace location. The owner knows his craft very very well and gave me exactly the cut I wanted. Cheers to him, I'll be a regular now. —Alex

2007-09-27 12:15:23   I have been getting my hair cut at Razor's Edge for 4 years now since I learned by trial and error that this guy really is the best haircut in Davis. I don't normally care too much how my hair looks but I figure I might as well get a great cut if I am botherig to get it cut. I like the consistently good cut I can expect going here. —Roggie

2007-12-30 11:00:57   If you are a guy and want a guy hair cut, Sukh is your man. He is a barber not a sylist. No nonsense, no frills. Always today's copy of the paper and the latest in manly magazines to puruse while you wait, which is never long. On a good day you should plan to wait no more than 15 minutes a head. I trusted Sukh to cut my hair for my wedding and was not dissapointed. Do take note, if you are a salon-boy don't bother walking through the door no emos allowed! Tip well. :p —Rsronce