Ranjot "Rina" Singh was the chairperson of the UC Davis Ethnic and Cultural Affairs Commission (a commission of the ASUCD Senate) from 2018-2019.

 Ms. Singh is a triple major in International Relations, Economics, and Italian. Shewas selected to be a United Nations Millenium Fellow, a great honor. She was a speaker at the UC Davis 2018 fall welcome event.

Ms. Singh was instrumental in organizing the first-annual "Tunnel of Resistance" at UC Davis, an event that Ms. Singh characterized as an important statement that UC Davis students "believe in resisting." At the January 31, 2019 ASUCD Senate meeting, Ms. Singh reminded senators that they are required to attend sensitivity training sessions, and then she led said sessions.

During a March 7, 2019 Senate meeting, Ms. Singh noted that her Ethnic and Cultural Affairs Commission has been accused of past antisemitism. She pledged to bridge those gaps and pledged her support to the Jewish community. (3_7_19-Minutes.pdf)

Nationwide Controversy and Widespread Condemnation

Under her leadership, Ms. Singh's Commission created a January 2019 controversy that reached national news and resulted in widespread condemnation of her commission's actions.

Police should go on patrol without guns

Ms. Singh threw the support of her Commission behind an April 2019 ASUCD Senate effort to take all guns away from UC Davis campus police, demanding that police go on patrol unarmed. (Source: SR10_SQ19.docx )  During debate on this resolution Ms. Singh threatened to "pop off" if anyone smirked, presumably in a demand that all present take her resolution seriously. (Source: 5_16-Minutes.pdf )

UC Davis Police Chief Joseph Farrow  asked Ms. Singh and others in support of this resolution whether they would want armed or disarmed police in the event of an active shooter on campus. It is unknown whether Ms. Singh responded to Chief Farrow's question. (Source - Aggie article) The resolution ultimately passed.