This was a sticker issued by the Registrar and placed on the lower left corner of the Reg Card and was used to indicate that someone had paid their Reg Fees. The reg cards literally has a box in that corner that said something like "Place Reg Sticker Here". The sticker had the quarter on it as well as the letters A B C D and E across the top, for use by ASUCD for elections. A new sticker was issued each quarter in a different color. This typically led to the lower left corner sporting a rainbow of old stickers, or a current sticker with a gummy spot around it from the leftover adhesive from past quarters.

Their use was phased out in the 2000, but not without a fight. In 1996, Reg Cards were made digital, and the Registrar planned to retain all pertinent infomation keyed electronically to the mag stripe on the back of the card. However, used the reg sticker to identify current students for things such as Elections, and Unitrans.

The letters across the top were marked off to show that a person had voted in an election (which letter was used changed from election to election). They eventually moved to on-line voting, but not before much consternation occurred.

Unitrans was initially concerned because swiping Reg Cards would be time consuming and would require costly upgrades to the fleet. Instead, they started to use the Blue Dot, that had always been on the Reg Card to signify undergraduates. I am unsure if Grad Students who paid ASUCD fees had the blue dot at that time.

The first version of the Digitized Reg Card had the same space as the old reg cards labelled for Reg Stickers. But it went away on later versions, since reg stickers were no longer used.

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