Real Life is either an event put on by Campus Crusade for Christ, or the title of a webcomic that makes several references to Davis (the author is originally from Sacramento).

In terms of general usage, be wary of assuming that the term "real life" refers to life away from the wiki, nor should it be assumed that such a thing exists. Others maintain that real life does exist in the form of a three-dimensional meatspace in which minds possess "bodies." The bodies are forced to consume each other to gain the energy needed to manipulate corporeal limbs to get around and procreate. The Davis meatspace is said to be fraught with dangers such as automobiles, bicycles, and competing organisms. On the other hand, on the wiki, no one can hear your meat-flapping noises.

Gnomes Anonymous is a support group that meets in Davis to help those who want to break away from wiki editing in favor of real life.