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Richard Harris was a member of the School Board from 2005 to 2012 and a columnist for the Davis Enterprise, writing the "View from South Davis". He has lived in Davis since 1982, and worked for Vic Fazio and Assemblyman Tom Hannigan.

School Board Run

Richard was elected to the School Board in the November 2007 Election. During his run he was the parent of twins entering the fifth grade, and a parent representative on the Pioneer Elementary School Site Council.


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2009-06-18 22:47:32   He is the best member of the school board and a leading voice for education in Davis a great man indeed. —ronoldo

2011-01-21 21:08:03   When several dozen parents, coaches, and students came to a 1/20/11 school board meeting to express their concerns about why the district fired DHS basketball coach Jeff Christian, Harris was obnoxious and rude to the speakers, repeatedly telling them to hurry up and gesturing with his hands to finish talking. Harris was completely uninterested in what they had to say. Memo to Harris: when parents, students, and other members of the community come to a school board meeting to talk to you about an issue that is important to them, you should listen. It's part of the job. —Burns