Recruitment and Retention Organizing Committee (RROC) was established by the student body of UC Davis by their vote during Winter 1999 as part of the Facilities and Campus Enhancements Initiative. Its primary function is to allocate funds for student initiated, led, and organized programming designated for the recruitment and retention of students from historically under-represented, low-income, or educationally disadvantaged communities.1

The duty of RROC is to oversee the SRRC, a university department staffed and managed by students. RROC consists of six student directors from each SRRC program, serving as the representative for their respective components. ASUCD's Pathfinder, and representatives from Graduate Student Association and Student Affairs.

The first RROC Reps were Laura Akers (GSA), Isis Castro (NASU), Jehan Clark (AAAU), Christina Escobar ("Pathfinder" ASUCD Pathfinder), Yvonne Marsh (Student Affairs), Javier A. Tarango (MEChA), Kao Vang (HSU), and Michelle Villaluz (Bridge) 2

Diane Yang is currently the youngest RROC member, in terms of both age (DOB 07 November 1986) and school year (sophomore). Correct me if I'm wrong, but she's also the youngest RROC ever to sit on the committee.

2005-2006 RROC Members


1. The rest of the information on that website looks sadly outdated, with RROC Representatives listings dating back to 2003-2004
2. Source: Embracing Vision and Evidence of Collective Action: The Formation of the Student Recruitment and Retention Center