Because DavisWiki has become a useful tool for customers to sound off on local restaurant & bar establishments, this section aims to provide a counterpoint: to give service industry workers a forum to share their insights and stories about their customers, their management, and their own observations of their competitors.

This page might explain to the public why certain places do things a particular way. Industry workers might want elaborate on the unwritten "rules" of restaurant decorum. (Knowing restaurant people all too well, opinions will vary widely and strongly.)

When contributing, try to enlighten rather than educate. People tend to tune out sanctimonious rants and you'll only end up being a detriment to yourself and your employers by disrespectfully ripping your clientele. Remember the people reading this are still potential customers. You should be a good ambassador to your establishment.

Attributing your specific position and the name of the establishment will add more credibility to your submission.

Feel free to add more categories. When I have time, I'll write more underneath the categories I've already entered, but I thought I'd just get a head start and put it out there now for you all to tear apart.

Restaurants In Davis

Davis, as a whole, has fewer "chain" establishments than you might expect. This means feedback doesn't travel too far to be heard and the owner usually has a direct hand in operations. In a small town like Davis, it is important for a business owner to constantly adjust to changes in market trends and listen to the needs and wants of his or her customers.

Etiquette/Decorum: The Unwritten Laws

More guidelines than rules.

I'll bite. I think a good portion of dining experiences would be improved by customers viewing servers in a more understanding light. Especially in this town; the person bringing you your lunch might be sitting next to you in lecture later that day. Would you snap your fingers at a friend in their own home? Not invite them to a party because they didn't refill the chip bowl in a timely manner? Mistakes happen and when a place is crowded service gets strained. Although a competent server should make every effort for you to not notice, many mediocre dining experiences are due to problems outside of their control. Respecting and understanding that will make them happy. Make them happy, and they'll make you happy. JeffSpeckles

2006-12-21 22:49:26   I'm gonna break it down like biggie for ya'll "The Ten Restaraunt Commandments" (note: not actually 10) 1. ask your server for everything you need after you get your food at once 2. if you are in a big group EVERYONE bring cash 3. no stories told to anyone unless solicited 4. know that tipping less that 15% for good service will be cause for ridicule or condemnation once you leave. 5. If you are of an asian family like i am check to make sure mom n pops tipped at all. p.s. i do not work at bistro im just saying people be reasonable —CrazyeyeKillah

2006-12-21 22:53:51   if any people who work anywhere, whether it be bistro or somewhere else in the industry feel free to add to the commandments because i for one am sick of looking at customer's complaints about us. —CrazyeyeKillah


See also Tipping

Before I worked in a restaurant setting, I did the standard "double the tax and it's about right" kind of tipping. Now that I've worked as a server, I definitely appreciate it when people actually take the time to figure out what 18-20% (or even 15%) is. Now when I go out, I try to tip 20% unless the service was horrible. —ElleWeber

Policies & Procedures

Explanations of various policies and procedures (e.g. "no reservations"; "no outside food or drink"; "21+ only")