This is Regal Cinemas membership club that rewards members for spending money at their theaters. You get 1 credit for every dollar you spend on movies. You also get extra credits for concession stand purchases. Sometimes you get extra points for seeing specially featured movies.

When you reach 50 credits you get a free small popcorn and when you reach 100 credits you get a free small drink. When you reach 150 credits you get a free ticket. What a bargain!

You also get a small popcorn for $2 on Tuesdays if you buy a ticket. You can always get a larger size for a little more.

On Mondays, the featured candy for the day is $2 for members.

You can apply for the card online at or at the theatre.

Remember to present your Crown Club card first when buying tickets or concessions.


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2009-08-16 02:20:05   The free movie ticket that you get at 150 points is a rip-off if you're a movie afficionado who watches new movies as they come out. The free movie ticket can't be used on new movies until after they've been out for about two weeks or so. —IdealParadigm