3000 Lillard Drive
(South Davis near the intersection of Lillard & Drummond)

(877) -800-3654

Office Hours
Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Saturday, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Sunday, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
[email protected]
Renaissance Park Website
Sparkling Jr. Olympic Swimming Pool
24 Hr Fitness Center
Poolside Gas BBQ
Pet Friendly
Running and Bike Path with Direct Access to UC Davis
Pool Table
Video Game Room
Free WiFi Hot Spot
Bike Lockers
Full size Washers and Dryers in Select Homes
Central Heating and Air
Private Patio or Balcony

Renaissance Park Apartments is professionally managed by First Pointe Management Group. Located in South Davis off of Lillard Drive, Renaissance Park is walking distance to the Safeway shopping center with easy freeway access (I-80) and within biking distance to UC Davis.  We are on the Davis bus lines P, Q and W. Some of our community amenities include a Jr. Olympic size swimming pool, 24 hour Fitness Center, poolside gas barbeque grill and free wifi hot spot.

Our spacious floor plans are sure to fit your needs! Each of our homes come with central heat and air, private patio or balcony, cable ready and much more! All of our two bedroom apartment homes have a full size washer/dryer inside.

Security/Holding Deposit $500 & $40 Application Fee (per person)

We are pet friendly! $400 pet deposit (per pet) $20 per month pet rent (per pet) *No weight limit but breed restrictions apply*


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Older Reviews

Current Reviews

2009-02-06 23:50:24   Yes, the walls are paper-thin, and it sometimes sounds like our upstairs neighbor will fall right into our apartment, but I have faith that wont happen! The thin walls don't matter at all as long as you have respectable neighbors. It is a very quiet complex and management is very strict about this, which is great. I disagree with any negative comments about management, they are very helpful and accommodating. They care very much that their tenants are happy to live here. They're always throwing parties for their tenants too! —KJW

2009-03-21 17:01:50   I lived there from December of 2004 until July of 2007 and I have to agree with a lot of what has been said......management is very sweet until you have signed your lease and then they do become much more lax...also, not signing for packages is very discourteous to the tenants...I also went without A/C for about a month during the first summer after I moved in.....the other tenants can be very unfriendly, loud, etc...and the icing on the the cake was for about two months before I moved out.....about 2am every night, my neighbors downstairs had loud sex complete with the banging of the bed, etc....it was time to leave! My place was impeccable but yet management still charged for a lot of things...... —Madonnalc74

2009-05-13 12:53:33   I just signed a lease at Renaissance Park after giving it a thorough visit, so, while I can't attest to the actual experience of living here, I can provide an update on a few of the comments about the complex.

First, all of the wooden second-floor walkways seemed very sturdy. Of course, the planks are wood so they need to be replaced from time to time, but it seems like they are better maintained now than reports from a couple of years ago would suggest.

Also, when you have a package (UPS or USPS) delivered that doesn't fit in your mailbox (but is still smaller than, say, a microwave), apparently the courier will put it in a larger, secure mailbox and leave the key to that box in your regular mailbox. I don't know how well this system actually works, especially for larger deliveries, but at least there is a system in place.

Additionally, the apartments recently switched management from HDN to FPI (in case that wasn't clear from the blurb). Not sure what the implications of the switch are for residents, but no complaints have been posted on the wiki thus far...

From my assessment, even if NWP is $50 for a 1bdrm, this place is still cheaper than all of the other 1bdrms of comparable quality around Davis this year. It's not right in town but the bike paths running behind the building take you directly downtown or to campus, and there is really easy access to I-80. The neighborhood is really residential and peaceful, and the complex is flanked by nice houses, rather than other apartment buildings or commercial space. We shall see how living here goes, but, for now, even given reports of thin walls (and I have yet to live in an apartment with thick enough ones - the noise factor is just a side effect of apartment living), I am confident that Renaissance Park was the best possible choice for someone like me who values privacy, quiet, space, and convenience. —LauraLibby

2009-06-27 20:46:03   This is the worst place I've ever lived. The living space is small, the cabinetry made of particleboard and the appliances are outdated. Upstairs apartments with single pane windows and vaulted ceilings get very hot. Everything about this place is cheap and mean. “It’s the least they could do, so they did it” would explain the deplorable conditions here. They also charge extra for water, sewage and garbage, which was new to me. I made the mistake of sub-letting for a few months. Don’t let it happen to you. —Marshall

2010-01-27 13:43:04   don't move in here. I have to pay for the water which costs about $30 per person! it doesn't matter how much u use it, it all depends on the apartment complex. and also, freaking maintenance sucks here. it takes about a week to get it fixed! I wouldn't recommend this place at all. —tahoeian

2010-02-11 16:57:29   I lived at Renaissance Park a couple years ago. I liked living there, then only reason why I moved was because the rent was raised, I was losing a roommate so I had to find something cheaper. The walls are thin, however there's really not much they can do about that... The management was always very nice, I had no problems with Maintenance. If things have changed in the last 2 years, I wouldn't know. However, when I was there I enjoyed it! —Emily507

2010-06-10 16:57:29   In my experience Renaissance Park is an horrible place to live. I have been living there for 1 1/2 months, despite my 3 months contract: I left because living in that apartment was PAINFUL. First of all nobody checked the apartment before my move in, so the heater was not working (it was December), both bathroom and kitchen sinks were leaking, the dishwasher was spitting out water from the kitchen sink, carpet not new and walls not painted: it was a mess. The maintenance guy fixed the heater with some tape pretending it was fixed and 10 days passed before the sinks were fixed. Moreover you cannot imagine how the apartment was dirty: just to have an idea the bathroom was so disgusting that in order to clean it I had to mop up walls and ceiling with bleach. Every time it was raining my patio and my front door were flooded. The apartment ceiling was the 'pop corn' stile, built before '70, which means risk for very severe lung diseases if you inhale it. The parking lot was very dark, the only two existing lamps broke during a storm and never replaced. Just to finish, some robbers entered into the gym, stole the TV (never replaced) and vandalized the gym. When I left, the apartment was cleaner than ever and anyway the manager charged me for cleaning: this was of course her percentage... —anonymous

2010-08-02 10:44:12   I'm writing this because I am pissed! they lock down the water system once a week to "fix" it(it's been like 2 months). also, like I said, their maintenance sucks balls. they treat u like u don't know for shit. —tahoeian

2010-08-24 09:44:31   This place really sucks. I've only been living here for a month, however this place has had so many problems.

When I moved in, here were the problems:

-broken screen windows -missing piece of wood for patio -drainer broken -leaks in all of the sinks -cold water turned EXTREMELY hot and then back to cold -mass insects such as ants, silverfish, and spiders -mold

ALSO...pieces of the ceiling seem to have been falling off...i'm not sure. there are flakes that appear on my carpet. I would be careful of this place, that ceiling stuff can be really hazardous for your health. and I would warn against people with children, as their health could be affected more so.

the management are nice, until you report a problem. after they "fix" things, they don't ever go in and check it.

although this place is cheap, the maintenance and everything will drive you crazy. you get what you pay for.

I will definitely not be renewing my lease. —LisaMark

2010-08-25 10:13:28   So, I have lived in RP for 13 months, and the overall experience has been somewhat mixed. As an update to my post from last year, I will try to provide an accurate balance of the pros and cons of actually living here.


For 13 months, I've really enjoyed both the gym and the pool. The gym is minimalist and probably doesn't have what some people would want, like free weights, but it's clean, uncrowded, and has a treadmill, which is all I really ask for. Sometimes there are loud splashing kids or loud splashing adults at the pool, which can be annoying, but usually it's peaceful and relaxing. They are both so convenient and seem to be well-maintained. Parking is also easy and plentiful. I like the neighborhood so, so much, plus how close RP is to the South Davis greenbelt - I can bike to town or campus without seeing so much as a stop sign! Also, the big trees on the property are lovely and provide shade and privacy. The laundry rooms aren't very crowded. I've never had to complain about noise - I would even say noise in this place is better than in any other apartment I've lived in. I have nothing bad to say (anymore - I used to have dirt blown under my door by their leaf blowers but that's no longer a problem) about the landscapers who come Wednesday mornings at a reasonable hour (I hear them at 8:30 at the earliest) and keep the place looking nice. Also, when I've put in maintenance requests, they've been taken care of quickly (although not always with high quality). The management just lowered the pet deposit from $500 (absurd and prohibitively expensive!) to $200 (although maybe this is just for cats, I'm not sure). However, apparently there is also a $5/month pet rent, which the office did not tell me about on the first two of my three inquiries about the new policy.

I think the apartments themselves are acceptable - on the better side of what I've seen elsewhere in Davis for a similar price. The 1bdrms are 650 sqft which is, in my opinion, plenty of room for one person, but a bit crunched for more than one. I haven't had any real problems with bugs or mold or anything else that people have reported, but, come on, it's an apartment building. It's not the management's fault if your next door neighbor is a slob who attracts pests that then invade your kitchen. And it's the resident's responsibility to report the problem so that they can treat the problem. Welcome to apartment living. The appliances aren't new, but at least they are functional. The AC and heat have been more or less unproblematic. The closets in the hall and bedroom are huge (but there isn't really enough storage in the kitchen or bathroom for my needs). I also really like the patio area. It kind of makes me feel like I'm in my own little tree house.


My first four or five months at RP were generally great, but, I believe, sometime in that period the management company changed. Since then, there have been some minor but still frustrating issues. To begin, when the management changed, they also changed the locks (fine, safety first) on the amenities (pool, gym), but didn't communicate this to residents (well, at least, to me), nor did they provide me with a new key until I tried to use the gym one winter morning to no avail and had to ask them about it. If my rent includes use of the amenities, it seems that the management is obligated to provide me with access to these amenities. They got the new key into my mailbox the next day, but still. Also, I was informed that, under new leases, NWP will be included in rent (can someone confirm or deny this and perhaps update the wiki?). But, because I re-signed my lease back in the winter, I still have to pay the bill myself. BUT, the new rent is the same as what I pay, which kind of makes it look like they are screwing over their loyal residents. I'm just saying. Also, there have been frequent changes in office staff, so it's been difficult to establish a relationship with anyone that might facilitate communication with the management. I think, as a result, their resident service (customer service?) has suffered. A lot of residents have been there way longer than anyone in the office, and it is aggravating to need to explain myself and my history with the apartment all the time to the staff. Mostly, I've had positive interactions with them, but I think that, to some extent, they need to adopt more of a "how can I help you" attitude, rather than assuming that the residents are troublemakers or hostile. The issue I cited above about the office not mentioning the pet rent (as well as the amenities key incident) is a good example of the overall insufficient communication from the management to the residents.


Rent-wise, I think you can get more for your money in Davis in terms of apartment size and upkeep, but the place will be farther from town, or pets won't be allowed, or you will be surrounded by loud students, etc. Overall, I would still recommend this place to a friend, but with a few warnings about the management and the age of the apartments. I definitely think the location can't be beat, especially if you enjoy living in Davis but also need to travel to Sac regularly. It's a kid- and pet- friendly environment, relatively well-maintained, and quiet. I'm satisfied to be living here for another 12 months, but will definitely evaluate whether a third year is in order or not throughout the fall. —LauraLibby

2010-08-25 10:31:31   My housemate and I have lived here for about 7 months now. Our experience thus far has been a little lackluster. Management as well as office staff is awesome. They are all very friendly, inviting, and helpful. I would rate their customer service about a 9/10 for sure. Now that's seemingly the highlight of our living experience.

Pros - Really great office staff - Nice, big pool - 24 hour gym, with free water! - Soda Machines by the pool if you need a quick fix - Plentiful parking no matter where you live in the complex - Dim lighting, excellent for bedtime - Washer/dryer available inside the unit

Cons After moving in, we received a water/sewage bill unexpectedly. Before moving into the place, we were never verbally told that we would have to pay for water/sewage ourselves. That was a shock for us as it adds on to the overall cost of living here, which actually makes it cost roughly the same as living at another complex that does not charge you for water or garbage services.

Our other primary qualm is the issue with the maintenance. They seem to take their time to get to the problem, they attempt to "fix" it, then they write it off as complete. Next thing you know, the problem still exists. I once called in for a silverfish problem, and the maintenance said they fixed it; however, we still have plenty of silverfish roaming around every few days or so. I called to have the towel rod in my bathroom fixed, and that lasted for about 2 days... it then started to fall off again. My housemate called to have his leaking sink fixed, that took maintenance quite a while to get to. My housemate then called to have his toilet fixed as it began to leak water from the reservoir. After maintenance fixed the reservoir, it still continued to leak. Some of these problems have actually been better taken care of by ourselves.

Another huge problem for the last several months has been the constant water interruptions. Every week our water has been getting shut-down for about 4-6 hours. Sometimes we haven't even been notified and we end up with no water to shower or brush our teeth before classes when this happens. We can't even wash our hands. Each notice I've read for the last 2 weeks has said that this would be the final interruption, however it continues to happen. When will this stop? It is terribly inconvenient for residents to have to work around this water shortage every week.

Last but not least, we seemingly have yard-work done extremely early in the morning, and I believe every Wednesday. If not every Wednesday, then at least once per week. Typically in my past apartment experiences yard-work was done in the afternoon so that it would not perturb people who are sleeping or resting. Every Wednesday I have to shut my window as I am rudely awoken at 7:30-8:00am by the sound of lawnmowers and weedwhackers. This lasts for about 3 hours straight. The windows are so thin here that closing them is useless. You can still hear the yard-work just the same whether or not your windows are open or closed.

Oh yes, another thing I noticed was that the little dog stations here are never refilled with doggy bags. There are a lot of dog owners at this complex and it would probably be convenient if the doggy bags were stocked.


2010-10-19 14:33:55   I lived at Renaissance Park for two years and during that time had almost no complaints. True, things broke more often than I'm used to, but the maintenance staff was generally quick and polite about repairs. It's mostly family and older students who live here so you don't have to deal with the noise and partying that happens at other complexes. Also, there's always ample parking and I've never had a problem with a car being towed. The managers are generally nice and usually always have cookies waiting for you at the office. It's right on the W line and next to the Green Belt which is convenient for non-motorists. It's also close to Walnut Park (?) which is great for bbqing and such, Safeway, great restaurants, Davis Creamery, and I-80. I don't think the high speed internet is available anymore, but either way it was so slow it wasn't worth it. My only word of advice is to check over your security deposit refund and make sure they didn't try to get more money than they deserve. They wanted to charge me for painting of walls that they did only because they wanted a different color. Also, they say that they charge for cleaning no matter what (minimum $80), so be prepared for that. —Lenka

2010-11-04 23:55:47   I have lived here for just over a year. And while maintenance has always been painfully slow (3 WEEKS to fix the A/C once!!) and required a million calls a day to get a response, it's always been quiet. As a graduate student, that was the most important thing for me. However, lately that has changed. In the past several weeks there have been numerous very loud parties in the apartments around me. This includes weekdays, and they sometimes go as late as 4am with people spilling onto the balcony/patio or out into the common walkways. I've had to call the cops 3 times for noise complaints. This might make me seem lame, but when it's 3am and I have a 9am exam and the balcony next door is full of screaming drunk girls... I feel that it's warranted. Don't move here if you need any form of quiet at any time of night. This is turning into a party place. I've complained to the office, they do absolutely nothing. I hate moving, but I'm researching my rights as a tenant and am going to try to get out of my lease on a breach of contract. Quiet hours are 10pm - 8am and they're not being enforced. —SCDG9

2011-02-10 08:53:57   The management is nice, but it doesn't help that this apartment complex is old and falling apart. The ceilings are have the gross clumps, and it occasionally falls if your neighbor upstairs stomps.

Lately, there has been trouble with MICE. There are holes everywhere in this apartment.

In addition, there is an unusually large amount of spiders and silverfish and it is just disgusting.

As others have said before, the walls are really thin, and I can sometimes even hear upstairs people talking.

Yard-work is insanely early, loud, and obnoxious.

Thank goodness my lease is going to expire soon...I can't wait to get a cleaner/more modern apartment!


2011-02-16 19:58:19   As an update, they've installed a bunch of lights, that make the place obnoxiously bright during bedtime. It becomes difficult to sleep with all of these lights outside of my window shining in.

Something is wrong with the ventilation so when you shower your windows steam and fog up even with the vents on and the windows cracked; this creates mold around the edges of your windows.

The number of silverfish in this complex only continues to rise. We've called about it, and it seems like maintenance can't do anything about it. Every day I find a silverfish or two lurking around the apartment. It's so disgusting. I've never had a silverfish problem with any of my past apartments.

They continue to do yard work almost every Wednesday and it's obnoxiously loud. It drives me nuts every Wednesday when I'm trying to get some rest, and then there are lawn mowers, leaf blowers, and weed-whackers at 8:00AM.

Seemingly, they've started doing the almost bi-daily "water maintenance" again. Shutting off your water at peak hours of the day when people have to get ready for classes or work. Sometimes the notices they put on your door fly away and you never get notification until you try to turn on your water and nothing comes out. —ThUn

2011-02-17 15:58:34   What I learned by living in these apartments over winter is that not only are the apartments old but they need serious upgrades. The air just comes in through the windows and sliding doors which make for higher utility bills. They just told everyone that rent to renew can be up to $1339 depending on one or two bedrooms. These apartments are just not worth the cost. Additionally, they don’t let you keep things in the patios like BBQ’s, hammocks, and since storage space is limited to a couple of closets they won’t let you keep anything outside or in front of your apartment. Noise can vary depending on who the neighbors are and there was recently a fire in one of the sections of the complex. Overall it makes for a waste of money. —justsomeone

2011-03-14 12:56:20   Do not get AT&T DSL if you live here. The wiring is so old and faulty that your connection will continuously drop out, especially if downloading or streaming large files. Had an AT&T representative come out to check our connection, and he inspected the apartment's wiring. He said that if we want a stable connection we would have to get the management to agree to upgrading the complex to cat5 wiring; and asking to do so would probably come out of the tenant's pocket... —ThUn

2011-03-14 14:59:10   Just to add to my previous review... the management does not give a damn about you or your complaints. The person living in an apartment near me has a dog that barks ALL THE TIME, for hours and hours, sometimes in the middle of the night. I've made numerous complaints to the office, and have been told over and over "Yeah, we know. We'll send her a notice." Well today I went to the office to complain (2 hours, trying to study for finals), and it was a new guy (this happens a lot, turnover is really high in the office for some reason). He looked in her file, and SURPRISE! there was not a single notice filed or anything else indicating that she has a nuisance dog and has been warned. Really, Renaissance? Just telling me what I wanted to hear? Ridiculous. I can't wait to move. —SCDG9

2011-03-23 11:13:47   Well,I've been here a few years and the property has been improving. They first fixed the front parking lot, then they replaced all the lighting. The lighting was a big improvement. They are currently remolding the club house, which is exciting!! As what I've heard, they are putting in a pool table, a cafe lounge, a game room and free Wi-Fi! It will be nice to be able to enjoy those things right after finals or a long day just to unwind. I know it's not the best property in Davis, but it's well worth the price. I just renewed my lease and I will no longer have to pay for water, sewer and trash! Plus I was able to add my new dog for an additional $200 pet deposit. —some1ndavis

2011-04-19 20:54:32   I have lived here for 2 years now and although at first I had some issues with getting maintenance order attended to promptly, I have had a very pleasant stay. The office staff has always been exceptionally nice to me, the maintenance man is very friendly, and the cleaning lady always stops and pets my dog while I'm walking him. They are renovating the clubhouse to update it and make it a more modern fit for the city's college students and they have listened to the tenants' suggestions and added more lights to the parking lots and drainage to the lawns as to prevent flooding of the sidewalks. When I needed my locks changed because I lost my keys, they immediately changed them after hours and were genuinely concerned for my safety. They also have always worked with me on partial leases and reasonable rent requests. —JenTX

2011-05-04 09:57:41   Renaissance Park has many great amenities to offer you, We have a brand new club house that has a top of the line Game Room & Pool Table!! We offer flexible lease options from 1-15 months and you have the option to furnish your new apartment home! Renaissance Park is now accepting fall deposits! Stop by and take a tour today and secure your new home!! —renpark

Renpark, please see your user page by clicking on your linked user name or clicking here.

2011-08-25 17:05:57   I wanted to write a review for this complex long time ago, but I chose to wait till I moved out for the review to be an accurate description of my living experience in Renaissance Park.

#1) Intelligent, caring, professional and prompt office staff. Starting from Chelcie the office lady to Elbern the hilarious maintenance man.

#2) Peace — In my last apartment I lived on J St. and everyday I was woken up at 6am by the sound of freight trains. I was able to really appreciate the peace and quietness that was provided in this complex. There wasn't a specific type of resident here either, as residents were students, families and everyone else you can imagine. I saw a few old folks here as well.

#3) Entertainment — The club house felt like an extension of my living room. Xbox, PS3, 3D TVs, pool table, 24 hour gym and more TVs to watch movies on was what I desired when I sought an affordable yet enjoyable home to stay in.

#4) I highly recommend this place for anyone looking for a place to stay in without breaking the bank. Never once did I regret my decision to spend an entire year here. I wish my stay was longer, but I must move on to bigger cities.

Don't hesitate to grab yourself a spot here, you won't regret it. You will be thankful and glad you went ahead with this. Management is as transparent as they appear, so don't fear to ask them for assistance. They're quite nice! —Ramn

2011-09-21 12:40:14   This will be my third and final post about RP, as I moved out this month after a 25 month stay.

Since my last post, in which I mentioned management communication issues, there has been yet another switch in main office staff, but this time for the better. The current managers are astute and friendly. They thoroughly answered all of my questions, particularly pertaining to moveout, and they never once gave me that "And you are?" look.

Not sure if this has been mentioned yet here, but they recently completely overhauled the clubhouse (except the gym), so it now includes a pool table, a video game room, lots of huge flat screens for watching sports or movies or whatever, and a pod coffee machine, all for resident use. Plus, there is now really crazy green, orange, black, and metallic decor, which is certainly better than the previous beigebeigebeige. They have somewhat extended clubhouse hours so you can play Xbox (or whatever) after work, if you're into that.

There are also ongoing renovations to specific apartment units. Some are getting new bathrooms, kitchens, or floors, etc. I am not sure what the algorithm is for determining which apartments get what updates, or how that influences the rent of that unit, but it might be a nice opportunity to get more modern comforts, particularly given the dearth of updated apartments in Davis.

Also, they just redid the pool and are working on fixing all the second-floor catwalks (which really weren't so bad to begin with).

To be perfectly honest, I would almost certainly have renewed my lease again if I didn't need more space to combine households with my partner. Way to end on a high note, RP. It has been real. —LauraLibby

2011-10-27 16:10:07   Renaissance Park has many great amenities to offer you, We have a brand new club house that has a top of the line Game Room & Pool Table!! We offer flexible lease options from 1-15 months and you have the option to furnish your new apartment home! Stop by and take a tour today and secure your new home!! —ChelcieRichardson

2011-12-06 09:30:25   I am currently living here and enjoy the place except for a few things. At least twice a month they have "water interruptions" and turn off the water for hours at a time to fix plumbing and boiler repairs. It is getting kind of annoying. They picked the week of finals to cut down all the trees throughout the apartment. From 8am to 4pm you can here yard work being done very loudly, as you are trying to study for finals. —2201JBA

2012-02-17 10:54:32   I have a love-hate relationship with this apartment complex. I love that they offer short term leases (I got a 6 month lease and it was only a little bit more a month). I love that they allow dogs without annoying size restrictions. I love the location (close enough to campus,right on some nice bike paths and stuff). HOWEVER...I hate the laundry facilities here (ancient machines that are perpetually breaking down and there are just simply not enough of them so I always have to do my laundry at like 7 am on a weekend). I hate the notices on the doors (they are ALWAYS putting little paper notices on every door about the clubhouse hours or water interruptions or tree trimming or feral cat cleanup etc). I hate the water interruptions. I kid you not they interrupt our water weekly. WEEKLY. I woke up this morning to no water and the notice on our door said the water was to be shut off yesterday not today. So on my day off I cannot shower, do laundry or dishes or wash my hands or make coffee or anything. It is ridiculous. Also since its an older complex the walls and floors seem to be paper thin. I heard my upstairs neighbor cough one time, and when they walk around sometimes I think there is someone in my apartment since its so loud. In short, unless you're kinda desperate for a short term lease that allows dogs...I wouldn't recommend living here. There are other, cheaper, more convenient, newer and nicer places to live in Davis. —alpmille

2012-05-30 23:09:55   This is an older complex, definitely, but unless you didn't tour the place before you signed, you know what you're getting into so I'm not sure why people are complaining. While there are older popcorn ceilings, thinner walls, and little insulation, there are many benefits to having an older place. All the buildings are spread out so you're not cramped on top of and next to a million neighbors (like I was at Adobe) so you have quite a bit of space from your neighbors, especially for an apartment complex. There's also a ton of grassy areas for laying out, BBQing, or just enjoying some sun. Because of the sheer size of this complex, parking is never a problem and the spots are actually big enough to comfortably pull in and out of. There's always room to park and it's unlimited. You don't need permits and guests are free park here as well. People make some snarky comments about the wooden walkways and I laugh. IT'S JUST WOOD. Yes it squeaks but it's not going to break or give you cancer or anything, geez. Last time I checked wood is used for building a lot of things. So to the people that think they're going to "fall through," you're stupid. And I actually like the cabin-esk feel to the place. There's a bike path that will take you straight to campus in 10-15 minutes without ever having to bike in traffic and the W comes four times an hour.

I live in an upstairs apartment with a washer and dryer in the unit, which is beyond amazing. I don't have noisy neighbors so even though the walls are thin, I only occasionally hear music but nothing too crazy. I apologize to my downstairs neighbors if I'm noisy so if that concerns you, just don't get a downstairs apartment lol it's that easy. Overall, the people who live here are all considerate and quiet. The complex is far enough away from campus to deter any rowdy people from having parties so I always come home to a quiet complex, no matter the time. The insulation in these apartments is pretty terrible, no reason to sugar-coat it. It stays toasty in the winter from the downstairs units but the summer is pretty hot, just like anywhere in Davis. I run my AC out of pure necessity during the day time or else it would easily get to be 100+ INSIDE on those particularly hot days. The AC has to constantly run during the heat to keep up but it really only ads like $15-20 extra a month to the PG&E bill and that's totally worth it to me.

Management is AWESOME and they're willing to put up with any problems you're having, whether it's getting something fixed or letting you vent to them about roommate problems. For example, our old fridge was starting to die and we had a brand new one put in within a couple of days. They're also open 7 days a week which I find very useful. I know a lot of places are closed on weekends. As for the water/sewage bills, those are now included in rent. Water does get shut off more frequently than I'd like but it's not weekly like some people are saying. I'd say it's about once a month, tops, and I've never actually had to use any water while it was "turned off." If I didn't get those damn flyers every day, I wouldn't even know they were shutting it off. That's another thing, they do post a TON of flyers on your door. I didn't like it so I just put a note outside that says "No papers, please :)" and I haven't gotten any since (except for the mandatory water/inspection notices, etc.) I'm trying to convince them to just switch to emails for the movie nights, potlucks, and other parties they always seem to be throwing because they do waste a ton of paper. As for the game room/club house, I never really go in there to socialize so I don't know what it's like. I never really see people in there. It all still looks a little too new... I think it needs to be broken in a little bit.

Overall, there's only a few small and completely tolerable complaints that I have that are easily compensated by the perks. The windows could be bigger and there could be more of them, and I wish the kitchen window opened, but I LOVE the sliding door and balcony. The insulation/AC issue could use some help but ehh what can you do? I'm not a fan of the shag carpeting but they're switching to hardwood in some units. Also, my water seems to be warm-hot by default. I actually have to run the cold for a minute before any cold even comes out. I'm guessing it has something to do with the downstairs water heater because my bathroom is right above it. My bathroom is always toasty warm haha. I was going to add the TERRIBLE pool furniture to this little list but they finally got new chairs!! The old chairs were actually made entirely of metal and were worse than sitting on concrete. Like I said, they got new furniture with real mesh and it's so much nicer and you can actually sit on them. Last thing, whoever designed the cabinet situation in the kitchen needs to take a long, hard look at their life. I'm 6'0 and even I have a hard time reaching all the top shelves. There aren't enough cabinets at all and the ones you have are really deep and just hard to access. I solved this by putting a cheap Walmart bookcase in the kitchen. My mom made a fancy little curtain for me so now we have a makeshift pantry for better storage space.

Long story short, this is a great place for a college kid if you want a quiet, relaxed place to come home to. Nothing fancy but it gets the job done. I love it here! —SadieHutchison

2012-09-17 15:08:08   I have been a Renaissance Park tenant for just over a year now. I would like to express that their apartment management and maintenance team are extremely professional and helpful. I have had little go wrong with my experience here, but when plumbing and maintenance issues have occurred, their entire team has been understanding and quick to resolve the issues.

Given the nature of DavisWiki, it is possible to see all sides and opinions posted in regards to Davis rental options. I would like to express that Renaissance Park has provided a quiet atmosphere and well maintained grounds. As an older student who appreciates professionalism in services provided, as well as quiet neighbors, I highly recommend Renaissance Park.


2012-11-15 16:11:37   A couple of days ago we received a notice saying we owe about two hundred dollars because of a mix up with rent amounts. These rent amounts were personally confirmed by management members in the office to either me or my housemate. I dont have a problem with them making a mistake, we are only human. My housemates and I would gladly pay the amount that we are responsible for, regardless of who made the mistake, because after all we did sign a contract. All I expect from management is professionalism and respect for the tenants. If a mistake was made by them and they at least seem apologetic about THEIR slip up then I would not be as upset about this whole situation as I am now. After receiving the notice my housemate went over to the office to discuss the situation and our payment options. The woman in the office explained the situation and said it would be fine if we could not pay the whole two hundred dollars by the end of the week. My housemates and I agreed that we would be able to pay within a week. The next day my housemate went to let the office know the exact day of our payment and was told that we had to pay the very next day or else they would begin the eviction process. In addition, the woman also mentioned the involvement of lawyers and fees. This is what my problem with this place is, the disrespect and unprofessional way in which this whole thing was handled. My housemates and I are and have been very good tenants, paying rent on time and not causing any trouble. There is no need for us to get such a rude response to our trying to fix a problem that we did not cause in the first place. This also causes us all an inconvenience given that we are all broke college students who do not have the money readily available, hence the intention of paying within a week when we would get our paychecks. All in all, if I were to give Renaissance Park management a grade it would have to be a D for being unapologetic, unprofessional and hard to work with in solving a problem that they caused. —connieperez

2013-04-11 23:49:30   I currently live at Renaissance Park and there needs to be major changes that need to be done to this place. First and most importantly, the women that work in the office are completely rude and have no sense of customer service. They ALL sounds irritated when you call them or if you're picking up a package in the office. I was sitting in the lounge one time and two of the women who work in the office were talking about the residents and how much they complained (probably forgot I was there), shows how unprofessional these people really are. There needs to be some basic customer service training as it's obvious these women lack the skills to even properly communicate. I called the office one time to ask a question and she totally rushed through the call and showed no compassion. I hope who ever is considering this place thinks of other options to better spend their money on. Don't be fooled by the show room or even the club house that are fully decked out in flat screen TV's the apartments are FAR removed from what you see. The toilets, shower, and sink anything you can name I have had problems with. The maintenance guys on the property are extremely nice and actually speak to you like an adult and greet you every time you see them. The women at the office needs to take a note from them! The rent is pretty pricey too and its totally not worth it for the hassle you have to go through with poor quality apartment your left with for a year.

I hope people consider other apartments instead of Renaissance Park Apartments. I think the unprofessional and rude attitudes of the office workers is a clear sign that this place wants you to reel you in and lock you into a contract and once that happens they don't care about you. There are plenty of BETTER options out there than this place, just keep looking! —MalikJohnson

2013-08-22 19:11:31   I would strongly recommend you to look elsewhere. I liver here 2012/2013 and paid ~$960 a month. For that you might expect certain levels of service. As other said, the apartments are outdated. Bare bones and a gross heater room in the middle with various debris. The bathtub was from that heavily scratched plastic that is impossible to clean. The washer will do poor job washing and then dry the leftover dirt on the dishes, so I was using it as a rack for drying dishes only. The walls are paper thin, so you will hear what your neighbors are doing at all times. They advertise washer and dryer, that applies only to two bedrooms (so I was told) and the coin-paid equipment in the shared washer room was malfunctioning more often that it was not. The apartments were spacious, but that would make them costly to heat or cool, and because of the location of central outlet, it was impossible to cool the kitchen area. The clubhouse provides internet, but that does not reach a foot past the house, and they have very limited hours when you can get in (once my home internet was not working for a week and I was trying to use the one in clubhouse - I would get kicked out at 5 pm). The "gym" is okay if you want cardio machines, they have one of each and they are rarely used. They have a very odd collection of outdated massive "strength training" machines that target very small muscle groups in a very convoluted manner, I joined a real gym early on. To add to "damage", I was charged $160 for "paint" and "cleaning" after I cleaned up the apartment very carefully after a year of light use. The apartments have some minor advantages, such as proximity to green belt for biking and uni buses (driving from South Davis to campus is awful most times of day). I think they get most of their tenants over the pet friendly policy. As for me, I see absolutely no reason to give them my business any longer. —ZuzanaMajkova

2013-09-06 00:27:25   Let me share the unhappy experience I have recently with renting in this place. I always believe that Davis is a nice town with nice people until I meet the two managers. At first, everything seems all right; the managers seem passion about renting the place; they will answer your questions patiently; the sample house is gorgeous; there are buses line near by... But wait! Actually it is a TRAP coated with beautiful appearance. Once you give them the deposit, the $500, you are locked in. You will simply be ignored after giving out the payment information. They only contact you in the very last moment before the rent starts. As a result, I have to send out the same documents repeatedly for several times because most of the emails are ignored. Because of some missing information they never mention before, my friends were homeless for two days! And the apartment had been changed location for several times. The two female managers that work in the office are extremely unfriendly and irresponsible. If you don't want to feel unwelcome and have unpleasant experience, my advise will be to look for somewhere else. I would definitely NOT recommend this place to anyone unless the managers be replaced. —dereklui

2013-09-26 00:17:25   I have to agree with the comments above, the two ladies in the management office are very rude. Maintenance staff is awesome though! The prices are steep for the quality of the apartments. —LexiAcely

2015-03-14 13:51:20   water is still shut off weekly, very annoying... —tule

2017-09-04 16:03:36   Absolutely a disaster! The flats are expensive and very old. The isolation and the water are 2 serious problems in their flats. The management and maintenance are very inefficient. They always try to argue to don't process the maintenance requested. How does anyone live here for more than a year? I wanted to move after 2 weeks. —ckjd