This page is for archiving comments from 2008 for Razor's Edge Barber Shop.

2008-01-18 13:14:14   Great Barber, friendly atmosphere, and ESPN 24/7. Who could ask for anything more in a barber shop? —Timelessturkey

2008-02-18 21:45:38   I've been going to him off and on (mostly on) for the past two years. I never once left Sukh's barber shop disappointed. He's damn good at what he does and it shows. —thelonepiper555

2008-02-19 19:26:51   I've received consistently good haircuts at Razor's Edge, unlike the franchise places where it's a crap shoot. The barber is quick, thorough and polite. I'll keep going back. —DukeMcAdow

2008-02-26 16:08:36   The guy (nobody seems to know his name) at Razor's Edge is consistent. He cuts hair pretty fast, which is usually not a good thing. However, I've gone many times and he always does a decent job. My only complaint is when he combs your hair with the hand comb. It hurts! Go easy homie, the scalp does have nerve endings. Also, other barber shops shave your neck and sideburn at the end with hot lather for the same price. It's the cherry on the cake, which you don't get at Razor's Edge. —lrenteria

2008-03-04 21:15:40   This is the place to go for a solid haircut. Go somewhere else if you want to look pretty. If he has to take more than 30 minutes to cut your hair he isn't interested. You won't find a better cut for $15 (with tip). The guy who ran this place before him was the same way. I wouldn't go anywhere else. —ScottWeintraub

2008-03-14 21:34:47   My haircut here was so bad that I joined Davis Wiki just to comment on it. I went after reading good things about it here. It was a Tuesday and Sukh had the day off, so his friend was cutting instead. I told the guy I wanted a just a trim on the top. The chair was turned away from the mirror and he was using thinning scissors so I couldn't really tell how much he was cutting. When he turned me around, I saw that he had basically SCALPED ME! Later I noticed that one sideburn was an inch shorter than the other, which I hadn't noticed in the shop because I was such a hurry to get out. I have had my share of bad haircuts because I usually go to Supercuts and I used to get $5 haircuts on army bases, but this one beat them all. Avoid Sukh's friend unless you want a haircut you didn't ask for! —DartSprt

2008-06-07 07:59:26   Like the last individual who commented, I too joined DavisWiki to share the bad haircut experience I had with the "friend." I've been coming here for about 9 months now and get the best haircut everytime. But said "friend" really did a job on me. I told him to take just a little off the top (stressing "little") and I walked away with nothing to even comb! Thankfully Sukh doesn't take all that much time off. —howe7032

2008-11-17 10:35:11   I get great haircuts...when someone is there. I went there a Saturday a little before four oclock and it was closed. Waited around to see if he was on break...nope. Went there a Monday morning at 10:30... no one there again. This was in the same week. Hours should be changed to "at random." If you catch him when he's there, you'll get a great haircut though. —madmaddox