2727 2nd Street (For CRV buyback)
Mon-Fri 9:30am - 2:00pm
Sat 8:00am - 4:00pm

On April 20, 2018, Recology took over recycling and waste management services for Davis after purchasing Davis Waste Removal. There is good historical information about Davis waste management on the DWR wiki page. The City of Davis focuses on Zero Waste and Recology works to provide resources for recycling and reducing waste. 

Trash and Recycling Collection

Curbside trash and recycling is collected once a week. Recology also provides bins for green waste.  See this Guide to Greener Living in Davis for a quick explanation of which items to put in which bin.

Recology operates on all holidays except Christmas and New Year's Day. There is a collection map to see which day collection happens in your neighborhood. 

They also offer a monthly yard material collection service, where piles of yard material can be placed in the street to be picked up. The city website has more details and the pickup schedule for 2018.

Billing is handled through the city. Rates for residences and businesses can be found on the City of Davis website.

Under Davis Municipal Code section 32.01.050, garbage and recycling bins need to be put out between 5pm the night before pickup and 6am the day of, and they must be taken from the curb no later than 7am the day after pickup.

Drop-off Bins

Recology has recycling drop-boxes available for people to bring their recycling 24/7. There are separate drop boxes to recycle these items:

Recycling Drop Boxes

  • Scrap Metal
  • Aluminum Cans
  • Paper
  • Cardboard and Brown Paper
  • Plastics #1 and #2 (household and beverage containers only)
  • Rigid plastics #3-#7 (also rigid plastics #1 and #2 like flower pots, just no beverage containers etc.)
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Tin cans, Foil and Pie Tins

They also accept used motor oil filters for recycling and pay 40 cents per gallon for used motor oil. 

Recology does not accept electronic waste or batteries. Electronic waste can be taken to Goodwill Donation Xpress or the Yolo County Central Landfill. Household batteries, including lithium and rechargeable batteries, can be brought to Ace HardwareCVSDavis Senior CenterDavis Food Co-opHibbert LumberNugget Market, or Rite Aid for recycling. Car batteries can be taken to the Yolo County Central Landfill.

Trash is taken to the Yolo County Central Landfill.

For more information about what items Recology accepts, check out the City of Davis Recycling Website. You can also find information there about their Bulky Items Drop-Off Days.

CRV Redemption

CRV Buyback Center

You can take your plastic bottles and aluminum cans to the Recology buyback center listed above and redeem the CRV. CRV redemption is 5 cents for aluminum cans and bottles under 24oz. and 10 cents for bottles 24oz. and above refund per container. Normally they are weighed, but if you have 50 items or fewer you can request that they be counted instead of weighed. The CRV is set so that there is little benefit to counting. The amount paid by weight is set by the State of California, not by the recycling centers; the centers are reimbursed for the items collected which is why they require you to sign the check they give you.

As of 2015-09-04:
Item $/lb. Break-even weight*
Aluminum cans 1.58 14.35g.
PETE bottles 1.17 19.38g. (<24oz.), 38.77g (>=24oz.)

*Break-even weight calculated as: 453.592g*$.05/$1.58 (cans). This is the threshold above which it becomes advantageous to weigh (vs. count) the items.

A typical 12oz. aluminum can weighs 13.6g., so there are 32 cans/lb.

Weights Samples
Aluminum can, 8 fl. oz. 11.1g
Aluminum can, 12 fl. oz. 13.1g, 13.5g, 14.7g, 15.1g
Aluminum can, 330 ml. 13.5g
Aluminum can, 16 fl. oz. 15.7g, 15.9g, 16.2g, 16.5g, 17.8g
Aluminum can, 480 ml. 20.0g
Aluminum can, 23 fl. oz. (680 ml) 24.8g
Bimetal can, 330 ml. 51.0g
PETE plastic water bottle, 8 fl. oz. w/cap 9.9g (cap is 0.8g)
PETE plastic water bottle, 500 ml w/cap 10.1g, 10.5g, 11.0g (cap is 0.8g)
PETE plastic water bottle, 700 ml w/cap 19.6g, 21.2g
PETE plastic Tropicana bottle, 10 fl. oz. w/cap 29.5g (cap is 2.6g)
PETE plastic protein shake bottle, 10 fl. oz. w/cap 35.2g (cap is 5.3g)
PETE plastic Gatorade bottle, 12 fl. oz. w/cap 27.7g (cap is 2.6g)
PETE plastic "TruMoo" bottle, 14 fl. oz. w/cap 29.9g (cap is 3.3g)
PETE plastic Honest tea bottle, 500 ml. w/cap 37.0g (cap is 3.1g)
PETE plastic Gatorade bottle, 20 fl. oz. w/cap 36.3g (cap is 2.5g)
PETE plastic Vitamin water bottle, 20 fl. oz. w/cap 40.6g (cap is 2.4g)
PETE plastic Gatorade bottle, 32 fl. oz. w/cap 52.3g, 53.0g (cap is 3.8g, 4.3g)
PETE plastic soft drink bottle, 1 liter w/cap 39.4g, 41.4g, 42.3g (cap is 2.3g, 2.7g)
PETE plastic Gatorade bottle, 64 fl. oz. w/cap 89.4g (cap is 3.7g)
PETE plastic soft drink bottle, 2 liter w/cap 49.2g, 53.7g (cap is 2.7g)

Up to 2 ml can cling to the sides of a water bottle, adding 2 grams.