347 Memorial Union
(530) 752-1990
Kevin Vang
[email protected]
Parent Organization
Associated Students of UC Davis (ASUCD)

An ASUCD unit that rents MicroFridges and mini-refrigerators to students in the dorms and Campus Departments. Refrigerator Services is one of the 23 business units that run the day-to-day operations of ASUCD. It is also one of the few units that generates money and it brings in anywhere from $30,000-$60,000 of profits for ASUCD.

The price of renting one MicroFridge is $135 for the academic year, which includes a 2.9 cu mini-fridge component and a microwave attached to the top. A mini-fridge rental is $40 for the academic year. Prices go up to $165 and $45 respectively after September 15th. It's never too late to rent out a refrigerator from us! Refrigerator Services offers a prorated option to rent out your refrigerator throughout the year. Campus Departments enjoy a special discount if they decide to rent from Refrigerator Services, please direct all inquiries to the Director.

In addition to rentals, Refrigerator Services offers service requests to repair/replace your broken MicroFridge at no additional charge. You can submit a repair request through the Refrigerator Service website.

Refrigerator Services hires student clubs and organizations to distribute, clean, and repair ASUCD MicroFridges and mini-fridges. Many clubs perform work for this unit as a major fundraising event. The selection process is based on a holistic assessment of the student organization's need, planned events, and quality of work when providing labor to Refrigerator Services. If your organization is interested in this fundraising opportunity, then please contact [email protected].