222 D street
(between 2nd and 3rd) next to Mustard Seed and Cloud Forest Cafe.
Tuesday - Friday, 11 am - 5 pm
Saturday, 10 am - 5 pm
Sunday, by appointment.
Monday, by appointment.
(530) 297-JEAN (5326)
February 14, 2009
Payment Method(s)
Visa, MasterCard, American Express

Recession-friendly: Renew Denim is a denim boutique for the new economy. Because of recession-driven inventory imbalances, we can source premium denim overstock to bring customers the best brands for up to 40-70% off their retail prices.

Green Boutique: We also have "renewed" denim jeans, which are recycled jeans that have been embellished by local design students and artists as well as a gallery wall where we feature the work of local photographers. In addition to recycling jeans, we distribute Renew Denim "eco-bags" with all denim purchases. When customers return they receive a 5% discount off of their next purchase if they reuse the bag.

We have 700 customers in our Facebook group and also use Twitter and RenewDenim.com to promote our company, products, and events.

Join our Facebook page for the latest updates: http://www.facebook.com/renewdenim

Recent News and Events

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* 02-12-10: First Annual Warehouse Sale! http://renewdenim.com/2010/02/warehouse-sale-february-12th-through-february-14th/ * 09-16-09: Renew Denim Sample Sale with Rominger West wine tasting http://renewdenim.com/2009/09/sample-sale/ * 08-30-09: Renew Denim and $30 on 08/30 http://renewdenim.com/2009/08/30-on-8-30/ * 07-10-09: Downtown Davis Sidewalk Sale! * 07-05-09: Renew Denim was recently featured on Good Day, Sacramento and on the CBS 13 News * 05-21-09: Renew Denim was recently highlighted on KCRA news Project Economy series for our eco and recession friendly business model * 05-11-09: Renew Denim launches Renewed Denim line * 05-08-09: May 8th through May 15th is Recycle Your Denim Week



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2009-02-20 00:09:12   So what is so nice about these pants? Do they have enough belt loops (should be at least 5)? Are they better than a new pair of Levis? All that pre-faded stuff is a scam, the only way to do that is wear it and work in it. —NickSchmalenberger

2009-02-20 09:25:45   Nick, I spent 10 years working for Levi Strauss & Co. and I couldn't agree with you more; few jeans are better than a well-worn pair of Levi's. That said, I'd invite you to come check out our Men's denim products, we are carrying many brands that are sure to please even a denim traditionalist like yourself. —RenewDenim

2009-03-01 12:29:38   Just checked this place out yesterday for the first time. It's a fabulous little shop! So welcoming and good looking! Finally, a place in Davis to purchase some nice jeans! I definitely plan on going back to do some shopping. You can never have enough "good" jeans. Seriously. I have tons of pairs of jeans at home, but I find that I am comfortable in only 2 or 3 pairs. At any rate, I look forward to going back to find another "perfect" pair of jeans. —CurlyGirl26

2009-03-12 14:48:59   I went in yesterday and they staff was very welcoming and helpful. I found a great pair of jeans for an even better price then headed next door to Han's to get them tailored. Getting a pair of tailored designer denim and still paying wayyyy less than the retail price...you just can't beat that! —mwzhang

2009-03-29 13:18:16   Amazing store! Cutest in Davis....actually cutest jeans outside San Francisco! And really inexpensive. Check it out! —poggle

2009-03-29 17:06:10   I think I'll need to visit this place. I really hate shopping for jeans at large retailers! —RyanMikulovsky

2009-04-02 16:09:59   How's the mens selection, and do they have shorts? —GarrettGallegos

"2009-05-13-09 23:21:21"   Went in to browse, lots of selection pointed out to me by helpful staff. I asked about Levi's; was told even though they had no Levi's on hand, they had a deal in the works with a Bay Area discount retailer to buy up a lot of "slightly imaginatively stitched" Levi's and I should check back. I unlimbered my unobstrusive yet meticulous powers of observation while being pitched by an attractive and knowledgeable salesperson: many of the garments on display were already patched though new with stitches that wouldn't have looked out of place on Frankenstein's creation or in a doily on the table at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party. Ah, I realized, fashion has arrived in the old farm town. Once upon a time if one approached the Menswear Department in Winger's to buy some clothes of the two-legged variety the salesperson would be sure to include words like "riveted pockets," "durable dungarees," "bib overalls" and such words workingmen use in the sales pitch. The repeated component in the pitch at Renew is "Han's Tailor is conveniently two doors down" the rustic walkway...Inquiring minds want to know: Do the Han people stitch like chickens scratching in the farmyard? —SolidSender

2009-07-09 20:39:46   Do you carry or plan to carry virgin denim jeans? I'd like a hobby I could sit in. —Patrick.M

2009-08-09 20:23:33   What makes this place great is the service! So glad that I don't need to go to a mall or the city for shirts or pants. I walk in say hi and the friendly staff finds just the right things that fit and look great. As a man without much skill at this myself, it makes it easy for me to look and feel great. Thanks! —z-one-punk

2009-09-16 09:23:58   What sizes do you carry? —CovertProfessor

2009-09-16 23:23:58   Mens - size 28-38 and Women's - size 23 - 32 —RenewDenim

2010-09-16 21:41:55   I love Renew Denim, they have excellent customer service and a great selection of jeans and cute tops. When they have sales- wow! Check them out, some of my favorite random designer jeans are from here and I only paid $35 for them, but remember to try on lots of different sizes because they are random fitting. —Barley123

2011-09-28 21:53:37   Went here for the first time and was sooo disappointed. Was excited to help with their fundraiser, donate jeans, and get a couple new pairs! what a joke... first of all their sizes are in the men's numbering system, meaning 24-32 or something, which in America isn't used for women. Hard to determine what you are. I finally determined that their highest size was a 32 or so, equalling about a 10. I'm certainly larger than that size and was embarressed to be in there when I saw everything was 1/3 too small for me. They had some gorgeous lace tops in the back, but once again only a 7 year old was small enough to wear it and they each cost $99, even the sheer lace covers (=very little material). Overall pretty pathetic. great idea for a store, but terrible result. —SabrinaMuerle

2011-11-09 11:01:26   Sabrina, thank you for supporting FORCE: Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered and for stopping by Renew Denim. We are sorry that you weren't able to find anything during your visit. The FORCE Fundraiser was a huge success and we sold a lot of jeans, therefore we ran out of stock quickly. Our store is quite small, so unfortunately we usually only have space to carry sizes 23 - 32 for women and 28-38 for men on a regular basis. We do occasionally have larger sizes, but they are not always available. We do special order sizes 33 and 34 for customers regularly, so if there is something you need we are more than happy to help. Regarding the sizing- designer denim is sold by waist size, which is the same for all major retail stores. We do have a size chart on our counter that converts sizes for customers who are unfamiliar with that type of sizing- a size 32 is equivalent to a size 12-14 for women. We have a facebook page www.facebook.com/renewdenim where we list arrivals and take customer requests. Please feel free to contact us if there is ever anything we can do to assist you.