Rebecca Lovell, a.k.a. Becca, is a member of the ASUCD Senate. She won her office in the Fall 2007 ASUCD Election running on the GO slate.

Fall 2007 Election

Candidate Statement

Hi Everyone! My name is Becca Lovell I am running for the ASUCD Senate because I feel that there are a lot of aspects of our campus that can be worked on and improved for all of us! I have leadership experience both before coming to UC Davis and since being here, as well as having worked at the UC Davis ARC and the Student Programs and Activities Center. I currently work at the ASUCD Coffee House as an espresso girl, giving me a well-rounded look at the UC Davis campus.

I work with the Campus Violence Prevention Program, and through them I want to promote our amazing resources that help prevent violence, as well as helping treat victims. Having been a victim of sexual harassment, I know how important it is to have somewhere to go and someone to talk to about such tragedies. I strive to provide all UC Davis students with the knowledge of where to go for prevention tips and how to report incidents that occur on campus.

I also want to work with Aggie Pack and promote sporting events through the Coffee House, bringing Aggie Pack Meal Deals to the best eatery on campus. With cooperation from both Aggie Pack and the Coffee House, we can increase campus pride and spread the word about sporting events!

The ARC Lounge is an area of campus is severely underutilized, but has so much potential to provide for what the students of UC Davis want! I have begun working with the directors of the ARC and they have expressed a desire for the students’ opinions of improvements that should be made. I am working to make a focus group and survey what will attract the students to the ARC Lounge and increase traffic into our new, beautiful Recreation Center! Thank you all for voting today and remember to vote BECCA LOVELL #1 for ASUCD Senate!


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2007-12-08 08:25:04   In a Senate meeting where a lot of scary comments were made, Becca made a lot of sense. She didn't talk about how wrongfully spending $70 is ok simply because it's not a lot of money. I thought I'd acknowledge that with this pithy comment. —GregWebb